Top Best Survival Lighter

Top 20 Best Survival Lighters – Emergency Fire Starters

There was a time when a well-appointed gentleman’s ensemble wasn’t complete without a sleek Zippo lighter tucked away in a suit pocket.

Today, however, no survival kit is up to standard without a heavy duty survival lighter.

Whether you are a lover of the rugged outdoors or simply wish to prepare for the worst, a survival lighter can literally be what stands between you and an uncertain fate.

Since the earliest days of man fire was the #1 means of sustaining life, providing everything from warmth to light to cooking assistance. While most of us enjoy a relatively luxurious existence thanks to the bounty of technology, that doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself in unexpected–and decidedly more primitive–circumstances at some point.

Survival lighters come in a wide variety of styles and materials, and boast a number of components geared towards specific concerns. Water, wind, and altitude resistance, as well as superior piezoelectric ignition are just some of the qualities you can depend on with a survival lighter. Survival lighter flame temperatures can reach up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, with the capacity to burn at any angle desired, even from the bottom up. Weight can vary depending on the make and purpose, but generally survival lighters are extremely lightweight and easy to carry, taking up minimal space while providing a substantial means of assurance.

One can never fully prepare for what the future holds, but top 20 best survival lighters ensure a degree of safety and comfort that is well worth the investment. A man’s personal arsenal may be worth its weight in gold, but his and his loved ones’ lives are priceless. This season why not be the man who comes prepared for anything life throws his way?

Best Survival Lighters

1. Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit


Easy fire starting capabilities with the Zippo EFK emergency fire kit. It’s buoyant ABS plastic construction and water proof O-ring canister design make it a camping and survival must have. Grip is sure thanks to a textured design of the body. Features a Zippo flint wheel capable of up to 1,700 all-weather sparks for each of the five included paraffin waxed spark tinders. Tinders burn up to five minutes. Keep it secure by utilizing the lanyard hole molded on the side of the screw top.

2. Exotac Firesleeve Ruggedized Waterproof

Exotac fireSLEEVE Ruggedized Waterproof Lighter Case - Orange


Everyday lighters are notorious for getting wet or damp flints and not working. Another common problem is that they can burn the user if they need to keep a steady flame to burn something. The Exotac fireSLEEVE’s plastic cap-and-body design encapsulates a traditional Bic lighter, transforming it into a waterproof, buoyant fire source that’s still effective even after being submerged for half an hour in three feet of water. It prevents accidentally depressing the gas and letting all the precious fuel out, but it also has a feature that allows the gas to be depressed and then locked in hands-free mode. Note that the design is specifically made for classic Bic lighters only.

3. True Utility Fire Stash Multi Tool

True Utility Fire Stash Multi-Tool


At just 0.6 ounces and 2.83 x 0.67 x 0.55in, the compact ultra lightweight design of the True Utility Fire Stash still manages to hold a powerful fire tool. And, it’s waterproof via a neoprene O-ring. The top of the cylinder canister features a quick-release clip ring for easy attachment to gear or key ring. Unscrew the lid to find the lighter housing, which has a flat bottom enabling it to stand upright hands-free. Refill is with standard butane lighter fluid. It does not come pre-filled.

4. Zippo Matte

Zippo Pocket Lighter, Black Matte


The matte lighter by Zippo comes in a variety of colors, each electrostatically powder coated atop a brass casing, laser hinged, guaranteed for life by the manufacturer, fingerprint resistant, scratch resistant, refillable with lighter fluid, and windproof. The shape is rectangular with rounded corners and a flat surface bottom. Distinguishing marks include a 16-hole chimney and a laser stamping of the logo on the bottom of the lighter. Wicks and flints are replaceable. Made in the USA product.

5. Single Jet Flame Torch

Pack of 4 Single Jet Flame Torch Lighter Windproof Refillable Jumbo Lighter


While these lighters scream tactile, they remain easy to use and versatile for all occasions. The pack includes four single torch jumbo lighters in various colors that are fueled and ready to go. Each are four inches tall, with a refillable gas reservoir as the cylinder body and a torch head that flames on the opposite side from the ignition button. The large gas reservoir is color-tinted, but fuel level remains easily visible for refill purposes. There’s a safety trigger to prevent accidental burns. Flame can easily be adjusted with a swipe lever on the side.

6. 4boss Luxury USB Rechargeable Electronic Windproof

The sleek design of the 4BOSS rechargeable electric plasma lighter looks like something out of a Bond movie. It features a quality metal casing in either silver or metallic black. At 2.6 ounces and 3″ X 1.5″ X 0.5,” it’s fairly compact for portability. An LED light indicates the USB charge is complete, which takes 2 hours or less to complete. 300 times is the typical recharging life for the product. Lighting is flip-top, push button, flameless, windproof, and splash proof. The carbon electricity lightening mechanism doesn’t require fuel, making it a friendly lighter for environmentally conscious consumers.

7. Blazer Cg 001 Butane Refillable Torch

The khaki-colored Blazer CG-001 butane lighter has a truly unique piezoelectric lightening mechanism that provides a single blue torch flame. There’s no electric components. Butane is ignited via a pressurized molecular reaction when the trigger is pressed to release a small hammer to strike a crystal for sparking. Flame length may be adjusted by a dial on the casing. Butane level can be viewed through a window at the center of the lighter, leaving the guess work out of refills. Wind resistance makes it an ideal outdoor lighter. It’s a lightweight design at just 1.3 ounces. A flip-top guard protects the internal components.

8. Everstryke Match Pro Waterproof

Reliable and compact, the newly redesigned stainless steel Everstryke Pro has all the right features to appeal to hardcore survivalists and leisurely campers alike. It’s as easy to use as striking a match. The flint and wicking are replaceable and lasts 10 times longer than previous designs. With a 1.9 x 0.6 x 0.6 inch cylinder-style, waterproof casing and a total one ounce weight, it’s an all-in-one fire starting kit that’s easily attached to a backpacks or keys or settled into a small pocket. A strike- hot flame burns at over 600 degrees F., and it’s capable of 15,000 strikes per match. A built in O-ring prevents evaporation once the lighter is filled with fluid.

9. Jolmo Lander Titanium Waterproof Peanut

The Jolmo Lander Peanut Fire Starter is made of a sturdy lightweight titanium. The design is a cylindrical screw cap and body, which weighs in for a total 27 grams. Water resistance is a feature thanks to a silicon O-ring. A lanyard hole in the screw cap allows the lighter to be attached to backpacks or keychains if transporting in a pocket isn’t desirable. Users will need to purchase regular lighter fluid separate, which can then be poured into the fluid chamber for a continuous, refillable fuel source. Made in the USA product.

10. JP Windproof

The design of the Japanese JP lighter by Windmill resembles the shape of a mini-sized traditional military canteen. At 5.1 x 2.8 x 1 inches and 2.9 ounces it can comfortably be carried in small pockets, and it has a built in metal ring for attachment to survival gear or keychains. It features a clickable ignition button, windproof jet flame, protective flip lid, Piezo ignition, and refillable butane gas chamber.

11. Uco Stormproof Torch

UCO Stormproof Torch Windproof Lighter with Bottle Opener


The Stormproof Torch Lighter by UCO comes in two design options. Option one has 3 ft of utility tape attached to the lighter that can be used for metal, fabric, and plastic repairs, seals, or labeling. Option two comes with a bottle opener attached to the base. Both feature the same triple jet, windproof, adjustable flame from a piezo-electric ignition system that’s good for around 30,000 strikes. The fuel chamber holds around 700 ignitions and can be refilled with standard butane. It does not come pre-filled. It’s ABS and silicon waterproof construction weighs in at 3.4 ounces and measures 1.87 x 1.25 x 4.12 inches. Whether a leisurely outdoorsman or an avid survivalist, the aluminum carabiner feature makes for reliable transporting and retention of this tool.

12. Ust Brands Tekfire Fuel Free

UST TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter,orange


Hold on to the flameless, windproof, waterproof, electronic TekFire by its paracord wrist lanyard, which can be unwound for three feet of cordage for a multitude of survival uses from first aid to fishing line. It’s powered by a 200 mAh lithium ion battery that’s recharged via an included USB cable. Absolutely no fuel is needed for operation. Ignition is through a high voltage flameless electric arc, making it ideal for windy and altitude-sensitive environments. Features an inset push button starter on the body of the lighter with a 10 second timeout and flipping lid with locking system.

13. Windmill Awl All Weather

Windmill AWL All Weather Lter White Velours 307-0001


The aluminum constructed AWL All Weather lighter is rugged, dependable, and waterproof. The look is sleek and high-caliber military. It’s windmill blue-flame torch design is windproof. Features include a flippable lid top with an optional safety latch, adjustable flame, refillable butane tank, and ignition by depressing a click button.

14. Windmill Classic Stormproof All Weather

This Windmill Classic Stormproof All Weather lighter is camouflaged in a green smoky pattern, giving it a highly masculine look and feel. The body and flip top lid measure 2.5 x 1.6 x 0.9 inches and only weighs 1.6 ounces, making for a very compact design to be transported in gear or a pocket. The blue flame torch fire is windproof and activated by depressing a button. It’s refillable with standard butane.

15. Xikar 9660bk Stratosphere II

Xikar 9660BK Stratosphere II Lighter in Black Stratosphere Ii Lighter in Black


The XIKAR Stratosphere II is a high performance lighter with a discrete and easy-grip body design. It’s rubber body construction makes it very durable and helps protects against drop damage. Also features a spring-assisted flip lid with button catch, a refillable butane fuel chamber, and an attached lanyard hole. Depress the ignition button for a single blue torch jet flame that’s wind proof. Does not come pre-filled.

16. Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

Zippo Emergency Fire Starter, Orange Plastic


The award-winning Zippo emergency fire starter kit offers a starter with a reliable Zippo flint wheel ignition. Flint may be changed out to prolong the life of the kit. Four water-resistant waxed tinder sticks with a perforated spine are included. The rubber storage case is visually similar to a Zippo and features a snap-tight, water-resistant O-ring seal. The compact and buoyant design makes it a camping and survival favorite.

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