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Top 70 Best Garage Door Ideas – Exterior Designs

The garage of our father’s era was purely utilitarian, an ode to function over style, with little care allotted beyond the occasional coat of paint.

Fortunately, today’s designers are reevaluating the garage’s potential, with the garage door itself earning some much-deserved TLC after years of neglect.

In many ways, the garage door is the face of one’s house. For that reason, many are reimagining the garage door’s potential as both style icon and improving factor for the overlook look and scheme of the home. Styles ranging from craftsman wood to Tuscan villa, as well as expertly crafted metals and windowed façades, transform any home into an eye-catching dwelling that may just cause the pedestrian to slow down and marvel as they pass by.

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to garage door inspiration; whether you crave the cool lines and Pacific vibes of stripped wood or prefer a thoroughly modern rendition, your garage door is your blank canvas and chance to bring the best in your house forward.

Just as the garage’s purpose is no longer as strictly utilitarian as we experienced growing up, neither is the garage’s look and m.o. What was once seen as an unavoidable domestic necessity can now be celebrated as a necessary style component.

These top 70 best garage door ideas will not only stop your neighbors in their tracks, but make coming home a privilege worth returning to year after year.


Aluminum Black Modern Garage Door Ideas

Awesome Garage Door Ideas Modern Mirror Glass Design

Barn Look Exterior Ideas Garage Door

Beautiful Hardwood Garage Door Ideas

Black Dividers With Glass Windows Design Ideas For Garage Door

Black Painted Vertical Wood Boards Garage Door Ideas

Black Wood Angeled Wood Boards Contemporary Garage Door Ideas

Black Wood Boards Garage Door Ideas Inspiration

Contemporary Glass Garage Door Ideas

Contemporary Wood Home Design Ideas Garage Door

Cool Garage Door Wood With White House Brick Siding

Copper Metal Contemporary Garage Door Design Ideas

Curved Wood Garage Door Exterior Ideas

Dark Grey Garage Door Ideas On Stucco House

Dark Stained Wood Garage Door Ideas With White House Brick

Exterior Designs Garage Doors

Exterior Garage Door Rustic Cabin Look Design

Exterior Ideas For Garage Doors

Garage Door Design Idea Inspiration

Garage Door Ideas Black Stained Wood With White Siding

Herringbone Wood Glass Windows Garage Door

Herringborne Wood Garage Doors Exterior Ideas

Horizontal Natrual Wood Rustic Garage Door Ideas With White Brick House

Horizontal Wood Good Ideas For Garage Doors

Impressive Garage Door Ideas

Light And Dark Stained Wood Garage Door Ideas

Luxury Garage Door Ideas Painted White

Luxury Garage Door Wood With Double Top Windows

Magnificent Garage Door Design Ideas

Modern Black Aluminum Garage Door Design Ideas

Modern Concrete Stucco Home Black Garage Door Ideas

Modern Glass And Steel Garage Doors

Modern Glass Window Design Ideas Garage Door

Modern Home Exterior Designs Garage Door Flush Hardwood Look

Modern Homes Garage Door Ideas Hardwood Design

Modern Stone Cladding Excellent Exterior Ideas Horizontal Wood Garage Door

Nice Garage Door Exterior Ideas

Remarkable Ideas For Garage Door

Rustic Dark Grey Wood Home Ideas Garage Doors With Brick Cladding

Rustic Looking Wood With Reflective Glass Windows Garage Door Ideas

Rustic Wood Garage Door Ideas

Rustic Wood Home Exterior Garage Barn Door Ideas

Shutter Look Garage Door Ideas With Windows On Top

Sleek Garage Door Ideas

Square Wood Modern Pattern Ideas For Garage Doors

Steel Garage Door Home Designs

Stunning Exterior Garage Door Designs

Stunning Hardwood Garage Door Design Ideas

Tinted Reflective Mirror Glass Garage Door Ideas With Curved Top

Traditional Home Garage Door Ideas With Barn Door Design

Traditional House With Grey Siding And White Vinyl Garage Door Ideas

Traditional White Garage Door Exterior Design

Traditional White Painted Wood Garage Door Ideas

Unique Garage Door Designs Herringbone Wood Pattern With Double Windows

Unique Garage Doors Double Windows Rustic Wood Look

Vintage Reclaimed Wood Garage Door Ideas

White Double Window Garage Door Ideas

White Garage Door Ideas For White Siding Homes

Wood Double Window Garage Door Design Ideas

Wood Garage Door Design Inspiration

Wood Garage Door Ideas With Glass Windows

Wood Siding With White Painted Garage Door Windows

Wood Slats Garage Door Ideas With Flush Look When Closed

Wood With Four Windows Garage Door Ideas

Wood With Glass Windows Garage Door Ideas

Wood With Windows Designs Garage Door For Homes With Stone Cladding

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