DVD Storage Ideas

40 DVD Storage Ideas – Organized Movie Collection Designs

Where do you keep your collection of DVDs? Too many people keep them in an old cardboard box somewhere in an attic or storage closet.

While this may seem like a quick fix to getting them out of the way, it is only that, a quick fix. If you put your DVD collection somewhere tucked away, you will be less likely to want to dig it out every time you or your friends or family want to watch a movie.

We would like to share today some DVD storage ideas for storing your movie collection in a way that is accessible without taking up too much of your living space. If you have a bookcase already in your living area, see if you can reserve a shelf just for the movie collection. This way, you can see what titles you have available at a glance, and pick the perfect movie for the evening.

Another idea is to put up some wall shelves for your DVD collection. Customizability is key with wall shelves because you can choose the perfect amount of shelving for your collection.

If you like to keep recent titles on display, you could opt for fewer shelves than the person who wants to have their whole collection on the wall. You could easily pick up the supplies for shelving at your local hardware store and choose the design or style that fits your living area.


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