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Top 50 Best Wooden Walkway Ideas – Wood Path Designs

Most of us remember the sensation of stepping onto the boardwalk each season, the combination of rustic refinery and anticipation for the pleasures to come.

Similarly, one might recall those autumnal strolls in the forest, and the wooden walkways that carried us over brook & stream.

Why not impart some of those priceless sensations where your own personal abode is concerned?

The wooden walkway is a shabby-chic alternative to the stone-and-mortar or brick-laid path. The planked walkway offers a charm that only wood can bestow, from weathered sand & sea styles to polished modern renditions. Guests will no doubt be won over from the first step, and delight in returning to your home time and again.

Whether you’re looking to achieve the nouveau feel of a Pacific Northwest retreat or laid back Malibu manse, your wooden walkway is your chance to show off your simplest sensibilities while making an unexpectedly dramatic impression. Because the wooden walkway is designed to enhance and compliment the natural landscape, you’ll never have to worry about putting a wrong foot forward and disrupting your home’s all-embracing layout.

There are many routes in life, the roads and paths we take to various locations; some we pass over only once, while others we tread for decades.

These top 50 best wooden walkway ideas will no doubt see you through the years like an old but ageless friend, welcoming every footstep and many more to come.


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