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Top 60 Best Home Dog Wash Station Ideas – Canine Shower Designs

Your doggo is no doubt a member of your family, and as any dog owner can attest, one’s house is inarguably their canine companion’s own home as well–and often treated as such.

We love our four-pawed friends rain, shine, or snow, but sometimes the messier aspects of owning a dog can deter from the more appealing aspects of one’s home.

These top 60 best home dog wash station ideas aka dog showers, are the perfect bathing substitute for the household bathroom, and thanks to their convenient location towards the front entrance of the home–typically the mudroom–you can rinse the outdoors of your pooch without crossing the threshold.

Conveniently sized to match that of your dog, a canine wash station offers a convenient range of water features, storage capacities, and overall design options. From no-frills utilitarian units to upscale doggie spa models, your home and its furry occupant will no doubt reap the benefits of a personal dog wash station.

Muddy paws and rain-soaked coats are a small price to pay for the endless joys of having a dog of one’s own, and with a home dog washing station the minimal annoyances are even less of a burden.

No more guarding the premises from a mucky mutt or putting a damper on outdoor time; an exquisitely crafted dog station ensures that both house & dog remain clean and in top form.

1. Mudroom Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

You’ve spent the day out of the house and in the rain and muck. You come home and head for the door that leads to the mudroom. This is the perfect place to slip off your coat and muddy boots. So isn’t it the perfect place to build your dog wash station? It’s already designed for handling your wet and muddy gear. 

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You can create a station for the people and a separate station for your pup. Add shelving and cabinets that can provide you with storage for supplies. Then choose a corner to build your wash station. 

The shower station you build can be as simple or elaborate as you want. A simple design will use a single flooring tile across your entire mudroom. All you need to build is a drain and separating wall to contain the water. On the opposite end of the spectrum would be an elaborate shower station with a fully tiled tub area. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your shower. If you don’t have a lot of space, try building a corner tub. This lets you utilize a dead corner without changing too much in the rest of the mudroom.

2. Laundry Room Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

It’s common for homes to have the laundry room as one of the main entrances to the home. Maybe you come directly into the laundry room through the back door. Or perhaps it connects to your garage. Either way, this makes the laundry room a perfect place for your dog wash station.

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The advantage of putting the station here is that you already have a water connection from the plumbing leading to your washing machine. This will make it easier to create the plumbing connection needed for your dog shower. 

You could build your dog wash into the cabinetry that you’ve built around your washer and dryer. This works especially well for smaller dogs where you want the height of the shower to be taller. You’ll be able to give your pup a good scrub without having to bend over. 

If your dog is larger, then keeping your wash station on the floor is a smarter idea. You can create more floor space by taking advantage of height. Stack your washer and dryer instead of having side by side machines. Then you’ll have more room to lay a shower pan that fits your available space and your dog.

3. Tile Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

Choosing to tile your dog wash station will let you give it a custom look that matches the rest of your home. You’re essentially building a smaller version of the showers in the rest of your house.

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You’ll need to start with the base of your shower. A 36-inch wide shower base should work fine for most dog owners. If your dog is especially large, then consider upgrading to the 48-inch wide shower base. This will give you and your big dog room to maneuver. 

The reason you’ll need to tile is that your local home improvement store doesn’t sell half height shower enclosures. So you can either tile or buy a full-height shower enclosure and cut it down to size, but that would be a nightmare. Those enclosures are made of fiberglass, making them nearly impossible to cut nicely. Tile is beautiful and resilient, so go with this easier option. 

When choosing your tile, think about functionality and design. The floor tile you choose needs to provide a non-slip surface for your pup. You also need to choose a wall tile that you can bring up high enough to protect the walls while you wash your pup. The larger your dog, the higher this tile needs to go. The tile you choose could be anything from a simple white subway tile to something bold in color or a unique shape.

4. Tub and Basin Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

If you don’t want to completely tile your dog wash station, you can use a tub or basin as the base of your shower. This eliminates the need to tile the floor. You’ll have more freedom when buying a tub than you did with the pre-fabricated shower. Depending on the size of your dog, you can even look at commercial sinks. 

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These sinks are deeper and larger than the sinks you already have in your home. They’re also more durable, which makes them perfect for holding your energetic pup. You could choose an affordable stainless steel option or all white, but this may not look so great in your home. Instead, try a marble one. You can find beautiful dark grey marble commercial sinks that are trimmed in stainless steel. 

Think about the height that you want to mount your sink at. It needs to be off the floor enough for the plumber to run the wastewater pipes, but this may not be the most comfortable height for you. Consider raising it up to about waist height. Now you can save your back by not having to crouch over.

Once you install your tub, you’ll need to tile around it. When deciding where to tile, you could stick to the immediate area around the shower. This will define the shower space. You could also continue the tiling throughout the rest of the laundry or mudroom. This will help tie the room together and make your dog shower look cohesive in the space.

5. Home Dog Wash Station Door Ideas

An open shower design may look elegant and work great for your human-sized shower, but it may not be the most functional for your dog wash station. If you have a dog who loves to channel Houdini, then you need doors on your dog shower. Even if you have a well-behaved dog, having doors on your shower can help keep the water contained and off the floor. 

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The most popular material used for the doors should be no surprise: Glass. You could have two doors that allow you full access to the space. You could have a stationary pane and a swinging door pane as well. No matter which style you choose, keep in mind that you’ll either be working through the open door or reaching over the glass wall to wash your dog. How you plan to use your dog shower will influence the door opening width and height of the doors. Don’t make the doors too low, though, or you risk your larger dog trying to jump over them.

6. Walk-In Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

If you have a senior dog, they may find it painful to jump, climb, or be lifted. A walk-in dog shower will accommodate their needs and also make it easy for you to wash them. These showers typically have a ledge that is low enough for the dog to walk over, but tall enough to keep the water contained. This will prevent the water from flowing out into the rest of the room. Exceptional Home Dog Wash Station Ideas

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The low edge could extend the entire length of the shower. This is a good option if your shower isn’t very wide. But if you have an especially long shower, consider creating a step design with a low walk-through area and taller mini walls framing it. 

7. Home Dog Wash Station Showerhead Ideas

Do not choose a cheap model when choosing the showerhead for your dog wash station. This isn’t like choosing the showerhead for your shower. You’re an adult who doesn’t beat up on your showerhead. Your dog is going to move around, and you’re going to pull on the handheld showerhead and hose as you maneuver around to rinse your pup.

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You can probably skip the standard wall-mount showerhead. You probably won’t use it enough to make installation worth it. Look for a showerhead that’s handheld with water flow adjustment options. You want something you can easily and quickly adjust. You also want one with a long enough hose as it needs to reach all the way around your dog.

Choose a finish that you like and complements the rest of your home. If you have chrome finishes throughout, then get a chrome fixture. If you have vintage-inspired black fixtures, then get that for your dog shower.

When mounting your fixture on the wall, you need to think about usability and where your plumbing is. You may be forced to mount it on the back wall. This isn’t ideal as it points the showerhead directly at you. Mounting it on a side allows you to hook the showerhead back on the wall without getting soaked.

You should also think about the height at which you mount the showerhead and controls. Don’t place them too high, where you’ll be required to reach up uncomfortably or stand up to work them. Instead, put the water control at a height that you can reach without moving when washing your dog.

Dog Wash Station FAQs

Do I only need to build the shower?

Technically, you only need the shower/tub area with a water supply. However, to make using your shower more convenient, you should also install shelving, cabinets, or towel hooks. That way you can store supplies within reach.

Why choose a built-in shower over a freestanding station?

Small freestanding stations aren’t secure and only work for very small dogs. This makes them impractical for the majority of dog owners. Plus, both small and large freestanding stations tend to lack style and design. Larger stations tend to be professional-grade and have a distinct industrial feel to them. This won’t complement the look of your home. You’re also limited to what’s available when it comes to size, shape, and height.

Does the drain size matter?

Opt for a larger drain, such as a 3-inch. Remember, you’re washing your dog, who may have a ton of fur. You need a drain that will handle this extra bulk. You should also consider putting a hair filter over the drain.

Can I put the dog shower outside?

Yes! This has become a popular option for those who don’t have space inside of their home. You’ll want to create a concrete pad for a solid and clean washing surface. You can even tile outside to create more of a shower feel. Then you’ll need to install a handheld showerhead. Try to place your outdoor shower near a dog door or regular door to prevent your pup from getting dirty after their bath.

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