Yin Tang Tattoos For Men

60 Yin Tang Tattoos For Men – Contrasting Chinese Designs

The truth is, there’s more to the yin yang design than what first meets the eye. The popular black and white style represents more than just merely two opposite colors, it is a symbolism of life’s contrasting nature.

For instance, consider things like hot verses cold, or dark and bright, and so forth. Not to mention, there’s the yang for masculine energy and the yin for feminine energy too.

Ever since it’s thought invention dating back to the third century BCE or earlier, this symbol has become a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy and culture. You’ll find it at the origin of things like Chinese science, medicine, and even martial arts, exercise, etc.

Now, it should come as no surprise when I tell you that the yin and yang is quite popular when it comes to tattoo art. For some gentlemen, the design serves as a reminder of the correct balance in life in order to reach true harmony. It also symbolizes the relationship with the two poles to show how the universe and life is always in a state of flux.

Others see it as being too much of a good thing is never a good thing. When there’s imbalance, catastrophes occur whether in our own lives or within nature itself.

With that said, it’s easy to see why the yin and yang is such a powerful symbol to behold. Go ahead and explore these 60 yin yang tattoos for men and you’ll witness the incredible contrast of life. Each masculine idea you’ll find below is truly unique and quite mind provoking in the grand scheme of things.


Abstract Yin Yang Tattoos For Men On Upper Arm With Red Ink Lne

Angel Thigh Yin Yang Symbol Tattoo For Men

Back And Neck Guys Tattoos Yin Yang

Back Tattoos Of Yin Yang For Men

Back Yin Yang Coy Fish Tattoo For Men

Bicep Dragon Yin Yang Tattoos For Men

Bicep Sun Moon Yin Yang Tattoo Designs For Men

Blue Water Chest Yin Yang Koi Fish Tattoo For Men

Chest Koi Yin Yang Tattoos For Men

Chest Yin And Yang Koi Fish For Males

Cool 3d Ripped Skin Mens Yin Yang Tattoos On Back Of Shoulder

Cool Forearm Red And Black Mens Tattoo Yin Yang Symbol

Cool Snake And Owl Yin Yang Forearm Tattoos For Men

Cool Upper Arm Fish Yin Yang Tattoos For Men

Cool Yin And Yang Tattoos For Men With Dragons On Inner Forearm

Cover Up Guys Tattoos Of Yin And Yang Symbol On Upper Arm

Creative Bicep Mens Yin Yang Tattoos

Creative Mens Tattoos Yin Yang Symbol With Tree Branches

Dragon Yin Yang Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Forearm Man With Yin Yang Tattoo On Wrist

Forearm Skull Yin Yang Tattoos Designs For Males

Full Back Yin Yang Mens Tattoo Design Inspiration

Guys Back Yin Yang Tribal Tattoos

Guys Unique Yin Yang Tattoo With Airplane And Moon Design On Chest

Half Sleeve Japanese Tree Yin Yang Tattoo On Mans Arm

Incredible Back Yin Yang Fish Tattoo On Guy

Ink Splatter Yin Yang Tattoo Design For Guys On Back

Inner Forearm Male Yin Yang Symbol Tattoos

Inner Forearm Masculine Yin Yang Wolf Tattoo For Men

Japanese Water Yin Yang Tattoo For Men With Skull On Mens Arm

Lower Leg Dot Work Mens Yin Yang Tattoo Designs

Lower Leg Unique Yin Yang Tattoos For Men

Male Back Clock Yin And Yang Tattoo Designs

Male With Dragon Yin Yang Tattoo On Arm And Shoulder

Manly Mens Japanese Yin Yang Tattoos With Tree Design Idea

Masculine Mens Tattoo Designs Yin Yang On Leg Calf With All Seeing Eye

Mechanical Gear Tattoo Yin Yang For Men On Back

Mens Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo On Leg

Mens Yin And Yang Tattoos On Back Watercolor Design

Mens Yin And Yang Tattoo With Tiger

Mens Yin Yang Koi Tattoos On Chest And Shoulder

Nature Themed Yin Yang Sign Tattoo For Guys

Owl Chest Male Tattoo Ideas Yin Yang

Paint Brush Dragon And Yin Yang Tattoos For Men On Chest

Paint Brush Stroke Artistic Mens Small Yin Yang Tattoos

Ripped Skin Yin Yang Heart Tattoos For Guys On Chest

Simple Tiger Mens Yin Yang Tattoo

Small Mens Yin Yang Dragon Tattoos

Small Yin Yang Designs Tattoos For Gentlemen On Bicep

Sun And Moon Yin Yang Tattoo For Men On Bicep

Upper Arm Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo For Guys

Upper Back Tiger Guys Yin And Yang Dragon Tattoos

Upper Chest Creative Yin Yang Tattoos For Guys

Upper Chest Dragon Yin Yang Tribal Tattoo For Guys

Upper Chest Yin Yang Tattoos For Men In Black Ink

Watercolor Mens Yin Yang Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Wrist Fire And Water Yin Yang Tattoo For Males

Yin Yang Sun Tattoo For Guys On Back

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