Blue Bathroom Ideas

Top 50 Best Blue Bathroom Ideas – Navy Themed Interior Designs

Blue has long been regarded as a color of regal tranquility–calming and refined, and suggestive of the deepest waters and clearest of minds.

The man who appreciates understated serenity doesn’t need to be sold on the color blue, and even less on the handsome navy hue, as he already embraces the power of both.

However, it may come as a surprise that none other than the bathroom itself can benefit from this timeless tone.

Blue, and most especially navy, evoke a nautical air that suits the bathroom abode extremely well. Whether it’s a fine striped wallpaper or cerulean tiles, a refurbished vanity or ship’s cabin accouterments, the blue bathroom denotes a gentleman’s quarters: sacred and well-kept, and always up to par.

While the bold may prefer to go full blue, others can benefit from a splash of navy and touch of azure to add contrast and texture to an otherwise unadorned white bathroom. Ultimately, blue is one of the few colors in which you can’t go wrong; less is more and more is even better.

These top 50 best blue bathroom ideas honor the intimacy of one’s bathing chamber while presenting a fine façade for guests. Unpretentious and always in style, a rich coat of navy or spread of pale blue tiling can transform even the plainest of bathrooms into an abode worth savoring. We all deserve a moment of peace and reinvigoration in our lives, and the bathroom is the perfect opportunity to achieve both.

Why not see what blue can do for you?

1. Modern Blue Bathroom Ideas

Navy blue is a perfect color for modern, minimalist bathroom design. Providing just enough interest without taking over, this deepest shade of blue provides the same visual appeal as black—minus the harshness. This makes navy a great color for all four walls, particularly when you want the focus to fall on your sleek, high-end chrome fixtures. A simple monochromatic color scheme is a hallmark of modern interior design.

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Modern or contemporary bathrooms are popular for their spacious, uncluttered feel. Clear glass is a frequently used modern design element because it opens all areas of the bathroom to the eye. Think of floor-to-ceiling shower panels connected by thin metal frames or a glass panel atop a half-wall that serves as a divider between the toilet and the bathtub.

Simple rectangular, square, or circular mirrors are perfect in a modern bathroom. Keep in mind that with modern design, the focus should be on the materials used. It’s the perfect place to showcase a wall-mounted faucet over a stunning marble basin—a feature with innate beauty that might be missed when used in a more complicated design.

2. Traditional Blue Bathroom Ideas

Traditional bathroom design may feature a classic pedestal sink or a wide granite countertop. Cabinetry may be built-in or designed like a refurbished antique dresser. The warmth of your rich oak, walnut or cherry wood cabinets will glow when showcased beside wainscoting painted in a matte blue. Or, you may choose to paint your cabinets navy blue and install real wood paneling to give the room a rich, library-like feel.

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When designing a traditional bathroom, consider wallpaper for the upper portion of your walls. You can also use wallpaper to create an accent wall behind the toilet or garden tub. Traditional wallpaper patterns include scrollwork, stripes, and floral patterns. Embossed wallpaper provides a way to add an interesting layer of texture to your classic bathroom.

Additional elements of style in a traditional bathroom may include intricate tile floors or inlaid tile “rugs” featuring a different color and pattern than the rest of the floor. Actual rugs can reflect your chosen shades of blue while a fringed Persian-style rug adds another traditional touch to your overall design.

Bronze, brushed silver, and brass are commonly used for hardware and light fixtures in a traditional bathroom. Stained glass light globes are another way to add a dash of blue while staying true to the classic design. Accent your traditional bathroom with fine art prints in heavy wooden or gilded frames and keep a vase of fresh-cut flowers on the countertop.

3. Industrial Blue Bathroom Ideas

Mention industrial design and the mind fills with images of exposed brick walls, metal ductwork, and the overall ambiance of a trendy loft apartment. While this design scheme is perfect for city dwellers, it can also be used in other types of housing. Many men are attracted to the masculine flavor of industrial design with its no-nonsense, rugged appearance.

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Choosing an industrial design for your bathroom opens up material options that may not work well in other rooms. Concrete floors or countertops make a solid industrial statement and can be finished with various stains, paints, and sealants. If you don’t have exposed brick or concrete walls in your existing home, it is possible to replicate these industrial finishes with materials from your local home improvement center. Industrial metal faucets and fixtures are usually rugged and stout, often made of brushed steel or bronze. Using copper fixtures or adding a copper sink can give the eye something unique to focus on in an industrial setting.

Earth tones generally dominate industrial design due to the metal, wood, and concrete it’s comprised of. However, it’s easy to add a splash of blue in your cabinetry or accessories. Consider painting the door a bright cobalt blue that will pop against the muted browns and grays or installing blue metal light fixtures.  

As always, art provides another way of introducing color into your industrial design scheme. Frame a favorite movie poster or scour flea markets for old license plates to hang on the wall. You can soften the appearance of an industrial bathroom by being sure to stock it with premium towels and bathmats.

4. Blue Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

It’s easy to see why farmhouse design has become wildly popular on many home and garden TV shows. Not only does it combine the best of traditional and modern design, it can also be a frugal option when you incorporate recycled elements into your room. This timeless look feels comfortable, cozy, and clean.

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Most farmhouse bathrooms have light-colored walls with many interior designers choosing to paint every wall a matte, eggshell white. Other designers venture out, painting walls in a pale shade of robin egg blue or with the faintest nod toward sage green. While very pale walls may sound boring, they work quite well combined with the other textures and surfaces that contribute to farmhouse design.

Wooden walls are practically a must in every farmhouse-inspired bathroom. Often, in older homes, this feature is uncovered while removing drywall or plaster during a renovation. If you aren’t lucky enough to stumble across original wood walls in your home, it’s easy enough to add this touch yourself. But first, you must decide whether you want a shiplap, horizontal plank look or beadboard, where the strips of wood are laid out vertically. Both options are popular in farmhouse bathrooms.

Vanities and sinks are places where farmhouse elements really shine. Look for simple shelves made from rough-hewn wood and pair them with a sink made from a recycled metal washtub. If navy blue is your favorite color, a great place to add it is on the floor. There are dozens of vintage tile designs that pair navy blue or black with white in floral, radiant or checkerboard patterns. Accentuate your farmhouse haven with towels stacked in metal or wicker baskets, soft scatter rugs and a mason jar filled with deep blue hydrangeas.

5. Blue Elegant Luxury Bathroom Ideas

An elegant, luxurious bathroom can mean different things to different people. However, the one thing they all have in common is that no expense is spared when creating these high-end retreats. Whether your tastes lean more toward the contemporary or the traditional, you can find exquisite design features that reflect your personality.

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Luxurious shower stalls are usually huge—big enough for two people, if you wish. Rainfall showerheads and programmable jets aimed at different parts of your body are available in contemporary chrome, vintage gold and every metal in between. Huge soaking tubs are a must in luxurious bathrooms. High-end tubs are much deeper or longer than standard bathtubs and may even be available in your favorite shade of blue glass or enamel.

Glass or hand-painted tiles set in intricate designs are the focal points of many elegant bathrooms. Whether on the floor, walls, or backsplash, they make it easy to incorporate your favorite colors. Marble, granite, and quartz add a luxurious flair to high-end bathroom countertops while elegant floor choices could include Italian Carrera marble, travertine, or slate.

Much of the appeal in a luxurious bathroom can be found in the finishing touches. Park a tufted blue velvet bench in front of your bathroom vanity and use elegant glass vases and jars for storage. Opt for a lavish chandelier instead of an ordinary overhead light fixture, and install elegant sconces beside framed bathroom mirrors.

6. Blue Craftsman Bathroom Ideas

Craftsman design originated in America in the early 1900s. Its warm simplicity has stood the test of time and it remains a popular style with new home builders today. Craftsman homes include lots of simple, clean lines and sturdy construction with little ornamentation.

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The focal point in a craftsman bathroom is most likely its woodwork. Windows are usually designed with wide wooden frames and generous windowsills. Cabinet doors are simple, often featuring a raised panel around the edges, and are equally attractive with a stained wood or painted finish. Choose a solid, muted color, and add simple brushed steel or matte black hardware.

Natural stone is often featured in craftsman design and is most commonly seen on exterior porch columns. It also looks nice inlaid around a garden tub. Installing a fieldstone vanity wall is another way to add the beauty of stone to your traditional craftsman bathroom.

7. Beachy and Tropical Blue Bathroom Ideas

A trip to the beach means relaxing among every shade of blue imaginable. From the pale aqua waves lapping your toes to that dark band of cobalt on the distant horizon, blue is a must-use color in every beachy bathroom retreat.

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Ideally, this style of bathroom will feature plenty of natural light from windows, skylights or transoms. Choose bright white accents to replicate the oceanic color scheme and provide a cool, clean contrast against your chosen shades of blue. Don’t be afraid to try a brilliant turquoise paint or tile, especially if your style tends toward tropical or Caribbean vibes.

Round out your beach-themed design with driftwood-inspired wood cabinets or mirror frames, exotic green plants, and artwork that captures your favorite beach memories. If your preference leans toward simpler color schemes, look for black-and-white beach images that will honor the theme without introducing too many additional colors.

8. Blue Mid-century Bathroom Ideas

Mid-century design was born in the Scandinavian countries of Europe and became popular in America after World War II. It features minimalistic lines and angles with little embellishment. A mid-century bathroom cabinet may appear boxy in design and may not have visible hardware. These cabinets and vanities are often attached to the wall, a foot or more above the floor.

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A mid-century bathroom may have solid matte countertops or a shiny laminate surface. Though most midcentury bathrooms have inset sinks, many newer bathrooms include vessel-style sinks. An original mid-century era bathroom would almost certainly have had a tile floor. Even so, modern midcentury bathrooms often have hardwood floors or tile that looks like real hardwood.

Your mid-century bathroom may be monochromatic, featuring shades of only one color. However, you can combine different colors without stepping too far away from the overall mid-century flavor. Just remember that the appeal of mid-century design is simplicity, so keep the space as clean and uncluttered as possible.

9. Eclectic Blue Bathroom Ideas

The word “eclectic” is used to describe something that derives from a broad and diverse range of sources. Therefore, an eclectic bathroom is one that combines your favorite elements from different styles, time periods, and trends. Some designers may use the word “transitional” when referring to this type of interior design.

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The secret to creating a beautiful, non-chaotic eclectic bathroom is finding one unifying element or motif to build around. Focusing on a specific color is one way to do this. If navy blue is your favorite color, you might paint one accent wall that shade and then upcycle old frames with the same can of paint. Add coordinating artwork and hang them on the other bathroom walls, which could be painted a soft blue-gray.

An eclectic bathroom is a perfect place to install classic Spanish, Greek or Italian hand-painted tile around a minimalist white lacquer vanity. Stack rolled towels on a round wooden tray, place potted succulents on a shelf, and keep extra accessories to a minimum to avoid visual clutter.

10. Small Blue Bathroom Ideas

While any of the design styles listed above can work in a small bathroom or powder room, there are certain challenges when it comes to decorating these little spaces. Some half baths only take up a dozen square feet, with a toilet at one end and a sink at the other. It can be hard to make the most of such confined quarters.

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Although long-standing design advice has been to use a light color palette in small spaces, a solid punch of bright color can make a big statement in these tiny rooms. One-inch tiles in glossy cobalt blue can be used on the walls and floors, paired with white grout and a traditional white pedestal sink. Powder rooms are an affordable place to feature a marble countertop or other high-end finish since such a small amount of the expensive material will be required.

Blue Bathroom Idea FAQs

What goes with blue tile?

Unless you’re unusually daring, you’ll want to stay safe with neutral colors against the blue tile floor. The blue floor will be the focal point, while cream, white, tan, brown, and other muted colors will play a supporting role.


What color should I paint my bathroom if my cabinets are blue?

It’s hard to argue with white’s flexibility, but this is one case where it’s definitely the best suited for the job. The darker cabinets will be offset by the fresh, white walls. They’ll brighten the space and keep it from feeling too cramped.

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