Backyard Waterfalls Water Feature Design Ideas

Top 70 Best Backyard Waterfalls – Water Feature Design Ideas

You don’t have to splash out on a trip to Bali to bask in the splendor of a tropical waterfall.

Today’s ingenious backyard waterfall designs blend convenience and eye-appeal, all in a scaled-down model fit for any outdoor space and personal approach.

While natural waterfalls have long been celebrated for their breathtaking beauty, smaller vistas make for more intimate and soothing renditions.

Backyard waterfalls are simple and straightforward to install, should you opt for the DIY route, and with a little diligent care and tending to will lend years of unparalleled grace and style to your outdoor space. With endless sources of water feature inspiration, including (but certainly not limited to) traditional English as well as elegant Asian gardens, island-influenced exotica, and even industrial motifs, your backyard waterfall is a chance to curate a unique and memorable extension of your home.

Backyard gatherings and romantic evenings under the stars will take on a whole new significance with this arresting change of landscape. We each deserve a bit of beauty and calm in our corner of the world, and a backyard waterfall is a reminder that one needn’t travel to the ends of the earth for a lasting getaway.


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