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Top 60 Best Outdoor Patio Ideas – Backyard Lounge Designs

The oft-overlooked backyard patio is the perfect way to showcase your home’s exterior, and put your unique style signature to good use.

More than just a utilitarian backyard plot, the patio is your chance to bring your vision of paradise to life.

With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and curate your own private oasis.

From exotic casbahs to Tuscan terraces, there is truly no limit to the catalogue of backyard patio inspiration. Stone and lattice work, plants and flowers, repurposed materials, and even textiles have all found their way into the modern patio scheme, with no comfort spared or detail overlooked. Your patio is your outdoor living room and dining area, and can be enjoyed by friends and family alike with the same standards you would apply indoors.

As with any up to date and well-tended outdoor space, the backyard patio promises years of luxury and repose. We all deserve a sanctuary to retreat to and likewise share with those we are closest to; your modern patio is no exception. By following your design intuition and investing a little time and effort in crafting an expert backyard patio, your home will be elevated to a whole new level of class and leisure.

Outdoor Patio Ideas

Awesome Patio Ideas

With the appeal of townhomes, many men are finding themselves with small backyards and no idea what to do with them. An idea like the one pictured here is perfect for a restrictive space that requires some privacy and versatility. Just because your backyard lacks in size doesn’t mean you have to settle for a barren yard. These planters look like they were meant to dress up a patio space. Use similar ideas to bring some life to your small patio.

Back Patio Ideas

Large patios are great for serving several purposes at the same time, like the one pictured here does so well. On the same patio, there’s a grilling station, a dining table and chairs, and a lounging area with a fire pit. This is a terrific outdoor living space idea. Guests can move from space to space without having to traverse paths, stairs, or other obstacles that restrict the patio’s flow.

Backyard Ideas Patio

If you’re like to make the most use of your backyard, you might consider a patio space like the one here. While the pool is the main attraction, the detours along the way will find you in a comfortable sitting area with a fire pit, a small garden space, or engaging in great conversation under one of the several pergolas. You may not be able to pull off all of these spaces in your yard but it’s possible to take a few cues from this design. Putting a few patio areas in your backyard allows you to create several smaller outdoor living spaces, giving friends and family plenty of options while hanging out.

Backyard Patio Floor Ideas

Backyard Patio Ideas

Some men don’t have the acreage to put together an elaborate backyard paradise. If you’ve only got a small space to work with, maximize its potential with comfortable seating and a fire pit like the one here. This gas fire pit is a great option if you don’t want to deal with firewood, or if your local authority doesn’t allow it. Gas fire pits burn cleaner, so you don’t have to contend with thick smoke and smelly clothes. They’re also easier to operate as they only require a fuel source and a match to kick back and watch the flames dance.

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Cool Patio Design Ideas

Cool Patio Ideas

There are many great ways to distinguish patio areas from each other, but this small backyard patio might be picture-perfect. This backyard is separated into several small patios by stone raised beds and the change in patio paver materials. The large pavers in the fire pit area make the area nice and flat so long pieces of furniture don’t rock, and walking with a glass of wine doesn’t become a tv game show challenge. The cobblestone-fountain area looks amazing as well, surrounded by raised beds and timeless stonework.

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Depending on your situation, you may not be able to put a large and intricate patio in your backyard. When that’s the case, these large paver stones can make a big impact without much of an investment. If this is the route that you’d like to take your patio project, it’s important to grade, or flatten, the area you’ll be using. Even though this is essentially a drag-and-drop patio idea, you don’t want the stones to rock or create lips that will trip your guests.

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Adding a covered cabana area is an excellent way to maximize your patio’s usefulness. Let’s face it, there are times when the sun is just too much for lounging in. A cabana can add some shaded space to seek refuge under and enjoy a cold drink. Cabanas are a relatively inexpensive way to dress up an area of your patio. If you’re not confident in taking on a DIY cabana project, there are plenty of kits available at home improvement stores.

Outdoor Patio Ideas

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Concrete patio areas can be an attractive and cost-effective option over paver patios. While they still do require some labor, they’re often faster to set and the material generally costs less than stone or brick pavers. This concrete patio’s main draw centers around the gas fire pit. The fire pit’s construction matches the brickwork that surrounds it, while also providing a warm area for cocktails and conversation between friends. A concrete slab dressed up with chairs and a fire pit might be just the right design that you should replicate in your backyard.

Patio Decorating Ideas

Patio Design Idea Inspiration

While usually reserved for construction projects like foundations and retaining walls, this patio area puts these cinderblocks to work. These blocks create a simple space in which to enjoy a fine fireside glass of wine. The block walls look anything but basic, with a painted stripe, cap blocks, and built-in benches for plenty of seating. We like that the gas fire pit incorporates that design as well, tying that corner of the patio together well.

Patio Design Ideas

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Patio Furniture Design Ideas

Patio Furniture Ideas

It doesn’t take long to pick out the focal point of this backyard patio area. The natural stone fireplace and chimney draw your attention right away, which is most likely what the designer was going for. The patio furniture is situated around the table, making sure everyone can feel the warmth of the fire without straining to tell a joke or story. If this patio idea appeals to you, try replicating this look with a smaller chimney. You’ll save money on material and labor, while still giving your patio the warm feature only an outdoor fireplace can provide.

Patio Garden Ideas

Patio Ideas

This garden patio area lends the perfect space to place a table and chairs for relaxing lunches or family gatherings. The yard cascades down until it settles at the patio, which is decorated with beautiful flowers, plants, and a fountain feature to keep the relaxing vibe flowing. You don’t need a deep, descending backyard to make a space like this work for you. Any small, unused space in your yard could be used for this patio idea. Surround your patio with similar plants and features for a calming afternoon getaway.

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Large patio areas can be the ideal canvas for mixing textures and patterns. This creative backyard does an incredible job of mixing concrete, brick, and greenery for a patio that’s both functional and fun. The herringbone brickwork, concrete pavers, and borders all mix together, while the garden beds tone down all the stone. You can try this design on a smaller scale in your backyard if this design appeals to you. A small concrete paver patio, either separated or bordered by brickwork, could be the perfect addition for your yard.

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Small Outdoor Patio Ideas

Small Patio Furniture Ideas

Rooftops make for great patio spots. These roofs are usually reasonably flat so you don’t have to worry about furniture rocking. They also drain well, so you don’t have to cancel plans if a soaking rain came through earlier in the day. If you have a rooftop like this available to you, consider some patio furniture or a fire pit to give yourself a reason to get outside under the stars after a long day.

Small Patio Ideas

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Outdoor Patio FAQs

How much does it cost to put in a patio?

There are a lot of factors that go into the price of a patio, or any other outdoor project for that matter. The size of the patio, the materials, and whether or not you’ll be doing the labor yourself rank highest on the list of variables. During certain times of the year, home improvement stores offer deals on basic pavers that can allow you to build a patio for under $1 per square foot. The price inflates quickly from there, so you really need to know what you’re looking for before you can price your project.

What can I do with a small outdoor patio?

The possibilities for outdoor patios are truly limitless. They’re perfect for seating, grilling, relaxing, and a number of other outdoor activities. You can build a fire pit, surround a pool, or build a seating area in some natural shade to keep cool during the hot weather. Whatever your outdoor needs may be, there’s a patio idea that will make sense.

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