Victorinox Spartan Ps Review Swiss Pocket Knife

Victorinox Spartan PS Review – Monochrome Swiss Army Pocket Knife

The ultimate every day carry Swiss army knife has arrived. A sleek design paired with the essentials make for the perfect pocket companion.

While touring the Victorinox booth at Shot Show there was one pocket knife I just couldn’t pass by.

I drew me right on in. It was different; something I had never seen before.

It was called the Spartan PS, and it is by far one on of my favorite Victorinox Swiss army knives to date!

This monochrome pocket knife features the same all stainless steel elements you’d expect, only it has black tools that have gone through a process known as Polispectral.

The special coating gives each tool a unique, mirror-smooth surface finish that changes in appearance depending on how the light hits. One moment you see a deep black, the next a dark grey, followed by anthracite. It reminds me of the allure of black chrome, only the look is even more sophisticated and classy.

Pair it all together with a contrasting white cover, and you’d got one bold Swiss army knife.


Victorinox Spartan PS Review

Victorinox Spartan Ps Swiss Army Pocket Knife Review

Pocket Knife Review Of Victorinox Spartan Ps

At 2 ounces with a height of 0.6” and a length of 3.6”, this Swiss army knife is roughly the same size as an Audi electronic key fob. Needlessly to say, the size is certainly compact however, it isn’t ultra-tiny by any means. In my mind, it is just right. It’s exactly what I’d want to carry around and a piece that will remain in my pocket day to day.

For functions, you’ll find a generous 13 in total.

A toothpick, tweezers, large and small blade, can opener, screwdriver 6 mm and 3 mm, bottle opener, wire stripper, reamer, punch and sewing awl, corkscrew and key ring. There’s also a nice black lanyard with a Victorinox logo cap the end.


Victorinox Spartan Ps Review Box

Victorinox Spartan Ps Review In Box

Side Closed White Victorinox Spartan Ps Review

Closed Victorinox Spartan Ps Review

Monochrome Pocket Knife With Black Tools Victorinox Spartan Ps Review

Victorinox Spartan Ps Review Swiss Tools

Side By Side Spartan With Huntsman Review


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