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Top 50 Best Closet Door Ideas – Unique Interior Design Ideas

You may be more interested in the contents of your closet than your closet’s exterior, but don’t be too quick to dismiss your closet’s design potential.

Closet doors can be a really unique way to add some personality to a bedroom or hallway. Whether you’re adding your own flair to a set of wooden doors or building a DIY closet door in a barn-style, a special door can change the entire feel of a room. Maybe you just need to maximize your closet space by using a set of folding or french closet doors. Changing things up with a closet door makeover can make all the difference.

If you’re unsure of how you’d like to add this personal touch, the following categories provide some inspiration. You can take a cue from your other interior doors but why not shoot for the stars with a closet door makeover?

1. Barn-Style Closet Door Ideas

DIY closet doors have been popular for years. Barn doors have made their way in from the barn and are now the hottest trend in interior design. These large doors can come either on their own or in pairs. They glide on a large track that hangs overtop of the doorway.

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You need to have plenty of space to make this type of door work. You should be able to move the door from covering the doorway completely to completely out of the way. This means you need to have a large enough blank wall area for the door to move in front of. If you have two doors, then you need this space on both sides of your closet. 

For a traditional barn door look, go with natural wood and black or iron hardware for the track. Choose a door that models the style of barn doors with planks and diagonal cross beams. If you like the rustic aesthetic in your bedroom, check out these The Best Rustic Bedroom Ideas.

If your home is more modern, then you can elevate your barn door and choose a style with a panel design. You can get more creative with the hardware and choose a silver-colored finish. You can also skip the traditional handle and choose something streamlined and sleek. 

2. Bifold Closet Door Ideas

This traditional closet door design consists of pairs of panels that are on tracks and hinged together. One panel will have a handle that you’ll use to move the panels along the track. As they move, the panels will go from standing flat across the closet opening to folding in the middle when open.

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Larger closets will have two sets of folding doors. Smaller closets will have one pair. If your closet is especially large, then you can increase the width of the panels to accommodate the space you need to cover. 

For a traditional look, choose doors that have a raised panel design and leave them white. There are no rules when it comes to your closet doors, though. You can give them a modern feel by choosing doors that have a flat slab design. 

Don’t be afraid to paint your bifold doors. You can give your room a pop of color without overwhelming its design. Grey would be a nice neutral accent color, but you can go for a bold red or blue for more of a statement. 

When it comes to hardware, it’s a must with bifold doors. Most people choose knobs because they’re low profile and easy to grab. To make them blend in, consider painting them the same color as the doors.

3. Sliding Closet Door Ideas

If you have a limited amount of square footage, then sliding closet doors are a great option. You have two options in how sliding closet doors work: 

If you have the wall space, you can create pocket doors that glide open and into the surrounding wall. 

If you don’t have this kind of wall space, then your sliding panels will move in front of or behind the other. This will give you access to one half of the closet at any given time. The advantage of these doors is that they do not need any floor space in front of the closet the way bifold doors do. 

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Sliding panel doors come in a paneled design, smooth slab design, or glass doors. Frosted glass doors give you privacy while also creating a modern look. They could be a single pane of glass for the entire door, or several panes combined. 

If you choose a solid paneled door, something simple would be a square or rectangle design. You could buy these doors prefabricated from your local hardware store. For something more unique, consider getting custom doors with a one of a kind trim design. 

If you have a large opening for your closet, consider using more than two sliding doors. Three doors will be easier to slide and create a larger space when they’re moved out of the way. Check out these other Awesome Bedroom Ideas.

4. Closet Door Ideas with Mirrors

You dug through your closet and think you’ve found the perfect thing to wear. What you need is a full-length mirror to check yourself out in. You could hang one or set one up in a corner. Both of these take up room in your bedroom. Instead, purchase mirrored glass doors or mount your mirrors on your closet doors. 

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Not only does this have your closet doors doing double duty, but it keeps your mirrors in a convenient place. 

To create mirrored closet doors, you need to think about the size you want to use. If you have a barn door or sliding doors, then large mirror panels will look perfect. Bifold doors are a little tougher because they tend to lack width. 

To make bifold doors look right, try adding trim on top of the mirror. This will purposefully break up the mirrors and make the skinny width look less awkward. 

While you can use closet doors that are entirely mirror, this can look dated. Leaving a wooden edge around the mirror can give your closet doors a modern and framed finished look.

5. Double Closet Door Ideas

If you have enough room for the doors, double closet doors (also known as french closet doors) can give your closet space a larger and statelier feel. The larger doors give your closet the impression of having more closet space. This look works best when your closet is large enough to have double doors.

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Double closet doors mount on hinges and meet in the center. You’ll grab the center handle and swing the door outward. You’ll need enough space in front of the closet for the doors to get constricted or block your use of the room. 

You could even have multiple sets of double doors. For this look, you’ll need a support beam between the sets of doors. This is the beam that you’ll mount the hinges to. 

This look can work well with both modern and more traditionally designed homes. If you have a modern home, go for doors with a slab or large panel finish. You can either skip the handle hardware completely or add slim pull bars. 

Traditionally designed doors look best with trim and doorknobs. You could add mirror panels and then create a window look by placing trim over the mirrors in a decorative pattern.

6. Modern Closet Door Ideas

Modern interior design follows clean, straight lines. The idea is to not let the flow of the room get broken up by details and design. There is a distinct lack of details, trim, and overly complicated artwork. 

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If you want modern closet doors, look for sliding or double panels. They should be simple in design, slab, or single panel is best. Then they should have minimal or no visible hardware for the hinges and handles. 

For a truly modern look, use doors that are entirely frosted glass. This will look beautiful and give you privacy. 

Modern design doesn’t have to be plain, though. You can add detail by creating a subtle angular pattern. Try creating a modern DIY closet door with a striped or diamond pattern on the panels. You could do this by using two shades of the same color or creating bold lines with highly contrasting colors.

7. Traditional Closet Door Ideas

Traditional closet doors are a basic door with paneling. The more paneling there is, the more craftsmen style it is. The more raised panel segments there are, the more traditional the door will look. A shaker trim around the outside edge can also give your closet doors a traditional feel. 

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You’ll then want to stick with black hardware for the hinges and door handles. Extra points for using antique hardware if you can source it. Dark colors and patinas look great against a traditional closet door.

If you’re looking for some more inspiration, here are some Men’s Bedroom Ideas to pull ideas from.

8. Wood Closet Door Ideas

Plain white doors are boring, but painting them a color may not appeal to you either. This is when it’s time to look at woodgrain doors. This style of wooden door will add pattern and design to your room. They’ll also add warmth through the beauty of using a natural material. 

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Wood Alternative Closet Door Ideas

One of the most significant benefits of wood is its versatility. You can use it to build any one of these styles of doors: 

  • Barn doors 
  • Double doors 
  • Sliding doors 
  • Bifold doors

When using wood for your doors, start by thinking about the type of wood that will look best in your home. You could choose a light pine or maple with a subtle grain. You could also choose a dark rich wood like walnut or mahogany. 

Cedar is a smart choice for both its looks and functionality. It’s commonly used in closet construction because it removes moisture from the air, making it a natural dehumidifier. It also smells lovely. Finally, the oil in cedar wood repels moths, which will help preserve your clothes. 

Once you’ve chosen the wood you want to use, you’ll need to decide how to use it. You could have large panels of wood that feature the grain prominently. Or you could use smaller pieces, such as 2×4’s to build a more rustic looking door. 

If you have access to custom pieces, then you can create a custom closet door out of scraps. Trim the side of the wood that will frame the outside of the door or mount to the wall. Leave the inner edge raw and mount a mirror to complete the door.

9.  Style Imposter Closet Door Ideas

Do you want closet doors that don’t look like closet doors? Then style imposter DIY closet doors are the design aesthetic that you’re looking for. Think of a door style that’s traditionally used somewhere else then use that style inspiration for your closet panels. 

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Elevate the barn door style and choose a carriage house style instead. Its style is traditional and country, but instead of emulating a rustic barn, you’re bringing a wealthy carriage house look into your home. 

To create this look in your home, you should stick with black hardware. You’ll then use large decorative hinges, and large statement handles. To really sell the look, stick with a door that uses wood planks. 

If your closet door is meant for a child’s room, then create a canvas by painting the doors with chalkboard paint. This gives them a built-in canvas to draw on. 

Closet Door FAQs

Can I hang closet doors myself?

Yes, you can! The first step is to measure the open space of your closet that the doors need to cover. Then use these measurements to determine which style of door will function the best. You can then narrow down your choice by choosing the door that appeals most to your design aesthetic. 

To hang your doors, you’ll need a few tools to mount the hardware. These typically include a level, drill, and screws. 


Can I customize prefabricated doors?

If you’re installing closet doors on a budget, then it can help to start with prefabricated doors. You could buy the doors and track system. Then customize the doors to make them your own. 

You can paint the doors, add extra trim, or attach mirrors. Complete your custom doors by changing the hardware to something that matches the rest of your home. 

Do I have to have closet doors?

Technically, you don’t have to have doors on your closet. But think twice about committing to this idea. No closet doors mean you’ll need to keep your closet perfectly organized all of the time. Otherwise, your entire bedroom will look messy and cluttered. 

If you have a walk in closet, the door creates privacy and a barrier between the closet and the bedroom. This is important if you or your spouse have to get up earlier than the other.

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