Foyer Lighting Ideas

Top 40 Best Foyer Lighting Ideas – Illuminated Entrance Designs

A foyer speaks volumes about the kind of home that lies beyond the introductory threshold, both around the corner as well as tucked behind closed doors.

Many factors separate a foyer from a mere entry hall, but lighting is arguably the first and last to leave the greatest impression.

Your guests aren’t the only ones who deserve to be regaled upon entering, and with the right foyer lighting coming home can be a truly illuminating experience.

From decadent chandeliers to the simplest of pendants, these top 40 best foyer lighting ideas are designed to highlight the nuances that set your space apart and reflect the man behind the front door. Wall sconces lend a touch of selective mystery to your ambience, while cheerful lantern-style fixtures suggest an elegant bohemia between the walls. And with convenient dimmer options available, you can adjust your foyer’s lighting to suit every mood and time of day, and always the occasion.

No matter the size or scope of your foyer entry, there’s always room to improve on perfection. Bathed in a warm and inviting glow or cast in a sensual play of light & shadow, your foyer is designed to set the stage for what’s to come.

And with the perfect lighting you can be assured that home is always beckoning just around the bend.


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