Grey Bathroom Ideas

Top 60 Best Grey Bathroom Ideas – Interior Design Inspiration

No Fifty Shades references here; grey is a color for the adult who’s done playing games.

With its subtle sophistication that hints of a life of understated luxury and upscale seclusion, it’s no small wonder that gray is the color of choice in the true gentleman’s bathroom.

Whether you long for the stately calm of a seaside New England manse or a touch of the Earl Grey class, these top 60 best grey bathroom ideas are the perfect retreat for the man of elite taste.

Soft slate and oyster stone tiling and deep granite sinks and bathtubs are just a few of the options awaiting the exquisite grey bathroom scheme; for a color so frequently dismissed as drab, grey proves its superiority in the sheer plethora of possibilities. And with the added benefit of emitting a calming, neutral vibe, your grey hued bathroom is sure to provide some much-needed calm after a long day’s storm.

The discerning man never underestimates the personal as well as style appeal of the well-appointed grey bathroom. Here is where a gentleman can cleanse, recline, and purify in the manner to which he was borne. Far from the color of somber skies and dreary dwellings, grey is a tone apart and above its more obvious schemes, making it the ideal choice for the man of similar values.

1. Tile for Grey Bathroom Ideas

You can add a touch of grey to your bathroom by using grey tile. This can give your bathroom a soft, modern update while also being easy to maintain. Consider using grey tile on the floor, the walls, in the shower, or even as the counter surface. You could even use two different hues of grey tiles to great a subtle contrast and detail. 

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When choosing your tile, you need to think about proportion. The size and shape of the tile you choose can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. Choose a tile too small, and it will look like an overwhelming and busy pattern. Choose a tile that’s too big, and it can make your bathroom look small and confined. 

Don’t consider tiles that are smaller than four inches square for your shower and bathroom walls. Not only will they look incredibly busy, but they’ll be a huge pain to clean. Instead, look for a larger tile that’s rectangular in length. Then have the tiles run the length of the room. This will give the illusion of the bathroom and shower being bigger than they really are. 

If you love the look of small tiles, such as mosaics, then use them on the floor. If you keep the rest of the bathroom simple, then it can support a boldly patterned floor. Plus, the extra cleaning effort required is outweighed by the increased safety you’ll achieve from the traction of the grout.

2. Grey Bathroom Shower Ideas

When creating your grey shower, you need to focus on choosing the right tile. If you choose a plain colored grey tile, you risk your shower looking dull and dark. A better choice is to choose a natural grey stone or a tile that varies in color and shade. This will add depth and detail to your shower in a subtle way. 

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You’ll then want to showcase this beautiful tile by either skipping the shower curtain or using a glass partition. You could even highlight this area by placing a light in the ceiling that will illuminate your shower and bring out the true depth of your stone or tile. 

To give your shower a luxury feel, use two different grey tiles. The first tile should be a subtle pattern and a larger size. This will cover the majority of the shower. Then choose a smaller and lighter accent tile. Use this tile to accent the shower. You could create a border or use it to line a built-in shelf.

3. Accent and Textured Walls for Grey Bathroom Ideas

With grey being a natural color, you can take advantage of natural materials that stick with your chosen color while also adding warmth and texture to your bathroom. The trick to a well-done accent wall is to choose the right accenting material and the right wall. 

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There needs to be a purpose for choosing your accent wall. In a space as small as a bathroom, choosing the wrong wall can actually break the flow of the eye and make the room feel smaller. You could choose to do the wall behind the sinks and vanity. Or if the toilet or tub are in an alcove, you could do those walls to define the space. 

When creating your accent wall, you could choose a natural stone that’s in a shade of grey. This achieves the color you want and also elevates your bathroom, giving it a more spa-like feel. Another option is to use a different grey tile than what you’ve used in other areas of the bathroom. This helps to not break the flow of the eye while also creating interest and detail.

Don’t be afraid to break the tile rules we spoke about earlier. A well-chosen accent wall with a mosaic tile can look beautiful.  Doing this on your vanity wall can help reduce the overwhelming feeling of the small tile by visually breaking it up with the sink counter and vanity mirror.

4. Modern Grey Bathroom Ideas

Modern bathrooms embrace minimalism. These bathrooms use fewer materials so that there are clean, straight lines and very little to break up your line of sight. You’ll see one material used throughout the entire bathroom. The vanity is typically a floating counter. The shower will have all glass or no enclosure at all. 

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You can modernize your bathroom by using larger tiles. Choose a tile that is a large grey rectangle and then use it throughout the entire bathroom. This means that the same tile will extend the length of the wall and seamlessly continue throughout the shower, bathtub, and toilet area. 

Another option is to use concrete. This building material used to be covered up. But these days, you can embrace the natural grey tone and use it as the finished material for your bathroom floors and wall.

5. Traditional Grey Bathroom Ideas

Using grey in a traditionally styled bathroom can bring a dated bathroom into modern times. This allows you to breathe new life into your bathroom while not departing too far from the traditional styling of your home. This is important when the rest of your home has a traditional architectural and design approach. 

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You can successfully mix this modern color with your traditional bathroom by making your cabinets grey and then accenting them with traditionally styled drawer and cabinet pulls. Shaker and raised panel cabinet styles will provide a traditional look to your vanity. 

You can add an elegant traditional feel to your bathroom by using a grey marble or granite for your countertops.

6. Grey Bathroom Paint Ideas

Keep in mind traditional paint rules when painting your bathroom grey, but don’t get hung up on them. The beauty of the color grey is that you can choose from a wide variety of shades and still achieve a sleek and sophisticated look. 

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Grey Bathroom Ideas

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Lighter shades of grey will help reflect the light and keep your bathroom feeling light and fresh. This is a smart choice in a bathroom that lacks natural light coming in through a window. The light grey paint and white fixtures might be too light and wash your bathroom out. 

When this happens, consider choosing a darker grey. This will balance the white beautifully and create a sophisticated contrast. Don’t go too dark with the grey, though. You want to keep the softness of the grey and not shift into black, where the contrast can look cold and harsh. 

If you love the look of darker grey, but don’t have a lot of natural light, you can balance this by installing lighting fixtures. Try to include ambient lighting that will create a wash of light over the entire space. This will brighten the entire room and keep the dark grey from looking gloomy.

7. Paneling for Grey Bathroom Ideas

If you live in a more traditional home, then grey on its own might look too sleek and modern. You can combat this by pairing the color with traditional building materials. Paneling is a smart choice because it breathes new life into a traditional room decor idea. We’re all used to seeing paneling in white or wood grain, but how often do you see it in grey? 

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If you only apply the paneling to the bottom half of the bathroom walls, you can create the effect that your bathroom is taller than it really is. To achieve this effect, you’ll want to stick with a darker grey for the paneling and either white or a lighter color on the upper half of the walls. 

Another option is to panel the entire wall. Keep in mind that this is an imposing wall treatment, and you need a bathroom that can support this type of finish.

8. Two-Tone Grey Bathroom Ideas

You love the look of grey but you’re afraid it will be too much to use throughout your entire bathroom. This is when the two-tone trend becomes a smart idea. The most popular choice is to pair a darker shade of grey with either a lighter grey shade or white. The two colors are then used evenly throughout the bathroom to create a two-toned look. 

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The simplest way of implementing this idea is to use the darker grey on the bottom half of your bathroom walls and the lighter shade on the top half. This will give your bathroom the impression of being larger and taller than it really is. It will also balance the two colors, so one isn’t overwhelming in the space. 

Another option is to use the two shades when choosing your tile. Then use the two different tiles to define the space and how it’s used. You could use the darker shade as a backsplash behind your sink. Then the lighter tile for the rest of the room and shower. 

You might also use the darker shade to line the floor of your shower and create a splash wall for your tub. Then use the lighter shade on the rest of the walls. This idea looks exceptional when you combine it with the accent wall idea mentioned earlier. Choose a white tile that is large and square or rectangle for the shower and bathroom walls. Then your darker tile can be smaller to create the high traction shower floor and mosaic statement accent wall.

9. Lighting Ideas for Grey Bathrooms

No matter what color you choose for your bathroom, you want it to have plenty of light. There should be ambient lighting that illuminates the entire bathroom. Then there should be task lighting around the vanity for when you’re at the sink or using the mirror. For a luxury feel, add a third type: Accent lighting. This is the perfect set of lights to turn on when you have guests. It will highlight the most interesting or beautiful parts of the bathroom. 

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When creating the lighting in your bathroom, think about how people use the space. You’ll want to create bright, even light around the vanity mirror. Try placing sconces at face level on either side of the mirror. This will eliminate shadows and make it easier to apply makeup. 

If you have a central ambient light, you can use a fixture that stays close to the ceiling. Or you could make a statement in the bathroom and hang a chandelier. You could choose one that’s glamourous with crystals or one that’s more rustic to match the feel of the bathroom. 

Another smart choice is to install recessed lighting throughout the ceiling. This will provide additional lighting while not distracting from your other statement lighting fixtures.

Grey Bathroom FAQs

How do I keep my bathroom from looking gloomy and depressing?

Don’t make everything in the bathroom grey. This monochromatic look will be too much grey. Balance the grey with lighter colors. White is always a safe choice. You can also add colorful accents to the bathroom that bring a bit of cheer into the room. Add fresh flowers or place colorful towels on the towel rack.

What finish should I choose for the fixtures?

Any shade of fixture will look beautiful with your grey themed bathroom. Gold will add a stunning contrast to darker shades of grey. Silver will keep things sleek and can look nice with both dark and light shades. Black will look perfect in a country or retro-inspired bathroom, which gives you the freedom of pairing it with either dark or light shades of grey. Copper balances well with grey darker shades.

What color grout do I use with grey tile?

White grout will give your tile a classic and more traditional look. It will also provide a bright highlight if your tile is darker. A grey or black grout can give your tile a more seamless look as it blends into the tile and almost becomes invisible to the eye. White tile will require more work to keep bright white, but it will also stand out more when it’s clean.


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