Top 60 Best Cross Tattoos For Men

Top 60 Best Cross Tattoos For Men – A Symbol Of Faith And Heritage

Pass by almost any church and you’re bound to see one thing: A cross either inside or outside.

It’s a timeless symbol that dates all the way back to the 5th century with a lot of meaning behind it.

When you think of Christianity, you’re reminded of crucifixion, or more commonly the man known as Jesus. The execution style involved being nailed to a wooden cross as punishment. But what’s interesting is that both the vertical and horizontal beams were believed to represent ideas.

The horizontal was seen as female, with thoughts of destruction, death and earth. While the vertical was seen as male, with the idea of being eternal, active, and full of life.

Yet when it comes to the Celtic cross, aka the oldest cross in existence, things are quite different. It’s more than a symbol of Celtic faith and heritage. When you see these types of tattoos they often combine loops, knots and mazes into the design. Knots represent the link between spiritual and physical. Loops are the ending of the circle, and the cross itself shows us the diverse paths we all take in life.

Though, not all men’s cross tattoos are religious in purpose. Take for instance the tribal cross which can be a tribute to a tribe or ancestor. Or even the growing gothic trend with all sorts of things like barbed wire or snakes to associate pain and anger to ink.

No matter what your reason, these top 60 best cross tattoos for men are sure to evoke a profound connection to what you stand for. I’ve put together a collection that features this design on the arms, back, legs, and many other places. Your ink options are endless gentlemen.


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Best Cross Tattoos For Men

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