Poc Orb Clarity Goggles Obex Spin Helmet Review

POC Orb Clarity Snow Goggles And Obex SPIN Helmet Review – Ski Protection

Emerging from the ski racing sport in 2005, POC has been protecting people across a wide array of sports and activities.

While working towards their primary goal of: “reducing the force transmitted to the brain and body in case of a crash,” POC has made great strides; setting them up as one of the top industry leaders today.

Using the latest in materials, technology, testing and talent, POC is able to make their objective become a reality. POC is at a point where they aren’t a market leader in PPE; they are a part of advancing science and medicine in relation to body protection.

Not satisfied with their sole testing, POC partners with organizations such as Volvo Car Group to develop new concepts and protective technology. The POC WATTS Lab was started and is used today for advancing protective, aerodynamic road bike equipment we see today.

With over 50 professional awards, medals and various coveted accolades, POC athletes are the world’s best. Awards for design and product performance are continually growing; currently, more than 40 attained to date.

The industry and athletic recognition of POC is a product of dedicated and passionate employees working together in order to make the best. We always have thought POC has done an outstanding job of protecting us on the trails and in the backcountry.

Take a look below to see what we thought of POC’s latest and greatest Orb Clarity Snow Goggles and OBEX SPIN helmet with a detailed review. Our experience has always been positive, and we are quick to recommend POC because we believe in what they do.


Quick Highlights:

Obex SPIN Helmet

Black Poc Obex Spin Helmet Review

– Lightweight in-mold construction with EPS liner
– ABS top shell for additional protection
– SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside), Patent pending silicone pad technology system
– Fully adjustable ventilation
– Personal interior size adjustment system
– Seamless fit and compatibility with POC goggles
– Fixed goggle clip
– Compatible with POC AID communication ear pads (sold separately)
– Certification CE EN 1077 Class B, ASTM F2040
– Offered in three sizes: XS-S (51-54cm), M-L (55-58cm), and L-XXL (59-62cm)
– Available in seven different color variations including, Hydrogen white, Uranium black, Copper red, Bismuth green, Antimony blue, Rhodium Beige, and Tin blue.
– Removable ear pads


Orb Clarity Snow Goggles

Poc Orb Clarity Skiing Goggles Review

– Five color variations including white, black, red, blue and green
– Three lens color choices including Spektris gold, orange, and rose gold
– Lenses designed in collaboration with Zeiss
– Innovative Dual compound frame for flexibility and durability
– Fast lens changing system
– Maximized field of view in all directions
– Toric lens shape for minimal distortion
– Lenses intensify contrast and light for enhanced vision
– Spektris mirror coatings offer an exceptional vision in any weather
– Developed for sunny, partly sunny and overcast conditions
– Comfortable triple-layer foam
– Anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments


Basketane Blue and Spektris Orange POC Orb Clarity Snow Goggles Review

Box Poc Orb Clarity Goggles For Winter Sports

Poc Orb Clarity Ski Goggles With Phantom Lenses

Poc Orb Clarity Ski Snowboard Goggles Details Box

Ski Goggles Poc Orb Clarity Tag

Poc Orb Clarity Goggles Lens Options Chart

Google Lens Booklet Poc Orb Clarity

Fog Eliminating Foam Construction Poc Orb Clarity Ski Snowboard Goggles

Inner View Poc Orb Clarity Ski Goggles

Navy Blue Poc Orb Clarity Goggle Strap Side

Nose Bridge Poc Orb Clarity Goggles For Skiing

Phantom Lenses Poc Orb Clarity Goggles

Poc Orb Clarity Foam Nose Bridge Detail Goggles

Poc Orb Clarity Ski Goggle Strap Adjustment

Top View Poc Orb Clarity Skiing Goggles

Need a durable pair of goggles for your sports addiction?

Well, Orb clarity is a great option that can have you on the slopes more. They have a very durable, dual compound frame that is designed to be flexible when you wear them instead of breaking upon impact. If you do not like the tint of the lenses, or you need to change them out for another reason, there is a quick to change lens system that will help you make the change whenever you need. In fact, the lenses are designed to give you a very clear look that will help you see better in any condition. Also, the coating on the lenses is designed to give you unparalleled vision in both sunny and overcast weather conditions.

These goggles have a very simple look that will look great on your face, and it even has a band that wraps around your entire head so that you do not lose the goggles when you are going down the slopes. The lenses have a mirrored coating, and these goggles are available in a number of different color options, so if one does not fit your style, there are more options for you to consider.

In addition to being durable, the lenses of these goggles have been treated with an anti-fog coating and an anti-scratch treatment to help protect them and make sure that it is always easy to see out of the goggles. The inside of the goggles are also made with a triple layer of foam to give you the comfort that you need when you are outside. This is very important because these goggles are designed to be tight to your skin so that air does not make it so that you cannot see when you are moving quickly, and extra padding will help keep the seal in place.

Outdoor Field Test Poc Obex Spin Helmet

Review At Ski Resort Poc Orb Clarity Goggles

Poc Orb Clarity Snow Goggles Reviews


Uranium Black POC Obex SPIN Helmet Review

Poc Obex Spin Helmet Box

How Poc Spin Works Poc Obex Spin Tag

Poc Obex Spin Freeride Helmet Front

Goggle Strap Poc Obex Spin Helmet For Skiing And Snowboarding

Matte And Gloss Black Poc Obex Spin Ski Helmet

Poc Obex Spin Adjustment Interior Of Helmet

Poc Obex Spin Helmet Abs Top Piece With Adjustable Ventilation Sliders

Poc Obex Spin Helmet Ear Cover Detail With Strap

Poc Obex Spin Ski Helmet Chin Strap Detail

Poc Obex Spin Ski Helmet Padded Ear Covers

Poc Obex Spin Ski Helmet Removeable Spin Pads

Poc Turn Dial Ski Helmet Adjustment On Obex Spin

Protective Sleeve Helmet Cover For Poc Obex Spin

Ski Helmets Interior Liner With Blue Spin Pads Poc Obex Spin

Top Interior Viewpoc Obex Spin Ski Helmet

Winter Sports Freestyle Poc Obex Spin Helmet Back

Do you need a way to protect your head when you are enjoying sports on the mountain? If you are new to this type of entertainment, then you would probably say yes, and the POC Obex Spin is an excellent option for you to try.

Regardless of how long you are outside playing in the snow, you will enjoy the whole helmet approach of this product that is ideal for crash protection. It is also designed to be lightweight so that it is not too much to carry on your head as you are skiing or snowboarding.

Because of the padding on the inside of the helmet, the product is quite comfortable to use, and it will have a great fit because there are a number of sizes that you can choose from to make sure that it is snug. The helmet is also fully adjustable, so you will be able to tighten it and loosen it at any time. This will allow you to get more ventilation to your head as you are outside, so regardless of the weather, you will be comfortable.

There are a few vents on the models that will allow air to go through the goggles and the entire helmet so that they do not fog up on the mountain. The goggle clips are a great way to fit your goggles to your helmet and make sure that both fit you comfortable. It will work well with any POC goggles that you try with the helmet.

Of course, as you are on the slopes, style is important for most, which is why this helmet comes in a myriad of color options that you can choose from. Choose the option that best matches your other snow gear or your personal style.

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Obex Spin Skiing Helmets Review Poc


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