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Top 60 Best Studio Apartment Ideas – Small Space Interior Designs

The studio apartment was once viewed as something of a “little sibling” to the grander apartment, but time has proven its juvenile reputation wrong.

Thanks to stifling rent hikes in America’s biggest cities, along with a new approach to smaller, trendier spaces, the studio apartment is fast becoming the must-have for discerning bachelors and aesthetes alike.

The beauty of the studio apartment is that one needn’t break the bank to achieve the best in design inspiration. From the swinging 60’s pads of James Bond to nouveau chic European models, as well as the timeless Manhattan atelier, there is truly no limit to the ways in which you can transform your studio space into a den worth envying. Bold or understated, well-appointed or sparse in accoutrements, the limited perimeters of the studio make it an ideal backdrop for your own unique taste and perspective.

Every wall and surface will take on a new meaning as you carefully select that favorite framed print or objet d’art to attract the eye and spark up conversation. Space may be precious in the studio apartment, but that is all the more reason to use it to its full advantage.

Along with its cozy intimacy and convenient quarters, these to 60 best studio apartment ideas and designs are a chance to show off your style in a compatible space. Not every man needs a sprawling estate or cosmopolitan high rise to indulge in the finer things the interior design world has to offer. The truly refined soul knows that square feet and an ample budget hardly equate to superior taste, and a studio apartment is standing proof, as well as infinite potential.


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