Dog Fence Ideas

Top 60 Best Dog Fence Ideas – Canine Barrier Designs

Just as we’re fiercely protective of our canine companions, we also want to give them the freedom to run, play, and enjoy the best dog’s life.

For those who are fortunate enough to have a home equipped with a spacious backyard, a properly fenced in area is a must-have for safeguarding the beloved family doggo.

And with the many appealing models available today, you can secure your pet within the right perimeters whilst simultaneously maintaining your home in the right style.

The best dog fences keep the outside world out and your curious pooch decidedly in, all the while enhancing your backyard space. From deceptively pretty picketing to sturdy split rail & mesh designs, there are a number of fences from which to select the perfect fit for your doggo.

Many fences are targeted towards specific concerns, such as “jumper” breeds that can seemingly clear even the highest hurdle, as well as those inclined to tunnel their way out to freedom. Gone are the days of worrying about your outdoor guardian or having to carefully monitor designated playtimes; with the proper dog fence you and your pet can rest easy and play even harder.

We all want the best for our doggy adoptees, starting with a safe and loving home. However, big or small, all dogs need to stretch their legs and enjoy the great outdoors. Thanks to these new and improved dog fence ideas, you won’t have to sacrifice your home’s appeal OR your dog’s well-being.

Now what are you waiting for? Get outside and give your pooch a run for his money!

1. Wire and Chainlink Dog Fence Ideas

The cheapest and easiest fence to build is a chainlink or wire fence. These fences provide the lowest level of security or privacy. Your dog will be able to see out and interact with those passing by. The advantages of these fences are that they require minimal to no maintenance.

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If you want a chainlink fence, all you need are posts and a roll of chainlink. You’ll mount the posts and then secure the chainlink to the posts. If you want a fence that looks a bit more solid, then consider agriculture fencing panels.

While chainlink is flexible and easily gives, chicken wire is more solid and won’t flex under the applied weight. To give agriculture fencing panels strength, frame the wire with wood. For a secure fence, place your posts then create a frame with wood beams across the top and bottom. Then secure the panels to the wood.

This fence works well for properties where you don’t have a lot of space. The open look of the thin metal gives the fence a lighter feel.

2. Lattice Dog Fence Ideas

A lattice fence will give your property the look of a wood fence but with more visibility and airflow than a solid fence. The basic structure of the fence is similar to the one that you would build for the agriculture panels. You’ll have vertical posts and a top and bottom horizontal beam to give support. Instead of agriculture panels, you’ll use premade lattice panels.

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Some have a square pattern where the lattice is created by having vertical and horizontal lines placed at a 90-degree angle. This creates open square shapes. An alternative lattice pattern is to put the lines at 45 degrees angles for diamond-shaped holes.

If you want to build a lattice fence on your property, consider the size of your property. This fence tends to have a more solid feel and can look overwhelming in more congested areas. It works better on larger properties that can support the solid and large feel of the fence.

3. Privacy Dog Fence Ideas

Are you looking for a fence that does double duty? A privacy fence can contain your dog and provide you with increased privacy from your neighbors. These fences tend to be taller than a standard fence. They are tall enough that someone walking by can’t see over the fence. Most privacy fences are built from wood but you can use any material that will create a solid wall.

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To build a privacy fence, you’ll place your posts first. Then attach two to four horizontal beams. You can then mount vertical slats to the beams. Each slat needs to touch the two on either side of it. This will create a solid wall with no gaps.

Consider adding unique features to your fence. You could add a decorative lattice trim to the top of the fence or use stones to build up an uneven property so the fence is all one level height. Another option is to only use horizontal slats. This will give your fence a unique look.

If you decide that this is the fence style you want, you’ll want to check local building laws first. Many neighborhoods, municipalities, and cities have limits on how tall of a fence you can build.

4. Metal Dog Fence Ideas

Metal is a beautiful material that gives you the most freedom in its ability to create different fence designs. You could have anything from a solid privacy fence made from sheets of aluminum to a barely-there fence made from perfectly spaced metal bars.

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When it comes to choosing a metal, you could pick steel, iron, or aluminum. An iron or steel fence is incredibly durable and will require minimal maintenance. If the metal gets scratched, you can easily paint it to prevent rust. Aluminum requires virtually no maintenance as it’s naturally rust-resistant.

You can also expect your metal fence to last much longer than other materials. A well-maintained steel or cast iron fence can easily last 20 years or longer. An aluminum fence can last a lifetime.

When choosing your metal fence, think about how simplistic or ornate you want your fence to be. Try to choose a design that will compliment your home and community. You may also want to hire a professional. Steel and cast iron fence panels can be quite heavy and challenging to work with.

5. Picket Dog Fence Ideas

A picket fence can give your property a country feel. This traditional fence uses wood slats to create a barrier that is both functional and decorative. Picket fences have gaps between the vertical wood slats and a decorative design cut into the top of the fence. Most picket fences are painted white or are natural wood, but you could paint it any color you choose.

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To build your own picket fence, you’ll want to choose a decorative fence post. Choose post caps that add some detail to your fence. For the slats, you can buy fence panels that are already fabricated. This will make building the fence a faster process.

When designing your fence panels, think about whether you want an even line across the top of the panels. A second and more decorative option is to choose one with a sloping scalloped design. You could also add some decorative touches to embrace the idea that your picket fence is for your dog. You could cut paw prints out of a slat or cut the top of the slats into dog heads.

Before you choose this style of fence, know that you’re committing to a lifetime of maintenance. The wood will require staining or sealing. Otherwise, it will warp and rot as the fence ages.

6. Ranch-Style Dog Fence Ideas

Do you live in a rural area or have a sizeable piece of property? Then a ranch-style fence will look perfect. You may also hear these fences called post and rail, pasture, or split-rail. These fences use wood to create the barrier but to make this style of fence effective for dogs, agriculture panels are also used. These panels are used to create the body of the fence. Then the wood is used to frame the wire and hold it in place. Traditional ranch-style fences use 3, 4, or 5 horizontal boards to build the body of the fence.

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To build your ranch-style fence, you’ll use wood posts to create the base support for your fence. Then attach the agriculture panels to the posts. Use wood to create a clean top for the fence and protect people from the edge of the metal panels. For the next step, you’re free to get creative. You could mount a couple more horizontal boards. Or you could attach them in a criss-cross pattern.

For a modern and low maintenance version, consider using vinyl. It’s durable, bright white, and requires less regular maintenance than wood.

7. Small Dog Fence Ideas

If you have a smaller dog, then you may not need to build a tall fence. You also won’t need to build a fence around your entire property. This gives you the freedom to create a smaller exercise area for your pup.

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Smaller dogs require you to be careful with the style of fence you choose to build. Because of their smaller stature and size, they can easily slip under or between the boards of some fences. Your best option is to use chicken wire, chain link, or metal bars that are placed closely together. You’ll also want to make sure your fence goes all the way to the ground.

If your small dog likes to dig, then consider digging a trench and dropping the fence into the ground. You could use chainlink or chicken wire to create a below-ground barrier. Or you could create a concrete base that extends the length of the fence, instead of just supporting the posts.

8. Vinyl Dog Fence Ideas

A vinyl fence can give you privacy and create a modern, clean-looking fence. These fences are typically taller and have solid panels between the posts. You could have a plain top to your fence or choose a decorative design, such as lattice.

White Vinyl Dog Fence Ideas

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The advantage of this style fence is that your dog cannot see beyond it. This is beneficial if your dog isn’t stranger-friendly or tends to bark at things they see. It also means you’ll have privacy when using your yard.

When building your vinyl fence, don’t put the supporting posts too close together. This will make your fence too stiff and lack the flexibility it needs. Having some ability to flex will give the fence durability. Start by placing your corners and then evenly distributing your posts between them.

You’ll also want to make sure you place your posts deep enough into the ground. We’ve all seen a vinyl fence that has a lean to it. This is a sign that the posts aren’t set deep enough into the ground. A good trick is to dig six inches deeper than recommended. Then backfill this space with gravel. This will help your posts stand straight and be stronger.

9. Dog Fence Gate Ideas

A fence is great at keeping your dog safe and contained, but without a gate, it isn’t functional. You need a way to get in and out of your fenced-in area. Build a gate that is large enough for an adult to walk through comfortably. You should also choose a gate that matches the style of your fence.

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When choosing your gate, you can choose one that’s made of the same material as the fence. This will help it to blend into the rest of the fence. Another option is to choose a decorative gate that will complement the rest of the fence.

Don’t forget to think about the hardware you will use for your gate. Some hardware is minimal and barely noticeable, while other gate hardware is bold and decorative. Make sure whatever you choose moves smoothly and freely. This will allow the gate to move freely when opening and closing.

If you plan to fence in your entire yard, then plan to have at least two gates. This is for both safety and convenience. Try to place the gates on opposite sides of the property.

Dog Fence FAQs

How do I know where to build my fence?

Before you build a fence you should have a survey done of your property. This will ensure you place your fence along the edge of your property, but also completely on your property. You should also check local laws to ensure there aren’t restrictions on where you can build your fence. These sometimes dictate how close your fence can be to sidewalks. You also need to check for utility lines. You don’t want to start digging a post hole and discover you’ve cut wires or a pipe.

How do I care for my fence?

This will depend on the material you choose for your fence. All materials benefit from regular cleaning. Wood will last longer if you apply a sealer or protectant to prevent it from drying out in the sun. If you have a vinyl fence, you can use warm water and dish soap to remove any dirt. If you get a stain, use mineral spirits to wipe it away.

Are there limits on the fence I can build?

You should check your local building laws and HOA restrictions before you build your fence. Some have rules about the material you can use, where you can build, and how tall your fence can be. You then need to consider your immediate and long term budget. Some fence types will require a larger upfront investment but will cost less over the fence’s lifetime. When determining your budget, think about if you want to fence in your entire yard or a smaller exercise area.

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