Shelby American Collection Review Tour Inside

Shelby American Collection In Boulder, Colorado – Museum Tour Inside

Beyond the popular and packed streets of Pearl Street Mall and well-traveled, tourist attracting Flatirons, you’ll find a gem hidden in the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado.

With countless vintage cars and parts on display, the Shelby American Collection Museum is a Shelby lover’s dream come true.

Of course, the dream can only become a reality should you find the museum in the first place. Located at 5020 Chaparral Ct, Boulder, CO 80301 the building is located just a short fifteen or so minutes from downtown Boulder.

It’s surrounded by industrial and educational buildings, along some residential units, making it harder to spot for the first timer. Luckily, the giant blue sign on the exterior is easy enough to spot.

Before taking a tour of the inside, you should know that the Shelby American Collection is only open on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm; (it’s closed every other day). Once inside, admission to be awed is incredibly reasonable at just $5. That’s cheaper than the gun show, which are up to $10 in most areas.

Rather than tell you about what you’ll find inside, I’d like to show you instead. While the building looks small from the outside, it is truly packed with racecars, memorabilia, artwork and much more. You’ll find the Cobra, Shelby Mustang, Ford GT 40 and many other models all on display.

If you had to design a heaven for the Shelby enthusiast, this is what it would look like! Go ahead and explore the photos below. You’ll find everything from vintage classics to modern rides, exposed engines, racing wheels, wall-hung car frames, and so much more.


Shelby American Collection Start Sign

1957 Ac Bristol Bex 254

1962 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnake With 289 380 Hp

1963 Cobra Le Mans Csx2137

1963 Falcon Sedan Delivery

1964 289 Slalom Snake Cobra Roadster Csx2537

1964 289 Slalom Snake Cobra Roadster Csx2537 Rear

1964 Rootes Works Rally Sunbeam Tiger

1964 Rootes Works Rally Sunbeam Tiger Rear

1964 Usrrc Cobra Roadster Csx2385

1964 Usrrc Cobra Roadster Csx2385 Rear

1964 Willment Daytona Coupe Csx2131

1964 Willment Daytona Coupe Csx2131 Rear

Beautiful Interior Of Black Shelby Cobra Vintage Car

Black Shelby Cobra

Black Shelby Cobra Interior

Black Shelby Cobra With Chrome Metal Bumper

Classic Cobra Engine

Cool Vintage Car Collection Shelby Museum

Deep Hood Vents

Famous Shelby Midcentury Racecars

Ford Gt 40 Car Collection

Ford Gt 40 Gulf

Ford Gt40 Mk Ii Gt 40 P 1102 Coupe

Ford Gt Carbon Fiber Wheels

Ford Gt Exhuast Spoiler

Ford Gt Mk Ii 427 Gt40 P 1015 Racing Coupe

Ford Gt Mk Iv J4 Winner

Ford Gt Mk Iv J4 Winner 1967 12 Hours Of Sebring Ford Team Car

Ford Gt Supercar Blue Paint With White Double Stripe Front

Galvestone Grand Prix 1st Prsidents Club Trophy 1966

Green Shelby Cobra With Black Interior

Green Shelby Mustang

Gt 350 Automotive Parts

Gt 350 Parts

Inside Of Shelby American Collection Museum

John Willment Racing Team

Rear Shelby Cobra Trunk

Red Shelby Mustang

Reviews Shelby American Collection

Shelby American Cars

Shelby American Collection

Shelby American Collection Boulder Colorado

Shelby American Collection Inside Tour Walls

Shelby American Collection Museum

Shelby American Collection Museum Gunbarrel Colorado

Shelby American Collection Review

Shelby Cobra Interiors

Shelby Cobra Wheels

Shelby Collection Memorabilia

Shelby Factory Team Cobra

Shelby Factory Team Cobra Csx 2431 Usrrc Fia Roadster Kan Miles Car

Shelby Factory Team Cobra Csx Engine

Shelby Factory Team Cobra Csx Interior

Shelby Gt350r Mustang

Shelby Interior

Shelby Model Car Collection

Stunning Vintage Ford With Dual Vents On Hood

Supercar Ford Gt Rear

Toy Car Mini Shelby Cobra

Vintage Automotive Collection

Vintage Cobra Hardtop

Vintage Ford Engine

Vintage Racecar

Vintage Racing Motor

Vintage Racing Trophy Scca Road Racing Championship Shelby American Inc 1964over 2 Liter Champion

Vintage Shelby Automobiles

Vintage Shelby Metal Car Body

Vintage Shelby Racing Trophy

Vintage White Cobra Racecar

Walkway Inside Of Shelby American Collection

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