Mens Forest Green Fjallraven Kajka 75 Liter Backpack Review

Forest Green Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Review – 75 Liter Advanced Trekking Pack

Don’t let the Fjallraven Kajka fool you with its near simplistic Swedish exterior design, the truth is, it’s loaded with innovative features.

Unlike other packs out there, this one comes with a unique multi-layer, laminated wood Birch frame with water-resistant glue.

While you might be wondering why the answer is quite simple: the carbon footprint is 90% lower than its aluminum counterpart. Yet, it with the help of laboratory testing and comprehensive field testing, it still retains the strength you’d expect to handle harsh climates and conditions.

Beyond the wooden frame, which took me by surprise, I was really impressed by the Perfect Fit Adjustment System. Fjallraven wasn’t joking when they put the word “perfect” into the name, it truly is. The carrying system is super easy to make adjustments to on the fly.

To adjust the height, all it takes is a tug on a simple strap. If your back is hurting you for whatever reason, you can transfer the pack load either higher or lower depending on that specific day. For additional adjustments, four snaps are used to change the width of the shoulder straps.


Quick Highlights:

Field Test Forest Green Fjallraven Kajka 75 Liter Backpack

– Available in black, UN blue, forest green and graphite color options.
– One-of-a-kind wooden backpack frame distributes loads evenly
– Perfect Fit Adjustment System
– Generous hip belt for high degree of carrying comfort
– Top loading main compartment with snow lock
– Large vertical front and bottom opening to quickly inspect cargo.
– Dividable lower and upper backpack sections
– Lower section wet/dry compartments
– Top lid, sides and hip belt zippered pockets
– Removable top cover wearable as waist or chest bag.
– 2 Compression straps to fasten small poles.
– Top cover and bottom attachment points
– Chest strap whistle
– Rain cover with reflectors
– 600D 100% Polyester, Vinylon F 100% Vinylal outer construction
– Weight 3300 grams
– 75-liter volume


Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Review

Forest Green Fjallraven Kajka 75 Liter Backpack Front

Forest Green Fjallraven Kajka 75 Liter Backpack Back

Fjallraven Kajka Mens Hiking Backpack Features

Wooden Backpack Frame Fjallraven Kajka

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Lid Closed With Straps

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Lid Opened

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Lid Removed

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Lid With Convertible Waist And Chest Carry

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Top Lid Removed From Pack

Compressed Compact Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Rain Fly In Top Of Lid

Rain Fly Fjallraven Kajka Backpack With Reflectors

Top Of Lid Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Strech Cord

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Zipper Closed Top Lid Pockets

Lid Pocket Compartment Unzipped With Key Hook Fjallraven Kajka Backpack

Closed Zippered Fjallraven Kajka Side Access To Main Compartment Of Backpack

Side Of Backpack Fjallraven Kajka Main Compartment Entry

Top Buckle Fjallraven Kajka Backpack

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Top Pull Cord Closure

Expanded Interior View Fjallraven Kajka Backpack

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Inner Main Cargo Compartment

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Velcro Main Compartment Entry Open

Interior Space Fjallraven Kajka Backpack With Blue Strech Pocket

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Zippered Compartment

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Bottom Compartment

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Mesh Bottom Compartment

Padded Shoulder Straps Fjallraven Kajka Backpacks

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Sternum Strap With Built In Whistle

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Covered Adjustment Strap

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Adjustment Strap

Fjallraven Kajka 75 Liter Backpack Leather Patch Stiched Detail

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Compartment On Lid

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Hardware Detail Rugged Metal Construction

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Logo Plastic Buckles

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Pull Closure Mesh Pocket

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Side Mesh Pocket For Water Bottle

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Snap Closures

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Straps On Hip Belt

When it comes to the waist belt, making adjustments is a breeze. Unlike other packs that force you to adjust the straps in the middle by the buckle, the Fjallraven Kajka backpack adjustments are made from the sides of the pack. The result is a firm, precise grip on your waist.

Speaking of the waist belt, you’ll find two side pockets, with one mesh and one enclosed. Personally, I like have 2 options instead of 1.

In terms of cargo carrying ability, the Fjallraven Kajka offers a generous 75 liters of space, though you can opt for smaller or larger backpacks from Fjallraven. For me, 75 liters is the sweet spot for getting all the gear I need to fit.


Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Top Straps Perfect Fit Adjustment System

Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Wooden Frame

Fjallraven Kajka Detail On Backpack

Hiking Pole Attachement Open Fjallraven Kajka Backpack Velcro Detail

Hiking Pole Loop Velcro Attachement Closed On Fjallraven Kajka Backpacks

Left Mesh Zippered Compartment Pocket Fjallraven Kajka Backpack On Hip Belt

Owners Information Velcro Opened Fjallraven Kajka Backpack

Padded Breathable Waist Belt Fjallraven Kajka Backpack

Right Hip Belt Compartment Fjallraven Kajka Backpack

Velcro Closed Owners Information With Rugged Top Handle Fjallraven Kajka Backpack

For accessing all of that gear, the Fjallraven Kajka lets you easily peer into the pack from either side. Unlike other packs where you have to undo a ton of different straps, Fjallraven has figured out how to make the process convenient. Not to mention, you can also rip open the entire pack from the front and see everything just as you packed it in.

Just above the main compartment, beyond the snow lock, you’ll find a brilliantly designed lid/top cover. It can be used as either a waist or chest bag. For photographers who like to carry their gear kangaroo style, you’re going to love this. Even if you don’t, having the option to throw other things in the pack while carrying it in that manner is wonderful.

On the opposite end of the Fjallraven Kajka backpack, you’ll find a wet/dry compartment at the bottom alongside a divider. The mesh area is perfect for drying out damp/dirty clothing alongside other wet items or simply storing things you don’t need until after your sleeping bag has been removed.

Also included with the Fjallraven Kajka is a rain cover with reflectors, built-in chest strap whistle, compression straps for your hiking poles, an owner’s information slot, and top/bottom attachment points. Needless to say, you’ll find nice touches all over the pack that really come in handy the more you use it.


Forest Green Fjallraven Kajka 75 Liter Backpack Reviews

Mens Forest Green Fjallraven Kajka 75 Liter Backpack Outdoor Field Test

Mens Hiking Forest Green Fjallraven Kajka 75 Liter Backpack Review

In terms of durability, the pack features the ruggedness you’d expect from Fjallraven Kajka, excellent. The 600D 100% Polyester, Vinylon F 100% Vinylal outer construction gives me the impression that this pack is one that will last for years and years and still look near new.

All in all, the Fjallraven Kajka 75 liter backpack is a dream to take outdoors. Sure, the weight might be intimidating for some, yet the durability, cargo capacity, comfort, and numerous distinctive features combined make the extra load absolutely worth it. With that said, this pack is easily among my top favorites of all time!


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