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Top 60 Best Modern Fence Ideas – Contemporary Outdoor Designs

Privacy is one of the most substantial benefits of owning a home; the ability to reside within the comfort and style standards of one’s own abode is indeed a luxury many only dream of, but few achieve.

If you are among the fortunate gents who proudly possesses their own personally appointed corner of the world, you no doubt want to shield it from prying eyes and likewise protect it from intruders.

When one thinks of fences–and the necessity of installing them–the traditional picket tends to come to mind: the clean white 1950’s motif, a picture of domestic calm and perfection. While many of those values have hardly left us, the modern home calls for a more contemporary framework, and here the fence of today comes in. The modern fence makes an understated and effortlessly fluid impression, neither overwhelming the landscape, nor concealing the architectural artistry of your sprawl.

Wrought iron or horizontally slatted, geometric or latticed, your modern fence is the final point of punctuation on your home. Accented by your property’s flora and greenery or standing alone in its own right, the perfect fence both blends and stands apart–no easy feat for sure, but miraculously achieved in the modern embrace.

Your worked hard to secure your habitat, and deserve to mark your boundaries in both style and strength. Appearances aren’t always deceiving; sometimes what is splendid to behold is just as impenetrable. These top 60 best modern fence ideas are proof that beauty is a force to be reckoned with, and an irresistible one at that.


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