Wood Duck Tattoo Designs For Men

30 Wood Duck Tattoo Designs For Men – Carolina Ink Ideas

More than just a strikingly colorful North American waterfowl, the wood duck has only recently been lifted from the endangered species list, and continues to be a cherished symbol for both the hunter and spiritualist.

Residing in swamps, shallow lakes, marshes, and ponds, the wood duck’s environment is serene and secluded.

Native Americans believed the duck to be a representation of one’s need to be still and in harmony with the simplicity of their surroundings, to take nothing for granted. Many native folktales tell of a more predatory animal pursuing the duck, assuming it to be too slow and stupid to pose a challenge, only to pay a dear price in the end.

Dream interpretations similarly reveal a swimming or flying duck to denote the need for release and a more hospitable place to call home.

Whatever your reasons for seeking a tattoo rendering of the wood duck, this is an animal worth exploring, as it is so often overlooked in favor of more spotlight-stealing creatures. The wood duck, like the man who chooses to represent it, favors still waters and an environment free of unnecessary turmoil or interruption.


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