Foyer Ideas Entryway Designs

Top 80 Best Foyer Ideas – Unique Home Entryway Designs

The foyer is the first thing that you and your guests will see when entering your house, so you want to put some thought into the design you choose.

The design you choose will likely depend on you and your family’s needs. If you have kids, you may want to include cubbies in the foyer for backpacks, lunchboxes, coats, and dirty shoes. This is a great way to avoid having these items strung throughout the house.

If you do not have kids, you may still want to have a coat rack and place for shoes in the entryway. Some people choose to have a small bench with some decorative pillows in the entryway so you can sit down and remove your shoes.

Aside from a place for functional items such as a coat rack, the foyer is a great place for an entryway table. Entryway tables generally serve for decor purposes, but you can easily transform your entryway table into a functional piece of furniture by adding a place to drop your keys and empty your pockets before going into the house.

These foyer ideas are also a great place to hang a mirror if you have space for it, so you can get a glance at yourself on the way out the door. When you are rushing out the door for a last minute meeting, you will thank your previous self for choosing to have a mirror there.


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