Man Cave Paint Colors

Top 11 Best Man Cave Paint Colors

If you’re looking to revamp and redesign that old basement or spare room in the house into a man cave, the first thing you’ll need to consider is which paint color to go with. A trip to Home Depot or Lowes might give you a general idea, but you’re also going to get bombarded with an endless number of paint pallets to choose from. With some paint companies showcasing well over 2,000 plus paint colors available, and color matching machines that can replica every color in the world, the process of handpicking a few favorites can be a challenging process.

To help you get around these interior design hurdles, we’ve rounded up eleven of our favorite man cave colors. Our top paint choices feature masculine colors such as browns, tans, and grays, plus some additional bolder wall colors like blues and reds. These color combinations should give you the best ideas on an overall color scheme for your man cave.
Now if you are still searching for some more inspiration you can always take a glance at our photo guide for 50 masculine man cave ideas. That should be more than enough to help you get started in decorating and designing your own space.

As well, I wanted to mention that all of these paint colors below are products of Behr. I figured it would be easier for anyone interested in picking up a can of these paint colors to simply have one brand to go with. Plus you might already recognize them thanks to their bear logo, which seems manly in the first place.

11 Swatches and Combinations For The Best Man Cave Colors:

Keeping with the theme of making things easy, I’ve divided each of these color groups into four sections: Grey, Blue, Red and Brown.

Red Man Cave Colors

Red Brown Man Cave Wall Colors

Contemporary Man Cave Colors

Red Man Cave Paint Colors

Man Cave Color Swatch

Blue Man Cave Colors

Modern Man Cave Colors

Blue Interior Paint Colors For Man Caves

Brown Man Cave Colors

Brown Man Cave Color Combinations

Tan Wall Color For Man Cave

Brown Man Cave Color Palette

Grey Man Cave Colors

Grey Man Cave Colors

Grey Man Cave Paint Colors

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