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The fireplace is truly the hallmark of a home that honors traditional values.

Since the dawn of early man, a crackling fire has been a place of gathering, feasting, and connecting with friends and loved ones.

The fireplace is a safe retreat and sanctuary, a place of warmth and comfort from the wild world outside. We may no longer reside under such primitive circumstances, but that hardly detracts from the timeless beauty and unabashed decadence of the home fireplace.

There are a number of universal fireplace designs, but few stand out like the tiled model. Fireplace tiles lend a rustic elegance to the hearth, and are the perfect reflection of one’s aesthetic panache. From bright Andalusian hues to chic black and white motifs, and even pastoral scenes painted onto each individual tile, there is no shortage of options for those looking to spruce up their fireplace scheme. Whether it’s a simple border or full-scale layout, marble, subway or mosaic tile, a tile-laden fireplace is sure to catch the eye of all who enter, and welcome you home with especial aplomb.

Your home is a sacred space, perhaps the only space you can truly call your own. No detail is too small or insignificant when it comes to crafting the haven of your dreams, and these magnificently appointed fireplace tile ideas are not only a sound investment, but exquisite canvas upon which to leave your heritage mark.

If you’re not a DIY expert or don’t have time to do your fireplace tiling project yourself, I’d recommend finding a professional on Thumbtack. They have loads of home remodelling contractors across the US, and you can compare their prices and reviews before contacting them. Check it out!

Fireplace Tiles Ideas

Black Marble Awesome Fireplace Tile Ideas

Black Subway Tile Fireplace Ideas

Cabin Grey Stone Fireplace Tile Ideas

Contemporary Black Marble Large Format Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

Cool Fireplace Tile Design Ideas With Dark Grey Bookcases

This marble fireplace tile surround makes a large impact in a small space. Lightly colored tiles with horizontal striations are laid floor-to-ceiling while a mantle and hearth are omitted for a smooth, minimalist style. The resulting surround provides a uniform, singular look. 

Marble tile can be very expensive, particularly in this size and with a pattern that matches so well. Take care to choose tiles that complement each other. Lay your pattern out on a flat surface before you start so you’ll be sure that the tiles look consistent and you’ll know the order the tiles should be installed in. 

Corner Fireplace Tile Designs

Dark Grey Fireplace Tile Ideas

Dark Grey Large Format Fireplace Tile

Large slate tiles and a floating hearth give this gas fireplace a clean, consistent, and modern look. The glass door in front of the firebox contrasts nicely with the matte, subdued finish of the slate fireplace tiles. The built-in niche in the center of the surround offers an ideal setting for hanging a television, making this design perfect for a sophisticated entertaining area for friends and family. 

When working with tiles this large an angle grinder with a diamond blade is necessary. This can make straight and accurate cuts difficult, so take your time.

Excellent Interior Ideas Fireplace Tile

Fireplace Large Format Marble Tile Design Idea Inspiration

Large, marble tiles affixed from the floor to the ceiling give this fireplace a refined, modern look. While the fireplace is askew of the room’s center, it serves a purpose. The window’s proximity to the fireplace allows lots of light to be reflected off of the fireplace tile and into the room, making it feel bright and airy. 

If you’re installing a new direct-vent fireplace, you may have a choice of where you’d like to install it. You can replicate this design by placing it off-center in your room, building the surround, and using bright, reflective tiles to lighten up the space.

Fireplace Surround Tile Designs

Fireplace Surround Tile Ideas Full Wall

This fireplace surround is a natural-look stone in a stacked pattern. The rough, uneven edges of the stacked stone give this fireplace surround a rugged and earthy feel. This surround’s style doesn’t require a mantle or hearth to create depth and texture. 

These tiles often come in a preset interlocking pattern, so all you need to do is start with a level course and continue to fit pieces, working your way up the surround. This is a quick and easy way to get a very complicated looking design that stands out in a room.

Fireplace Tile Interior Design

Fireplace Tile Interior Ideas

Fireplace Tiles

Fireplace Tiles Interior Ideas

This gas fireplace surround consists of marble subway tiles and a simple yet elegant fireplace mantle. The legs are built up from the hearth to the casing with cascading blocks. 

This tile can most likely be purchased as a mesh-backed sheet, so installation should be simple and straightforward. Mind the grout lines by using spacers that match the preset grout lines in the sheets. The millwork can be completed with any material that paints well, but for durability purposes, we suggest cabinet grade plywood or solid hardwoods like birch or poplar.

Fireplace Wood Tile Design Inspiration

Porcelain tiles with a woodgrain look have become a popular trend in the last several years, and this fireplace makeover does a nice job of incorporating them into the project. These woodgrain fireplace tiles create a warm and natural look that reminds us more of a barn door than a cold, porcelain tile. 

While not difficult to lay, a successful installation requires a flat surface so the tiles can sit evenly while being fully adhered to the wall. If you’re planning a fireplace makeover like this, take the time to ensure that your sub-layer is in good shape to avoid headaches.

Full Wall Fireplace Tile Surround Ideas

Good Ideas For Fireplace Tiles

This formal and ornate fireplace is something you’d expect to see in a classy dining room. The arabesque porcelain fireplace tile surrounds the firebox which sits on a marble slab hearth. An American Colonial style mantle has been constructed with an intricate rail-and-style framework. 

It’s important to take your time at each stage of this installation. Take care to make sure everything is straight and even, not necessarily level and plumb. Features that are heavy with square and straight lines will tell on you right away if you’ve misaligned a panel or became lazy with your tiling.

Grey Ceramic Fireplace Tile Ideas

Grey Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas Inspiration

There are several elements to this fireplace that give it such appeal. The tongue-and-groove horizontal paneling provides a nice, clean, uniform backdrop for the Craftsman-style mantle. 

The paneling adds a bit of texture while not detracting too much from the fireplace. The gray arabesque fireplace tiles add a bit of contrast to the stark white wall around it. 

While the Craftsman design’s beauty lies in its simplicity, it takes some effort to get right. The legs of the fireplace taper from wide to narrow as you proceed toward the head casing. This affects not only the millwork but also the tiles. 

The easiest way to achieve a consistent fitment is to tile the surround first, then install the legs over the tiles so you don’t have to fuss with tiny, detailed cuts.

Grey Subway Tiled Fireplace Wall Ideas

A mantle doesn’t need to be either ornately decorated or just a plain and simple design. It can land somewhere in the middle of the spectrum like this example. While the firebox is surrounded by a classic glazed porcelain tile, the mantle is traditional, consisting of raised panels on simple legs. 

It’s pretty simple to replicate this fireplace. The tiles are the most basic of design and are installed in a running bond pattern which is easy to get right. Also, the mantle is simple enough to be constructed in a shop and fitted in place. The raised panels can be cut and affixed to the legs and casing, so there’s no need to overcomplicate things with routers and bits.

Grey Tiled Fireplaces Interior Ideas

Grey Wavy Pattern Tile Around Fireplace Ideas

Herringbone Fireplace Tile Ideas

Home Ideas Fireplace Pattern Tiles

Ideas For Wood Burning Fireplace Tiles

The combination of a stack-stone fireplace surround and an undersized marble slab hearth gives an interesting contrast with a country-living style. The floor-to-ceiling rough-cut stack stone is capped off with wide ornamental crown moulding, effectively incorporating it into the room. 

You can achieve this look by purchasing stock cabinets for either side of your surround and constructing shelves over them. A stacked-stone kit will help with installing the tile consistently, and you don’t have to worry about grouting or installing a mantle.

Impressive Fireplace Tile Ideas

Interior Designs Fireplace Tiles

Luxury Fireplace Tile Ideas

Luxury Gas Fireplace Tile

Polished marble tiles, normally meant for the floor, are used here to create a gas fireplace surround that really shines. These fireplace tiles are closely book-matched and laid horizontally to create a cohesive pattern from left to right. 

Baseboard moulding wraps around the entire feature to unify the design with the rest of the room. The highly-polished surface of the tiles shines and reflects light and breaks up the flat-finish wall nicely.

To recreate this look, install these wall tiles first, and be sure to keep the tiles level and consistent. Baseboards can hide some inconsistencies with the floor if it isn’t perfectly level.

Magnificent Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

Marble Black And White Exceptional Fireplace Tile Ideas

Marble Small Fireplace Tile Ideas

Marble White And Grey Fireplace Tile Ideas

Metallic Home Interior Designs Fireplace Tile

Modern Grey Cool Fireplace Tile

Modern Grey Fireplace Tile Ideas

Mosaic White Designs Fireplace Tile

This contemporary fireplace is a good example of form and function. The porcelain mosaic fireplace tile surround provides protection from the dangers of fire, while also being understated and subdued. The tongue and groove paneling does a nice job of breaking up the wall that might otherwise appear long and overpowering. 

This makeover is fairly straightforward. You can easily find mosaic sheets with similar patterns that will go up fairly quickly. Make a run to your local lumberyard for the best quality tongue-and-groove paneling and the chance to handpick the perfect mantlepiece.

Pattern Ornate Fireplace Tile Ideas

Remarkable Ideas For Fireplace Tile

Slate Design Ideas For Fireplace Tile

The light-and-dark contrast of this fireplace surround is the main feature in this room. The fireplace tiles are large, uniformly colored slate, and they really stand out against the white wall. The heavy stone hearth separates wood storage from the fireplace and adds a nice design element.

Slate tiles are often heavy, so you may want to employ some help while measuring and installing these tiles. Also, take extra care to make sure you’ve measured accurately once you’ve reached the top courses. It’s often easier to scribe than measure, but with tiles this big, you may not have a choice.

Slate Fireplace Tile Ideas

Sleek Fireplace Tile Herringbone Ideas

Small Herringbone Marble Unique Fireplace Tiles

Small Hexagon Home Design Ideas Fireplace Tile

Stone Rock Interior Ideas For Fireplace Tiles

Stunning Interior Fireplace Ceramic Tile Designs

Tile Ideas For Fireplace

Traditional Home Fireplace Tile Ideas

Traditional Home Grey And White Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

Ultra Modern Marble Gas Fireplace Tile Interior Ideas

Unique Fireplace Tile Designs

White And Black Pattern Fireplace Tile Ideas

White Marble Wide Format Fireplace Tile Ideas

White Mosaic Decorative Fireplace Tile Idea

White Subway Fireplace Tile Ideas

White Tiled Fireplaces Designs

Fireplace Tiles FAQs

What kind of tile can be used around a fireplace?

On the hearth of a fireplace, you should use strong floor tires. This area sees a lot of abuse from fireplace tools and logs, so it has to be both heat-resistant and durable. 

For the wall around the firebox, you can use any type of tile; brick, glass, porcelain, marble, slate, natural stone, or ceramic. They can be large floor tiles, mosaic tiles, or individual wall tiles. 

The tiles on the wall won’t be seeing any foot traffic or repetitive abuse so they need only be heat-resistant.

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