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Top 60 Best Home Swimming Pool Tile Ideas – Backyard Oasis Designs

Is there any private oasis that matches that of a swimming pool?

Considered to be among the most superior of domestic luxuries, a swimming pool is a personal retreat and moment of reprieve from the prying eyes of the outside world.

Sweltering summer afternoons and balmy nights call for a restorative lap-and-lounge, and how you design your pool speaks volumes about the type of paradise you pursue.

The art of tiling is as old as civilization itself, from intricate Eastern patterns to the lush layouts of Roman bathhouses. Swimming pool tiles and their luxurious waterlines can evoke faraway places and secret dreamscapes, with rich hues and sweeping schemes setting the stage for your own aquatic spa. Hand-painted Mediterranean blues and Caribbean corals, Art Deco inspired black & white parquet designs, and even simple pearl toned tiles reflect every ripple and wave on the water, all but inviting you in for another dive.

With warmer seasons upon us, now is the perfect time to reassess your own poolside abode. Entertaining guests on a sunny weekend and savoring a solitary moment under the stars will feel all the more decadent with these stunning swimming pool tile ideas and design arrangements. Whether you prefer the cool modern edge of a neo-Hollywood lounge or a classic paradise reminiscent of an ancient god, your new poolside palace no doubt awaits you. Are you ready to turn an everyday pleasure into a work of art?


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