Zombie Tattoos For Men

90 Zombie Tattoos For Men – Masculine Walking Dead Designs

From fictional horror movies to television shows series, the legendary tales of the living dead have spread as swift as the virus itself.

Interestingly enough, zombies weren’t always the result of scientific accidents, viruses, and so forth.

Back in literary heritage the lifeless souls were once said to be under the spells of evil magicians; aka voodoo. One look at Haitian rural folklore and you’ll find all the answers wrapped around sorcery and witchcraft.

However, within time the modern cinemas had introduced an entirely new concept with ties to the past: The zombie apocalypse. You know, the widespread rise of a zombie civilization taking over the city streets with a furry. The remaining un-bitten humans lefts to survive and scavenge for supplies all while hoping for a miracle cure to appear.

No matter if you believe in the voodoo folklore to the more modern takes on the tales, surely you’ll enjoy these top 90 best zombie tattoos for men below. Each features cool walking dead designs with depictions of the soulless corpses roaming the streets in search of their next bite.


Abstract Creative Mens Zombie Hand With Bite On Leg

Abstract Zombie Watercolor Mens Outer Forearm Tattoos

Amazing Blank Ink Mens Zombie Tattoo Design Inspiration

Artistic Zombie Reading Book With Tombstones Male Tattoo On Leg

Awesome Pirate Zombie Tattoo Underwater Themed For Guys

Back Of Arm Zombie Face Mens Tattoos

Black Ink Shaded Zombie Face Tattoo On Mans Inner Forearm

Bloody Zombie Realistic Mens Forearm Tattoo

Blue Ink Mens Leg Calf Zombie Portrait Tattoos

Cartoon Style Tattoo Of Zombie With Brain On Mans Arm

Cartoon Style Zombie Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

City Under Zombie Apocalypse Leg Sleeve Tattoo For Guys

City Withzombie Epidemic Read View Mirror Tattoo On Man

Cool 3d Zombie Virus Tattoo Design On Arm For Guys

Cool Shaded Mens Inner Forearm Zombie Apocalypse Tattoo Inspiration

Cool Watercolor Zombie Leg Calf Tattoo For Men

Cool Zombie Hand Poking Out From Ground Mens Leg Calf Tattoo

Creative Black Ink Shaded Zombie Face Outlined Male Tattoo

Creative Watercolor Zombie Under Water Looking Through Window Mens Leg Thigh Tattoo

Creepy Zombie Green Ink Tattoo For Mens Leg Thigh

Dead Inside Guys Zombie Forearm Tattoo

Detailed Cool Mens Thigh Tattoo Of Chomping Zombie

Elbow Zombie Tattoo On Gentleman With Black Ink

Fighter Pilot Zombie Upper Arm Mens Watercolor Tattoo

Full Back Mens Zombie City Skyline Tattoo Ideas

Full Back Zombie Face Tattoo On Man With Blood On Mouth

Full Leg Sleeve Male Zombie Themed Tattoos

Full Sleeve Mens Zombie Tattoo Design Ideas

Full Sleeve Zombie Themed Tattoos For Guys

Gentleman With Zombie Face Tattoo On Arm

Graffiti Style Mens Leg Calf Zombie Tattoo With Brains Showing

Green Faced Zombie Mens Cartoon Style Bicep Tattoo Inspiration

Green Zombie Bones Poking Through Skin 3d Male Tattoos

Green Zombie Hand With Broken Arm Bicep Tattoo For Guys

Gus Upper Neck Zombie Hand Tattoo In Blue Ink

Guys Watercolor Zombie Tattoo On Forearm

Guy With 3d Zombie Tattoo On Arm

Horror Black Ink Zombie Mens Arm Tattoos

Horror Red Ink Mens Rib Cage Side Walking Dead Zombie Tattoo

Incredible Black Ink Shaded Zombie Leg Tattoo Sleeve For Males

Las Vegas Overrun By Zombies Mens Lower Leg Calf Sleeve Tattoo

Leg Thigh Guys Zombie In Woods Tattoo Design

Living Dead Green Zombie Hand With Blood Male Tattoo

Manly Zombie Upper Arm Tattoo On Guy

Man With Half Sleeve Walking Dead Zombie Tattoo

Man With Realistic Zombie Gas Mask Tattoo Sleeve Design

Man With Skull And Zombies Lower Forearm Tattoo Sleeves

Man With Zombie Apocalypse Chest Tattoo

Masculine Sleeve Zombie Tattoo With Heart In Black Ink For Men

Masculine Zombie Bicep Tattoos For Gentlemen

Masculine Zombie Guys Tattoo With Watercolor Ink

Mens Black Ink Shaded Female Zombie Tattoo On Outer Forearm

Mens Half Sleeve Zombie Tattoo

Mens Upper Arm Zombie Tattoo With Shaded Red And Blue Ink

Mens Wrist Tattoo Of Woman With Zombie Virus

Neo Traditional Mens Rib Cage Size Zombie Tattoo With Ribbon Dead Or Alive

Neo Traditional Zombie Female Tattoo On Mans Forearm

Old School Green Face Graffiti Zombie Tattoo For Guys On Arm

Old School Sailor Jerry Zombie Tattoo On Leg Calf Of Man

Pirate Zombie Male Upper Arm Tattoos

Realistic Detailed Zombie Eating Heart Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Realistic Guys Walking Zombie Tattoo On Arm

Realistic Walking Dead Zombie Half Sleeve Guys Tattoo

Red Ink Shaded Lifeless Zombie Hand Tattoo On Shoulder Of Male

Retro Zombie Forearm Tattoo Design For Guys

Shaded Upper Arm Male Zombie Tattoo Inspiration Ideas

Skeleton Zombie Sleeve Guys Tattoo

Skeleton Zombie Tattoo On Mans Arm

Skull Zombie Hand Wrist Guys Tattoo Designs

Sleeve Gas Mask Zombie Tattoo With Apocalypse Theme For Men

Solider Zombie Tattoo On Mans Lower Leg Calf

Soulless Corpse Zombie Bicep Tattoo On Guy

Soulless Corpse Zombie In Graveyard Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Spooky Black Lifeless Zombie Tattoo On Mans Wrist

Undead Portrait Of Female Zombie With Tombstones And Cross Tattoo For Men

Undead Zombie Shaded Ink Mens Bicep Tattoos

Upper Chest Mens Zombie Female Face Tattoo Design

Walking Dead Zombies Tattoo Sleeve For Guys

Walking Zombies Mens Leg Tattoo

Watercolor Guys Blue Ink Zombie Tattoo Design Idea Inspiration

World Overrun By Zombies Themed Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Zombie Apocalypse City Skyline Leg Sleeve Guys Tattoos

Zombie Biting Watercolor Mens Forearm Tattoos

Zombie Epidemic Inspired Male Bicep Tattoos

Zombie Reaching With Hand From Ground Male Wrist Tattoos

Zombies Walking And Eating Brains Mens Back Of Shoulder Tattoo

Zombie Themed Mens Full Tattoo Sleeve Design Inspiration

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