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Top 70 Best Wooden Fence Ideas – Exterior Backyard Designs

The wooden fence has seen many incarnations since its first use. From medieval fortress barricade to suburban picket of the prim American manse, one would be hard pressed to find a more oft-used and time-honored landscaping utility.

The fence of today’s home may serve a more comely purpose, but the wooden model is still enjoying a perpetual renaissance.

If you find yourself reassessing your home and surroundings, why not delve into the discerning world of the updated wooden fence?

From revisionist Victorian to refashioned resin core paneling, nothing is off limits where the scope of the modern wooden fence is concerned. Stained or stripped, rustic or refined, and most certainly the refurbished, all factor into one’s possible selections when optioning a wooden fence. The admirer of the wooden fence understands that one’s designated perimeters needn’t clash with the natural surroundings; a wooden fence reappoints some of the organic to the backdrop of your home.

We all crave privacy, beauty, and protection from our home. That these three elements seldom blend seamlessly with one another has long been the bane of many a landscape and architectural designer’s profession. To this end, the nouveau wooden fence more than steps up to task–and with an impressively understated and unprecedented approach, no less.

These top 70 best wooden fence ideas are assurance that you can secure your home while garnering the admiration of your neighborhood. Who would have thought such an ancient material could lend itself so well to our ever-changing times?

1. Backyard Wooden Fence Ideas

Magnificent Wooden Fence Design Ideas

Design Ideas For Wooden Fence

Exterior Wood Fence Design

Arched Unstained Wooden Fence Backyard Design

Traditional Exterior Ideas Wood Fence

Wooden Fence Ideas Inspiration

Unique Black Wooden Fence Home Ideas

Modern Small Slats Cool Wooden Fence Design Ideas

2. Picket Fence and Other Front Yard Fence Ideas

Home Ideas White Painted Picket Wooden Fence

Front Yard Exterior Designs Concrete And Wood Fence

Wooden Fence Spectacular Ideas

Stunning Exterior Short Wood Fence Designs

Driveway Designs Wooden Fence With Gate

3. Wooden Garden Fence Ideas

Excellent Backyard Ideas Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence Design Inspiration

Wooden Fence Home Designs

Wooden Fence Cool Backyard Ideas

4. Privacy Wooden Fence Ideas

Ipe Wood Fence Exterior Design

Stone Wooden Fence Backyard Ideas

Backyard Designs Wooden Fence With Lattice Top

Black Stained Exterior Ideas For Wood Fence

Home Backyard Wooden Fence

Impressive Wooden Fence Ideas

Curved House Wooden Fence Ideas

Metal And Ipe Wood Fence Cool Exterior Ideas

5. Horizontal Wooden Fence Ideas

Nice Wooden Fence Backyard Ideas

Remarkable Ideas For Wooden Fence

Sloped Hill Backyard Ideas For Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence Idea Inspiration

Black Stained Nice Wood Fence Exterior Ideas

Concrete And Wood Slat Modern Home Exterior Wood Fence

Cedar Exceptional Wooden Fence Ideas

Contemporary Ideas For Wooden Fence Backyard

Home Design Ideas Wooden Fence Backyard Pool

6. Traditional Wooden Fence Ideas

Lattice Design Ideas Wooden Fence

Home Backyard Lattice Designs Wooden Fence

Luxury Wooden Fence

7. Modern Wooden Fence Ideas

Modern Wood Fence Exterior Ideas

Sleek Wooden Fence Ideas

Ideas Wooden Fence Modern Square Vertical Boards

Contemporary Slat Cool Wooden Fence

Woven Wood Boards Backyard Ideas Wooden Fence

Woven Wood Backyard Wooden Fence Design

Unique Wooden Fence

Stunning Backyard Wooden Fence Designs

Ideas For Home Wooden Fence Curved Sunken Deck

Wooden Fence Ideas

Home Wooden Fence Ideas

Creative Wooden Fence Home Ideas

Wooden Fence Design Idea Inspiration

8. Split Rail and Other Farm Style Wooden Fence Ideas

Good Ideas For Wooden Fence

Awesome Wooden Fence Ideas With Mesh Wire

Home Exterior Designs Wood Beam Traditional Fence

Luxury Wooden Beam Fence Ideas

Traditional Designs For Black Stained Wooden Fence

9. Fence Ideas With Natural Wood

Superb Wooden Vertical Boards Fence Ideas

Idea Inspiration Wooden Logs Fence Desert Landscaping Designs

Natural Board Planks Ideas For Wooden Fence

Unique Wooden Fence Designs

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