Mens Baffin Summit Control Max Boots Review

Baffin Footwear – Men’s Summit And Control Max Boots Review

A Canadian company that was forged from the harsh environment and cold temperatures of the Great White North, Baffin would become a worldwide recognized name in the boot industry.

Baffin concentrates its efforts at “being technically advanced, high-quality Footwear and Apparel.”

When you pick up a pair of Baffin boots, this is obviously apparent. Not limiting themselves to just footwear, they also produce apparel as well.

1979 would mark the initiation of a brand that would continue through to today. Stony Creek, Canada would be home to Baffin as they began to expand and develop their manufacturing abilities. Through the use of the most advanced and highest quality manufacturing process at the time, they would start to gain a loyal following quickly.

Everyone from soldiers, outdoor enthusiasts to workers has found a use for their Baffins. The company is nothing if not consistently persistent. Original equipment from the early founding days is currently being used to make their current day products. Though many of their processes have advanced, the fundamentals they do well remain unchanged.

Foot comfort and the wearer’s experience are paramount to Baffin and are at the core of what they strive to achieve. No one wants to wear an uncomfortable pair of boots, and Baffin’s customer base may consider this an aspect of safety. Customers want to wear these boots because they are made to be supremely comfortable and durable.

When we tested out a few pairs of Baffin’s top models, the Men’s Summit And Control Max Boots. Below, you’ll find our review and field test through the snow covered Colorado mountains.


Quick Highlights:

Summit Boot

Baffin Summit Winter Boots For Men Reviews

– Available in black and brown color variations
– 5ºC/41ºF to -50ºC/-58ºF temperature rating
– Body-heat mouldable removable, multi-layer liner
– Low-bulk B-Tek Lite insulation for ultimate in warmth
– Proprietary Superlite Shell and AirGrip
– Polar Rubber Contact Points offer extreme grip
– Mid-height shaft blocks out the frigid cold
– Waterproof leather and nylon construction
– Speed-lace front fastening system with integrated toggle


Control Max Boot

Cold Weather Mens Boots Reviews Baffin Control Max Boots

– -70ºC/-94ºF temperature rating
– Thermanplush Removable, multi-layer (8 layers) inner boot system liner
– Waffle-comb foot-bed for exceptional comfort and shock absorption
– Arctic rubber shell for superior foot support
– EVA midsole
– Polar rubber outsole (Icepaw) for solid grip on slippery winter surfaces
– Multi D-ring lace fastening
– Timberwolf full-grain insulated leather and nylon construction
– Waterproof seam-sealed upper
– Available in black and worn brown color choices


Baffin Men’s Summit Boot Review

Mens Baffin Summit Boots Shoe Box

Baffin Summit Mens Boots Tag

Winter Boots For Men Baffin Summit Collection

Waterproof Insulated Baffin Summit Winter Boots For Men Top View

Baffin Summit Mens Winter Boots Laces And Front Ring

Baffin Summit Rugged Boot Outsole For Traction On Ice And Snow

Freezing Temperature Baffin Summit Mens Boots

Guys Winter Boot Baffin Summit

Insulated Inner Boot Liner Mens Baffin Summit

Mens Baffin Summit Boots Inner Construction Materials

Mens Baffin Summit Boots Waterproof Protective Toe

Rear Heel Detail Baffin Summit Mens Boots

Reflective Baffin Summit Mens Cold Weather Boots

Side View Baffin Summit Boots For Men

Waterproof Lower Construction Rubber Mens Baffin Summit Boots

Waterproof Mens Winter Boots Baffin Summit

Designed to withstand frigid temperatures ranging all the way down to negative 58 degrees Fahrenheit, the Men’s Baffin Summit Snow Boots are the ideal addition to your winter wardrobe. The perfect all in one snow boot package, you’ll find everything your feet need for even the toughest treks through the harshest of conditions. Covering every base and sparing no expense, they will protect your feet and ankles, and keep them warm and dry, all while maximizing comfort and maneuverability. Perfect for any activity ranging from snow shoveling to intense snow sports, these boots were built to move with you while they protect you from the elements. You won’t have to sacrifice comfort for warmth and protection.

Comprised of a strong and durable waterproof leather and nylon combination, you can rest assured that your feet will remain dry. The boots also feature Superlite shells and AirGrip® with Polar® rubber outsoles and contact points for unbelievable grip and traction that’s reliable as well as lightweight. You can walk on rugged icy ground with confidence as well as with easy and full mobility.

With B-Tec Lite lining and multi-layered insulation, you can also be sure that your feet will remain warm and comfortable at all times. The innovative insulation is heat moldable and provides the perfect customized fit for your individual foot shape, for absolute maximum comfort.

The Baffin Summit Snow Boots provide superior support for your feet with integrated arches and multiple layers of protection. They feature a spotless front fastening toggle system that’s both easy to use and stylish. Along with a midweight shaft, they even include a handy molded shelf on the back of the heels to conveniently hold your snowshoe strap!

The boots measure 10 inches in height and weigh four pounds. They are available in the color black, in sizes six through 15.


Baffin Summit Boots For Men Review In Snow Covered Woods Winter

Baffin Summit Mens Insulated Boots Review In Woods

Cold Weather Boots Baffin Summit Review

Review Baffin Summit Boots For Men Outdoor Field Test

Snow Outdoor Review Mens Baffin Summit Boots


Baffin Men’s Control Max Boot Review

Baffin Control Max Mens Boots Shoe Box

Top View Guys Baffin Control Max Winter Boots

Winter Boots For Men Baffin Control Max

Baffin Control Max Boots For Men Tag

Mens Baffin Control Max Boots Tag

Authenthic Interior Tag Mens Baffin Control Max Boots

Extreme Temperature Baffin Control Max Mens Boots

Heel Baffin Detail Control Max Mens Boots

Insole Mens Baffin Control Max Boots

Insulated Extreme Cold Weather Winter Liner Baffin Control Max Boots For Men

Laces With Metal Hardware Rings Mens Baffin Control Max Boots

Leather Tounge Upper Mens Baffin Control Max Boots

Mens Baffin Control Max Boots Construction Detail

Mens Baffin Control Max Boots Insulated Shell Liner

Mens Baffin Control Max Boots Protective Rubber Front Toe

Mens Winter Boots Baffin Control Max Heel

Rear View Baffin Control Max Boots For Men

Rugged Outer Heel Detail Mens Baffin Control Max Boots

Side Baffin Control Max Guys Winter Boots

Thick Rugged Outsole Lug Pattern Baffin Control Max Mens Boots

The Baffin Men’s Control Max Insulated Boots are hands down, the ultimate boots for the heaviest of wear and harshest of conditions. Specially designed to withstand extended use, rough terrain, and extreme elements, all while keeping your feet comfortable, warm, and protected, these are definitely a must-have.

With fully tractioned soles, you’ll be able to maneuver over uneven and challenging terrain with no problems or worries about losing your grip. These boots will certainly “stand their ground.” They have EVA midsoles, round toes, and rubber outsoles.

Tested in extremely frigid weather, they have an impressive temperature rating of negative 70 degrees celsius and negative 94 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can be certain that your toes won’t freeze. With extraordinary heat-trapping insulation, they feature a removable boot liner that sits high on your calf and snugly against your skin for an additional layer of protection, as well as top cinching cords for an even snugger fit that will keep the cold air out. The Baffins also feature waterproof protection and sealed seams, for yet another barrier against the cold, rain, sleet, snow, hail, and whatever else you face.

These amazing snow boots not only strive to keep your feet comfortable, safe, and warm, but they also strive and succeed in being fashionable as well. Extremely stylish in both available color combinations, worn brown and black or black and black, you can wear these in confidence that you won’t just be cozy, but you’ll look great too. They’ll align perfectly with all the tasks you have at hand, no matter how arduous, and they’ll also provide the perfect fit to your winter wardrobe.

The Baffin Men’s Control Max Insulated Boots are made of quality imported full grained insulated leather and feature multi D-ring lace fastening. They are available in sizes seven M through 14 M.


Mens Baffin Control Max Boots Review

Outdoor Review Mens Baffin Control Max Boots

Snow Mens Baffin Control Max Boots Reviews

Winter Review Baffin Control Max Boots For Men


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