Painted Fireplace Ideas

Top 50 Best Painted Fireplace Ideas – Interior Designs

The fireplace is arguably the oldest household accoutrement, and undoubtedly the most revered.

Here is where our ancestors gathered on dark nights, where lovers convened and families warmed their hands during cold winter spells.

We may be past the vital necessity of the fireplace, but that certainly doesn’t deter from its eternal charm and beauty. To put it simply, a fireplace lifts a house into nothing short of a sanctuary.

Painted brick and stone fireplaces have enjoyed a renewed popularity in recent times, thanks to their on-trend rustic appeal and equally simple process. The painted fireplace evokes all the values of the old world hearth while honoring the need to maintain one’s home within modern sensibilities.

A wash of white paint suggests an updated New England abode, while Mediterranean blues, yellows, and ruby hues add cheer and worldly savvy to a gathering spot. Easy to apply or commission, the painted fireplace is an effortless way to lift your space into the new century without forsaking the nostalgia of bygone pleasures.

These top 50 best painted fireplace ideas are implements of year-round joy, and not just an instrument of winter pastimes. Regardless of the season, your painted fireplace is sure to catch the eye of admirers and naturally draw your guests like moths to a flame, even if there’s not a fire in sight.

Now is the perfect time to reassess your fireplace’s potential, and delve into the many inspirational sources that will transform your hearth into nothing less than a work of art.


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