World Map Tattoo Designs For Men

50 World Map Tattoo Designs For Men – Adventure Across The Globe

A man’s personal values are directly summarized by his ink choices, so world map tattoos are ideal selections for appearing cultured and well-traveled. By sporting a clever cartography creation, you can become a debonair international stud!

World map tattoos are officially the next big thing among scholarly circles of gentlemen, so be sure to acquire your very own global gumption with precise latitudinal and longitudinal arrangements. For a kitsch vibe, hipsters often select archaic prints with countries that no longer exist.

For guys who prefer “the big picture,” our entire planet can be turned into a permanent memento. Meanwhile, men who cherish their roots can emphasize the exact geographical location of their birth or upbringing. Some world travelers outline the route of their journey in flesh as a constant reminder of how far they’ve come.

Aside from location, the map’s own style is a pressing matter of fashion. Modern maps merely lack the handwritten fervor that imbues antique cartography, so look to early European sea charts for inspiration. You may also derive some shrewd creativity from real-life historical pirates. When “X” marks the spot, some serious booty lies up ahead! To get you started, here are our favorite world map tattoos.


3d Realistic Skull Map Tattoo For Men

3d World Map Scroll Tattoo For Men On Chest

Arm Mens Map Tattoo Design

Bicep Tattoo Of Map With Compass For Men

Bicep World Map Tattoo With Quote For Men

Black Work Mens Abstract World Map Tattoo With Africa

Caribbean Sea Map For Men On Chest

Cool Compass Map Tattoo For Males On Arm

Eye And World Map Tattoo For Males

Floating Bottle At Sea Mens World Map Tattoos

Forearm Sleeve New Zeland Map Tattoo For Men

Guys Tattoo World Map Ideas

Guys World Map Tattoo On Bicep Designs

Half Sleeve Compass Map Mens Tattoo Designs

Half Sleeve Mens World Map Tattoo Cover Up

Historical World Map Tattoos For Guys In Black Ink

Indian Ocean World Map For Men On Forearm

Ink Pen Scrolls Map Tattoo For Men On Forearm

Magnifying Glass World Map Male Tattoo On Forearm

Magnifying Glass World Map Outer Forearm Mens Tattoo

Magnifying Glass World Map Tattoo With Rose For Men

Manly Mens Map Tattoos On Chest

Map Compass Tattoo For Men

Map Tattoo Sleeve For Men

Masculine Male Map Tattoo Ideas

Mens Bicep Map Tattoo In Black Ink

Mens World Map Tattoo On Chest

Mens Wrist Map Tattoo With Compass

Old World Map Tattoo For Men Inspiration

Outline World Map Mens Tattoo On Chest

Paper Airplane World Map Ribs Tattoo For Men

Pirate Ship Treasure Map Tattoo For Men

Realistic World Map Globe Tattoof For Men On Bicep

Shaded World Map On Mens Chest

Shoulder Compass And World Map Tattoo For Men

Shoulder Sleeve World Map Guys Tattoo

Skull Mens World Map Tattoos

Skull With Globe Map Tattoo On Mans Bicep

South Atlantic Ocean World Map With Vintage Compass Mens Tattoo

Tattoo Body Map For Men On Shoulder

Tattoo Map For Men On Upper Arm

Tattoo Of Australia Map On Mans Forearm

The World Keeps Turning Faster Map For Men On Arm

Upper Arm Shoulder Mens World Map Tattoos With Compass

Upper Chest World Map Tattoo For Men With Compass

Vintage Mens World Map Tattoo With Compass Rose And Quote

World Map Tattoo For Men With Telescope

Wrist Mens Tattoo Of World Map And Compass

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