Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Top 50 Best Coffered Ceiling Ideas – Sunken Panel Designs

Coffered ceilings are among the most breathtaking choices for one’s home, as well as the oldest.

Gleaned from the ancient Greek word kophinos and its Latin counterpart cophinus, the word coffer means “basket” in accordance with its sunken panel design.

The coffered ceiling was a mainstay in grand public buildings, palaces, and genteel homes, and thanks to streamlined 21st century modifications is also an attractively accessible ceiling option for the personal home or apartment.

With original alternating uses including engineering disguises and weight distribution, few can argue that the superior feature of the coffered ceiling is its unmatchable opulence. Achieved by leaving spaces between ceiling framework beams, the coffered ceiling can add or shorten height depending on the method used. The result is a stately geometric ceiling pattern that can be painted or detailed according to one’s aesthetic preferences. Minimal or intricate, the coffered ceiling is sure to leave an unforgettable impression.

At once elegant and effortless, the coffered ceiling of today is a new take on a nearly ancient interior motif. And like all great designs of bygone years, these coffered ceiling ideas adapt extremely well to the modern home, suggesting an old world ambiance paired with the sensibilities of the 21st century man. Now is the perfect time to consider the most oft-overlooked aspect of the home, and transform it into a work of art.

Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Architecture Coffered Ceiling Ideas Duct Vent Detail

Black And Grey Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Black And White Coffered Ceiling Ideas

A formal living room with casual seating coupled with a stylish flair is the ideal setting for this coffered ceiling configuration. Midnight blue covers the recessed section of the ceiling design while a stark white hue brings out the ceiling’s highlights.

Cool Coffered Tall Ceiling Design Ideas For Foyer Of Home

Coffered ceilings work best on very high ceilings and this room’s height doesn’t disappoint. The narrow rectangular shape ceiling gives the effect of a beautiful cathedral complemented by an arched French pane window that allows natural light to shine through further enhancing the backdrop.

Dining Room Geometric Square Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Don’t say a word! This room speaks for itself. The luxurious space is simply amazing seeing that grey is not an easy color to work with. The bespoke coffered ceiling is structured by using squares within a square much like an intricate labyrinth. Just imagine the work it took to complete this look.

Dining Room Rustic Wood With White Beams Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Let’s call this what it is. A beautifully arranged space with an eye-opening coffered ceiling, created for casual living with a polished vibe. The floor to ceiling French pane doors and natural wood highlights the organic appeal of the space. The décor is rustic yet distinctive.

Dining Room Wood Coffered Ceiling Ideas Inspiration

Excellent Interior Ideas Coffered Ceiling For Home Office

Exceptional Coffered Ceiling Ideas For Living Room

Family Room Coffered Ceilings

Foyer Entrance Coffered Ceilings Interior Ideas

Foyer Grey And White Coffered Ceiling Design Ideas

Good Ideas For Coffered Ceilings For Kitchen

Bright, light, and right. Who can find fault with this eye-catching coffered ceiling? The points of reflective light enhances the ceiling’s texture emitting a marble like appearance.

Great Room Cabin Coffered Ceiling Ideas

A cozy room with a fireplace set in a log cabin with plush seating and hardwood floors has all the makings of a movie set. But this is the real deal. The dark wood coffered ceiling doesn’t deflect from the spaciousness of the room. It effortlessly harmonizes with the overall décor and color scheme of the space.

Grey Beam Coffered Ceiling Ideas With Grey Walls And Hardwood Flooring

Grey Detailed Dining Room Coffered Ceiling Interior Design

Home Basement Design Ideas For Coffered Ceiling

Home Design Ideas Coffered Ceiling

This coffered ceiling with glass panels must surely provide an awesome experience during starry nights. Can you imagine looking up into the dark sky taking in the constellation of the stars. What a show!

Home Ideas Coffered Ceilings

Home Interior Designs Coffered Ceiling

Home Office Coffered Wood Ceiling Ideas

Home Office Ideas For Coffered Ceilings

Kitchen Breakfast Nook Interior Designs Coffered Ceilings

Curves have a harmonious effect on spaces according to feng shui principles and this arched doorway proves it. This beautifully designed setting radiates elegance. The coffered ceiling flawlessly complements the tone of the room.

Living Room Tall Ceilings Coffered White And Black

Living Room White Coffered Ceiling Design Idea Inspiration

Luxury Coffered Ceiling

Luxury Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Magnificent Coffered Ceiling Design Ideas

Modern Home Office Painted Grey Coffered Ceiling

Natrual Rustic Wood Vintage Look Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Nice Coffered Ceiling Interior Kitchen Design Ideas

Remarkable Ideas For Bedroom Coffered Ceiling

Simple White Painted Drywall Coffered Ceiling Living Room Ideas

Sitting Room White Designs Coffered Ceiling

Sleek Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Staircase Impressive Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Stunning Interior Coffered Ceiling Designs

Traditional Homes Wood Beams Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Unique Coffered Ceiling Designs

Unique Coffered Ceilings

Sometimes you have to wonder who was the artisan with the patience and skill to create such a stunning work of art because that’s exactly what this coffered ceiling is.

Velvet And White Movie Room Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Vintage Salvaged Barn Wood Dining Room Cool Coffered Ceiling

Vintage Wood Architecture Interior Ideas For Coffered Ceilings

A library is a place of repose. A place for reflection, writing down your thoughts, or gazing out the window contemplating your next venture. Add to that period furnishings with a baroque styled coffered ceiling, and you have recreated an authentic vintage setting.

White Kitchen Coffered Ceiling Ideas

The décor of this room is a tangible impression of the saying “as pure as the driven snow.” It’s akin to a magical place where everything fascinates because it’s so gorgeous. The chandeliers add sparkle to the setting while the marble floor and coffered ceiling completes the look.

White Shiplap Coffered Ceiling Design Inspiration

White Traditional Home Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Wood Pattern Bedroom Coffered Ceiling Interior Ideas

Wood Plank With White Beams Contemporary Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Coffered Ceiling FAQs

Do Coffered Ceilings Add Value?

Coffered ceilings look pricey, there’s no doubt about that. But do they add value to your home? 

According to many interior decorating sites, coffered ceilings pay back handsomely in esthetic appeal, thereby affecting the resale value of your home. Does that mean a huge return on your investment? Maybe or maybe not. 

It’s not sure if investing in a coffered ceiling will excessively increase the value of your home; however, potential buyers will certainly be impressed. This is especially the case if you have very high ceilings which work best with box beam designs. 

Granted that a jump in price would be greatly appreciated, ensuring that your home sticks in the mind of potential buyers is even better. Why? Because a decent deal is better than no deal at all. And besides, adding a luxury like a coffered ceiling can be a deal breaker. 

This type of ceiling is an acquired taste; therefore, whoever purchases your home will have to love it and will probably be willing to pay extra on that premise alone.  

Still, now and again exuberant renovations that look amazing are not always a wise investment. 

But whatever the outcome, coffered ceilings are unique and will ameliorate the general appeal of your property even if the return on investment isn’t exactly what you hoped for.      

Are Coffered Ceilings in Style?

Often times the new year ushers in new trends and they’re not always about the latest tech device or article of clothing. Interior design styles goes through trend cycles as well. Today, walls are out and ceilings are in, especially custom ceiling designs. Some designers even call them “the fifth wall.”  

So, are coffered ceiling part of the new interior design trend or not? Why yes! The big reason behind it is that this type of ceiling offers sophistication and a focal point that is hard to compete with. 

A wall can never match the effect of a coffered ceiling because of the ceiling’s grandiose appeal. What’s more, the workmanship that goes into bespoke ceilings is stupefying and an endeavor worth witnessing unto itself. 

To put it bluntly, ceilings are stealing the limelight because homeowners are waking up to the ways that altering the upper-surface of a room can influence an entire space. Especially if they have high ceilings which work best with coffered ceiling designs.

Keep in mind, that emulating interior design trends like coffered ceilings, has a cultist appeal because unless you are familiar with this particular style of ceiling décor, you’ve probably never hear about it. 

If you happen to come upon a traditional coffered ceiling in a hotel for example, you will more than likely admire its beauty and majestic appeal without knowing anything about its origin. 

So, yes, coffered ceilings are in style, but only to those who are familiar with it in some way, or who are interior design aficionados. 

If coffered ceilings ever go “viral” then you’ll probably see them more frequently in trendy coffee houses or affluent canine owners’ dog houses. 

Therefore, at the expense of maintaining the dignity of this classic look, let’s hope the trend remains well within the confines of those who appreciate it and recognize its history. 

What Is the Difference Between a Coffered Ceiling and a Tray Ceiling?

Coffered ceilings and tray ceilings are frequently fused together, at least theoretically. And that’s because there are similarities. Each has analogous design features like recessed impressions and linear constructs. Both have dimensional properties and help to absorb excess noise and include ambient LED lighting. Still, there are differences that makes it easy to tell the two apart.

Tray ceilings are expansive and increases a room’s height. They are more conventional and include a deep-set section that can be designed in a variety of forms but the most common is the squarish tray shape. 

Usually, the concave section is a minimum of six inches deep and installed in the center of the room. Though this type of ceiling design can vary in shape, all is well as long as the form stays true to the ceiling’s inaugural design which may include several coaxial sections for a spectacular effect. 

Coffered ceilings have a more archetypal appearance. People love to install these types of ceilings in dining rooms, living rooms, and open plan spaces. The ceiling is usually configured in various shapes and sizes but mostly in uniform squares. 

Additionally, coffered ceilings have multiple recessed sections and blankets the entire ceiling of a room. Though most commonly seen in traditional spaces, this ceiling pattern can fit just about any home décor whether it’s casual or sophisticated. 

It’s as if coffered ceilings have a life of their own and no matter where you see them, the effect is awe-inspiring. 

Initially designed to lighten the weight of stone ceilings, the huge dome of the Roman temple Pantheon was constructed with coffered slabs to decrease its weight, coffered ceilings have become more than functional, these days they’ve become more of a showpiece!

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