Witcher Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Witcher Tattoo Designs For Men – Video Game Ink Ideas

For wildly riveting flair that is truly unmatched among legions of fashionable fellows, the most dashing option involves a slick re-imagining of The Witcher franchise in tattoo form.

Without a doubt, The Witcher tattoos are the hot thing right now! The legendary games represent a perfect intersection between gaming culture and medieval lore.

A captivating cast of characters is an excellent place to start, but they are accompanied by rich landscapes and mysterious monstrous entities. Anything that inhabits this fictional arena is guaranteed to attract significant attention in ink.

Some Witcher tattoos feature pinup versions of the female cast members, and such designs fit grandly within an existing retro scheme. A mythical being from the series may offer a stark contrast, particularly with their foreboding presence and villainous stature. Fan favorites in this regard include cockatrices, dragons and succubi.

These ravishing creations all come from the mind of Andrzej Sapkowski, who wrote the original novels that preceded the series. As such, literature fans are also seen pursuing tattoos from The Witcher. These masterpieces are becoming a unifying force in the inked community!

A majority of Witcher tattoos are accounted for by remakes of official artwork; however, a growing number of today’s creations are coming from third parties who can put their spin on the visually renowned series. The widely respected RPG has transformed the gaming industry, and it can transform your physical presentation just as easily. For proof, you only need to check out our inspired assortment of options right here:


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