Exterior House Paint Ideas

Top 50 Best Exterior House Paint Ideas – Color Designs

We could all use a good sprucing up from time to time, and a home is like any other façade in that regard.

Both time and the elements can and will do their worst to even the most quality exterior, with chipped and/or faded paint the most telltale factor of a house in need of some freshening up.

The good news is, procuring a new coat of paint is far from the arduous task of yesteryear, and giving your home its due makeover is now an experience well worth savoring.

With an endless array of colors to choose from and just as many name brands in which to trust, finding just the right shade and color combinations is more than just a cinch, but a sheer joy. From there you have the freedom to select according to the climate in which your home is built and pending weather increments, as a considerable number of specific paints feature added benefits to safeguard your home and provide a lasting, top-rate performance. From rich earthy greens and terracotta tones to splashes of bright Miami and Malibu hues, there is a shade for every home and locale.

Every homeowner wants to show off the best of what he’s worked hard to procure, from landscape to threshold and beyond. A spot-on paint job not only attracts the admiration of passersby, but lets one know that you value your shelter and stronghold.

It’s no secret that the right coat of paint can make all the difference among a neighborhood’s stand-outs, so why not be the first on the block to lead the charge with one of these top 50 best exterior house paint ideas?


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