Top Best Bathroom Floor Design Ideas

Top 60 Best Bathroom Floor Design Ideas – Luxury Tile Flooring Inspiration

Though today’s interior design magazines may give an alternative impression, bathroom flooring-as-art dates back to the time of the ancient Romans, if not further.

Beginning with the gorgeously ornate mosaic tiles of villas and spas, and arguably reaching its peak during the Art Deco period, bathroom floor décor has only just begun to make headlines in crucial interior design guides.

A superbly crafted bathroom floor is what separates a home from a crash pad; it is the mark of the gentleman who understands the necessity of details, however inconsequential, and tends to them with an unforced but undeniably refined eye. Modern bathroom flooring first pays homage to bygone artisans–then takes it one step further into the next era.

From Morocco to the Pacific Northwest, updated bathroom floor design inspirations are truly globe-spanning masterpieces of quality and eye-appeal. While tile “carpet” designs add a bit of the boutique hotel vibe, raw stone and abstract layouts compliment the contemporary abode. Funky beach tiles give the space-constricted apartment a Malibu bungalow feel, while black and white subway tiling keeps you in true metropolitan mode.

The bathroom is more than just a utilitarian necessity, it can also be a luxurious retreat and chance to pamper yourself before braving the world outside. From ceiling to floor, there is no detail too casual to consider, and what better place to start than the floor you tread upon morning, noon, and night?


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