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Top 60 Best Master Bedroom Ideas – Luxury Home Interior Designs

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years the master of the estate enjoyed his own lavish bit of privacy in the form of the master bedroom.

Here was where he could rest and restore his spirits away from interruptions, in a space created entirely for his pleasure and just as suited to his tastes.

Today’s master bedroom hardly strays from this blueprint, but thanks to a few modern conveniences and carefully updated details the 21st-century gentleman can truly savor the full potential that is his private bedroom.

The master bedroom is more than just a place to lay your head, but a space to dream in. This chamber reflects what you hold dear in the way of taste and personal interests, and likewise lets the esteemed guest know what true renaissance man their host is. From breezy beachfront retreats to the more lavish quarters of the Victorian gentleman’s study, and onward into the sparse sophistication of the Scandinavian abode, the master bedroom is truly a stage upon which one can display their true inner aesthetic.

Canopied beds and comfortable chaise lounges evoke a sumptuous estate hideaway, while bold colors and bespoke furnishings echo the modern man’s savvy. Whatever you ultimately choose and matter where your desires lie, these top 60 best master bedroom ideas are no less than your personally appointed palace.

Few things in life compare to the moment when your head hits the pillow after a long day at work or the stolen hour behind closed doors. Our bedrooms play host to our most intimate pastimes and rituals and are as unique to the individual as the man himself. This is your chance to embrace your true nature and at last, bask in the landscape of your dreams.

1. Master Bedroom TV Wall Ideas

A man’s private getaway is not complete without a place to relax and watch the game or cuddle up with someone in front of the newest movie release. While it is perfectly acceptable to simply hang your widescreen on the wall across from your bed, designing a media area can make that side of your room a pleasure to look at even when the TV is off.

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If your master suite includes a seating area, position the TV where you have an unobstructed view from both your bed and your sofa or chair. Most TVs look best positioned over a long, low dresser or credenza. However, this is not a must.

One factor you should always consider is eliminating glare on your flat screen. Try to keep windows behind the TV so they cannot reflect on the screen. If this is not possible, use an adjustable wall mount that allows you to tilt the screen away from any glare. Of course, make use of stylish blinds and curtains to block natural light during daytime TV viewing.

If your master bedroom has a fireplace, a logical spot to mount your TV is over the mantel. Extend your brick or stone fireplace surround to cover the entire wall for an impressive bedroom accent.

2. Master Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

Fireplaces have always been a welcome feature in bedrooms. In the past, they primarily served a practical purpose: keeping the bedroom warm at night. Today, fireplaces serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose in the bedroom. While most homes have central heating, nothing can replicate the romance and warm ambiance of a live flame.

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Rustic Wood Ceiling Luxury Master Bedroom Ideas With Stone Fireplace

If you are a traditionalist, you may insist on a real, wood-burning fireplace even in the bedroom. However, many men find it burdensome and messy to tend to a real fire, especially in an area designed for relaxation. Today’s gas fireplaces can replicate the look of an authentic wood fire, but you only need to press a button to power it on or off. When surrounded by an impressive stone or wood mantel, they look the same as traditional fireplaces.

Modern ventless linear or landscape fireplaces can be mounted at any height and provide all the benefits of a traditional fireplace with a smaller footprint. They are available in gas and electric versions and come in a wide range of designs. Some include faux logs like other gas fireplaces, while others have flames rising from a plain or gravel-covered base. If your TV is not mounted above your linear fireplace, be sure to accent the area with a favorite piece of art.

3. Headboard and Bed Ideas for Master Bedrooms

Considering that most of us will sleep one-third of our life away, our bed needs to be comfortable and inviting – a soft place to land at the end of each busy day. When choosing this most important piece of furniture, you must consider decorative and practical aspects alike. Thankfully, headboards and bed frames come in almost limitless styles to fit every preference.

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Padded fabric headboards are not only attractive, but they are also comfortable to lean against while reading or watching TV. These luxurious headboards can be covered in a variety of materials, from buttery soft leather to plush velvet. Check out the video at the end of this category for a tutorial on making your own DIY upholstered headboard. You can also apply the same effect directly to the wall behind your bed. When carried to the ceiling, this feature makes a dramatic statement, especially when flanked by floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Wood or metal headboards can be softened by choosing one that includes a fabric-covered section to rest against. A heavy, carved wood headboard brings an old-world charm to your traditional décor and can often be purchased with coordinating nightstands and dressers. Metal beds come in every possible finish, from mirror-like chrome to wrought iron to brass. Metal bed styles may feature the sleek lines of modern décor or include every curve, embellishment, and finial that makes Victorian design so grand.

4. Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Don’t just settle for your builder’s basic overhead light fixture when it’s so easy to replace it with a magnificent focal point. You may not use your overhead light often in the bedroom, favoring nightstand lamps that cast a softer glow at night. However, both types of lighting are important to creating the right atmosphere in your master bedroom.

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While lighting should complement your overall design scheme, it can be OK to step outside the box when designing your own private hideaway. Sometimes an ornate crystal chandelier is just what’s needed to add some Hollywood glamour to a monotonal bedroom. Consider shopping for fixtures designed for other areas of the home. For example, if you have high ceilings in your bedroom, a fixture intended for an entryway may fill the space more beautifully than a smaller-profile bedroom fixture.

Bedside lamps are handy in the wee hours of the night and should be a standard element in every bedroom. Not only are they essential, but their colors, materials, and shapes also add so much to a room’s ambiance. Ideally, each nightstand will have a lamp, but it’s a myth that they have to match. This is particularly true in a shabby chic or eclectic setting. That said, a traditionally-designed master bedroom will almost certainly have matching lamps to remain true to its elegant sensibilities.

5. Master Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas

Your master bedroom is the perfect place to install an interesting ceiling. Given the amount of time you gaze up while lying in bed, it’s nice if you have something other than plain or textured plaster to look at. Many traditional and contemporary homes include a trey ceiling in the master bedroom. This raised design feature may include two or more levels and adds a sense of height and spaciousness to your bedroom.

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Shiplap Ceiling White Master Bedroom Ideas

Textured panels are another option to embellish a boring master bedroom ceiling. From antique embossed metal tiles to modern geometric designs, these panels come in a huge assortment of styles. You can also apply textured wallpaper to the ceiling to obtain a floral or natural texture. If you prefer the classic look of a coffered ceiling, you can create this effect yourself by installing slats or beams in a grid pattern. For a bold look, paint the areas between the slats a dark or contrasting color.

Beams add a rustic or midcentury feel to a master suite and can be painted black for a strong statement. A combination of shiplap and beams is an ideal ceiling for farmhouses and cottages. Shiplap’s tightly-fitting boards provide just enough texture without going overboard. Even if you currently have unattractive popcorn ceilings, you can learn how to cover them yourself with a plywood shiplap effect by watching the following video.

6. Modern Master Bedroom Ideas

If you’re a fan of modern design, you already know how a simple color palette, clean lines, and a mixture of materials can create a space filled with peaceful simplicity. The absence of clutter and excess accessories is necessary to project the beauty of modern design, and perhaps in no other room is this more appreciated than in the master bedroom.

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It’s a common myth that modern spaces must feel harsh or unwelcoming. Wide, pane-less windows allow tons of natural light and decorate your bedroom with the beauty of your landscape and view. A splash of your favorite colors can be added with a few pieces of framed modern art and a luxuriously upholstered headboard. While too much metal can make any bedroom feel cold, the right metal modern accents achieve the opposite. Look for plush chairs with metal legs, curved chrome light fixtures, and perhaps a glass-topped iron dresser or end table.

7. Master Bedroom Wood and Rustic Accent Ideas

Admiring rustic décor doesn’t mean settling for a log cabin in the woods. You can stay true to your rustic roots by adding the right wooden and natural accents to your master suite. Ceilings and floors are great places to get a little rough in the bedroom. Cover a plain plaster ceiling with stained wooden shiplap or beadboard, or opt for a wide-plank farmhouse hardwood floor to anchor the space. If you really enjoy the look of natural wood paneling, you can create a wood accent wall behind your bed.

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Look for accessories that bring the spirit of the woodsman inside. For example, buy faux fur pillows to nestle among your high-count linens. Hang a white plaster mounted deer, moose, or elk head over your fireplace to give a contemporary nod to classic lodge décor. Look for a chandelier with arms that resemble animal antlers or tree branches. On your nightstand, place a colored mason jar filled with tall decorative twigs instead of flowers.

8. Master Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Your master bedroom floor shouldn’t only look appealing—it needs to feel utterly luxurious under bare feet. If you go with carpet, it should be the thickest, softest pile you can afford. If you prefer hardwoods, be sure the seams are sanded evenly and the finish is satiny smooth. Keep in mind that using a satin finish instead of a gloss will help to hide footprints, dust, and other noticeable dirt between cleanings.

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Use an area rug or throw rugs to soften the appearance of your bedroom and give your feet a soft place to land in the mornings. Fluffy flokati or solid shag rugs go well with modern or midcentury themed rooms, while classic Oriental or Persian rugs look great in more traditional spaces. Consider jute or other natural fiber rug if your bedroom has a beachy or cottage design scheme.

9. Master Bedroom Wall Texture Ideas

The simple addition of wall texture can be the one thing that takes your master bedroom from average to extraordinary. As with every detail you add to your home, the wall texture you choose should be representative of your overall style. Wallpaper is a classic solution for wall texturing and can be found in muted or dramatic designs. For a softer effect, choose an embossed solid color wallpaper. You can create a more rustic accent by covering one wall with woven textured wallpaper.

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You can easily mimic the look of exposed brick by purchasing manufactured masonry veneer to hang on the wall behind your bed or around your fireplace. These panels come in finishes that look like natural brick or stone or can be painted to coordinate with your bedding or flooring. If you are lucky enough to live in a loft or home with exposed brick walls, they can be left as-is, whitewashed or painted.

Master Bedroom FAQs

I know that a higher thread count equals softer sheets. What else do I need to know when shopping for high-quality bedding?

Thread count is definitely not the only factor to consider when shopping for luxurious bedding. In fact, any thread count over 1000 can actually signify lower quality if the manufacturer used a thinner thread to bump up the count. Look for 100 percent cotton sheets made with long fibers. These labels will include the words “pima,” “Supima,” or “Egyptian long-staple” as indicators of these high-quality fibers. If you suffer from sensitive skin or allergies, look for pure-finish sheets that have any chemicals used in the manufacturing process removed.

What kind of ambient lighting is good in a master bedroom?

Proper bedroom lighting means making the most of available natural light in the daytime and adding fixtures for adequate illumination at night. This usually means relying on more than your bedside lamp and overhead light. Place a mirror across from your windows to double the power of daylight. Install recessed ceiling lights and place recessed lights in dark corners to eliminate any unlit zones. If you like to read in bed at night, install reading lamps over your headboard. Dimmable wall sconces are also a nice way to warm up your master suite with just enough light in the evenings.

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