Traditional Dagger Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Traditional Dagger Tattoo Designs For Men – Sharp Ink Ideas

Any gentleman who is interested in traditional tattoos has seen a dagger at some point, and these weapons are one of the oldest tattoo designs. This type of artwork generally depicts a dagger that has a gleaming silver blade and a beautifully ornate handle.

Dagger tattoos are often split in the middle to depict stabbing, and a dagger typically appears to be stabbed through the head of a creature, a flower, a heart, or even the subject’s skin.

The many combinations make a dagger tattoo extremely versatile.

Of course daggers are often used to symbolize fighting, danger, and ferocity because the real thing is used in close hand to hand combat. However, when the dagger is combined with other symbols, its meaning can often vary. A dagger stabbed through an animal head is generally a symbol of overcoming a challenge.

When paired with a heart or a flower, daggers often symbolize a lost love or a romantic betrayal. It is also traditionally paired with a swallow tattoo to show good luck, and in China daggers are paired with a cherry to show immortality. A plain dagger that is done without any other accompanying symbols can show sacrifice, bravery, and loyalty.


All Seeing Eye Traditional Dagger Mens Leg Tattoos

Amazing Traditional Dagger Mens Tattoo Design Idea On Inner Forearm

Animal Skull With Dagger Mens Traditional Leg Tattoos

Awesome Dagger Going Through Heart Male Traditional Arm Tattoo Ideas

Banner Rose Traditional Dagger Male Forearm Tattoos

Black And Red Traditional Dagger Shaded Mens Snake Arm Tattoo Ideas

Black Ink Shaded Floral Traditional Dagger Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo Inspiration

Black Ink Shaded Traditional Male Dagger Outer Forearm Tattoo Inspiration

Black Ink Wolf Head With Dagger Male Traditional Arm Tattoo Ideas

Blue Rose Flower With Dagger Guys Traditional Inner Forearm Tattoos

Chest Traditional Dagger Through Skin Mens Old School Black Ink Tattoo Designs

Coffin Traditional Dagger Heart Mens Outer Forearm Tattoos

Cool Traditional Dagger Coiled Snake Male Leg Tattoo Designs

Creative Traditional Dagger Snake Drops Mens Leg Tattoo

Dagger Wolf Head Traditional Outer Forearm Tattoo Designs For Guys

Decorative Traditional Dagger Mens Rose Arm Tattoos

Gentleman With Traditional Dagger Blue Ink Rose Inner Forearm Tattoo

Guys Side Hand Black Ink Outline Small Traditional Dagger Tattoos

Guy With Retro Traditional Dagger Skull Arm Tattoo Design

Inner Arm Male Black Ink Traditional Dagger Tattoo Ideas

Lower Leg Traditional Dagger Male Shaded Black And Grey Ink Tattoos

Manly Guys Traditional Dagger Through Jaguar Head Mens Foot Tattoo

Manly Guys Traditional Rose And Dagger Arm Tattoo Ideas

Man With Cool Dagger Red Rose Traditional Dagger Outer Forearm Tattoo

Man With Tattoo Of Dagger On Leg Traditional Design Style

Masculine Mens Traditional Dagger Skull Guys Leg Tattoo Ideas

Mens Chest Traditional Rose Old School Dagger Tattoos

Mens Dagger With Wings Traditional Leg Tattoo

Mens Hip Traditional Dagger Tattoo Designs

Mens Inner Forearm Skull Dagger With Chain Mens Traditional Tattoos

Mens Rib Cage Side Dagger Skull Traditional Tattoos

Old School Dagger Skull And Snake Mens Traditional Forearm Tattoos

Old School Traditional Dagger Male Retro Snake Tattoos On Forearm

Outer Forearm Black Shaded Banner With Dagger Mens Traditional Tattoo Designs

Outer Forearm Male Traditional Dagger Tattoos

Outer Forearm Traditional Colorful Mens Dagger Tattoo Ideas

Red Black And Gold Traditional Dagger Rose Mens Forearm Tattoos

Rose Flower With Traditional Male Retro Tattoo Of Dagger

See You On The Other Side Memorial Traditional Dagger Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Shaded Dark Grey And Black Ink Male Forearm Traditional Dagger And Rose Tattoo Designs

Shin Black And Red Ink Traditional Dagger Mens Tattoos

Shin Traditional Dagger Tattoos For Males

Shin Traditional Dagger Through Rose Mens Tattoo Ideas

Side Hand Traditional Dagger Male Tattoos

Skull Rose With Dagger Guys Traditional Tattoo Design Inspiration On Forearms

Snake Head Traditional Dagger Male Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Snake With Dagger Gentlemens Traditional Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Snake With Traditional Dagger Mens Arm Tattoos

Snake Wrapped Around Dagger Mens Traditional Leg Tattoos

Traditional Dagger Anatomical Heart Mens Forearm Tattoos

Traditional Dagger Guys Neck Tattoo Design Ideas

Traditional Dagger Handshake Mens Forearm Tattoo

Traditional Dagger Panther Mens Thigh Tattoos

Traditional Dagger Spider Guys Leg Tattoos

Traditional Dagger Through Heart Guys Lower Leg Tattoos

Traditional Dagger Through Skull Mens Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

Traditional Mens Dagger Ornate Tattoo Designs On Back Of Leg

Tricep Traditional Dagger Tattoos For Guys

Two Daggers Guys Traditional Themed Upper Chest Tattoos

Unique Dragon Traditional Dagger Mens Foot Tattoos

Wolf Dagger Mens Traditional Colorful Forearm Tattoos

Wolf Head Traditional Daggers Mens Full Back Tattoo Designs

Wolf With Traditional Dagger And Spider Web Mens Back Tattoos

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