Closet Door Ideas

Top 50 Best Closet Door Ideas – Unique Interior Design Ideas

You may be more interested in the contents of your closet than your closet’s exterior, but don’t be too quick to dismiss your closet’s design potential.

For rooms that could use a quick do-over, closest doors are an easy way to make an unforgettable transformation.

Sliding and bifold doors, mirrored facades, and breezy screens and curtains are just a few closet door ideas sure to take your room to the next level. Depending on the space allotted, you can turn your closet doors into extensions of the closet itself, with built-in shelves and storage compartments, as well as overhanging rack units.

Removal and new subsequent installation is relatively easy, requiring basic tools and a straightforward plan, making the upgrade from your closet’s standard hinged door a cinch. While sliding doors keep your closet space open and uninhibited, additional inlaid glass, mirror, or frosted paneling provides further special capacity. Bi-folding doors are a possible alternative as well, taking up less than half the floor space of a swinging door and minimizing the risk of unexpected clutter debris fallouts. Curtains and screens keep your closet partitioned without feeling fully closed off, and the rustic-style room all but begs for some barn door charm.

A closet is an extension of one’s room, and not everyone wishes to keep the contents of their closet secret or in perpetual confinement. An expertly selected and implemented closet door lends style and individual appeal to an otherwise secluded subchapter of a room, allowing smoother foot traffic and, bonus of all bonuses, more space to store your apparel and personal treasures.

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