Noco Genius Boost Pro G150 4000 Amp 12v Ultrasafe Lithium Jump Starter Review

Noco Genius Boost Pro GB150 4000 Amp 12V Ultrasafe Lithium Jump Starter Review

At just seven and a half pounds, the NOCO GB150 manages to deliver a remarkable 4000-amps to jump start both gas and diesel engines up to 10 liters.

Gone are the days of needing jump starter cables and relying on a friend (who picks up the phone) or random stranger (should you be lucky enough to find one) to jump start your dead battery.

Of course, the days of lugging around those incredibly massive (18lb plus), lead-acid boosters are gone too.

With NOCO’s latest Genius Boost Pro GB150 portable lithium jump starter, getting back on the road is near effortless. Best of all, the GB150 isn’t just solely a jump starter. Instead, NOCO has incorporated some great additional features like a LED flashlight to a USB port for recharging all kinds of devices from your phone to tire inflator and beyond.

Below, you’ll find my review of the NOCO GB150 jump starter alongside a field test and its unique specs.


Quick Highlights:

Review Noco Gb150 Jump Starter

– UltraSafe protection against reverse polarity, sparks, over-charging, over-current, open-circuits and over-heating.
– 80X jump starts per single charge.
– 10.0L+ gas and diesel engine compatible
– 12V and 2.1A USB recharging port
– 500 Lumen ultra-right LED flashlight with 7 Modes (SOS/Emergency Strobe included)
– 4X Faster Recharge allows jump starting in just 15 minutes.
– GB150 fully charges in just over 3 hours.
– Built-in voltmeter display for vehicle battery voltage diagnostics
– Manual override
– Charge virtually any USB device from smartphones to tablets
– 88 Watt-Hour Lithium Ion internal battery
– 4000A Peak Current Rating
– 22500+ Joules3S
– -30°C to +50°C Operating Temperature
– 0°C to +40°C Charging Temperature
– -20°C to +50°C storage Temperature
– 12V, 5A IN / 12V, 15A OUT 12V (Input/output)
– 5V, 2.1A Micro USB Input
– 5V, 2.1A USB (Output)
– IP65 (w/ Ports closed) Housing protection
– Natural convection cooling
– 12.3 x 7 x 2.7 in Dimensions (LxWxH)
– 7.5 Pounds Weight
– XGC 12V Male Adapter and XGC 12V Female Adapter
– 2 Foot XGC Extension Cable
– Included NoCo Microfiber Storage Bag


Noco Genius Boost Pro GB150 Jump Starter Review

Noco Genius Boost Pro Gb150 Outer Box

Noco Gb150 Red Box Sleeve

Inner Box Noco Genius Boost Pro Gb150

Spark Proof Connections Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter Box

3x More Power 4 Times Longer Charge

4x Faster Recharge Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter 15 Min

10x Led 500 Lumen Ultra Bright Flashlight

12 9 Voltmeter

12 Volt Power Port Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter

Noco Since 1914 Charger Port

Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter For Up To 10 Liter Gas And Diesel Engines

Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter Manual Light Readouts

Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter Manual Parts Explained

Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter Side Of Pack Explained

Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Vs Traditional Jump Starter For Car

Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter Charging Times Chart

Included Accessories Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starters

Noco Gb150 Boost Pro 4000a Ultrasafe Lithium Jump Starter

80 Jump Starts On Single Charge Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter

500 Lumen Led Flashlight Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter

4000 Amp Ultrasafe Lithium Jump Starter Noco Gb150

Input And Output Power Ports Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter Side

Jump Starter Charging Cable Via Usb Connection Noco Gb150 Boost Pro

Led Flashlight On Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter

Noco Gb150 Boost Pro Jump Starter Cable Storage Clamp

Noco Gb150 Jump Starter Cable Clamps

Portable Jump Starter Front Noco Gb150

While the NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 portable lithium-ion battery jump starter offers all the power most will ever need, the way it operates has impressed me the most.

Unlike other options, the GB150 features an UltraSafe protection system which makes things like reverse polarity, over-charging, over-current, open-circuits, over-heating, and sparks virtually a thing of the past. Sure, battery explosions and the risk from acid burn injuries are somewhat remote even with traditional methods, the possibility is still there. After seeing the worst happen while in the automotive industry, the reality is, I can appreciate the added peace of mind NOCO offers.

Beyond safety, NOCO has nailed it when it comes to functionality. For starters, the GB150 can perform 80 jump starts per single charge. Best of all, should you ever wear down the unit, you can take advantage of the 4x faster recharge to jump start in just 15 minutes. If that wasn’t impressive enough, I should mention that the entire unit recharges in just a little over 3 hours.

To put the GB150 to the test I hooked it up to the Mercedes G63 AMG, or as many know it by the G-Wagen. The built-in voltmeter offered an instant read of the battery voltage which in the future, is heaven-sent for diagnosing and troubleshooting a troublesome battery.

Of course, the unit charge level readout makes it easy to know when the GB150 itself is charged up enough to perform a jump start. Sure, it’s a simple thing but let’s face it, accidental slip-ups can happen when we overlook things from time to time.

With a dead battery, the 5.5 L V8 bi-turbo engine in the G-Wagen managed to fire right up after attaching the GB150 and giving the key a turn. For as monstrous as the 536 horsepower engine sounds and looks, I was pretty amazed that this little jump starter could bring it back to life so quickly.

With a handful of other features to try out beyond the GB150’s primary purpose of jump starting a vehicle, I began to see what this thing was truly capable of. To charge it inside of the G-Wagen, I hooked it up to the 12V car charger in the rear of the trunk. The GB150 started charging immediately with the indicator light blinking to confirm power was being sent on through.


Testing The Noco Gb150 On Mercedes G63 Amg Truck

In Protective Bag Noco Gb150 Reviews

Trunk Noco Gb150 Compact Portable Jump Starter For Emergencies

Recharging The Noco Gb150 With Car 12 Volt

12v 2 1 Amps Noco Gb150 Review Charging Iphone With Power Pack

Mercedes G63 Amg Battery Connections Engine Bay

Jump Starting Mercedes Benz G63 Suv

Review Noco Gb150 Boost Pro 4000 Amp Ultrasafe Lithium Jump Starter

Lithium Jump Starter Review Noco Gb150 Genius Boost Pro

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500 Lumen Noco Genius Boost Pro Gb150 Led Light Field Test

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Mercedes Benz G63 Dashboard With Engine Running

Noco Gb150 Jump Starter Review

To see how the stored power pack operated, I hooked up a phone and tablet and watched as they both charged right up. Best of all, hooking them up didn’t require any adapters. My standard USB phone and tablet cord plugged into to the built-in UB-input slots on the GB150.

Beyond charging up the basics, the 12V output power port can be used to run things like power inverters, tire inflators and much more. I love the fact that I can hook up one of those mini air pumps to the GB150 and fill up a tire anywhere without having to stop at a gas station.

During my testing, it started to get dark outside, so I turned on the integrated 500 lumen LED flashlight to light up the engine bay. Thanks to the broad profile of the LED light, it does a beautiful job at throwing light over a wider area. Of course, the added SOS and various power modes were a nice touch should I ever need to lower the brightness or signal in an emergency scenario.

Overall, the functionality is definitely there and exceptionally well done! Concerning construction quality, I’m impressed by the exterior of the unit. The hard plastic cover seems plenty rugged, while the cable clamps themselves are beautifully well built. The front panel display with buttons for starting/stopping the GB150, the voltmeter, manual override, warning light, charge percentage, and so on are as simple as it gets. Everything you need is located in one place, making operation a breeze. There are even side tabs on the unit for storing the cable clamps; making everything as compact as possible.

For someone who loves to travel off-road and enjoys having added peace of mind, the GB150 is a wonderful addition to my trunk. Of course, for friends, family, and strangers stranded on the road due to a dead battery, being a hero and helping out during an emergency is a breeze thanks to having the GB150 on hand.


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