Painted Floor Ideas

Top 60 Best Painted Floor Ideas – Flooring Pattern Designs

The ancient Romans placed artful tiles on their floors to tell an array of stories and delight their guests, while the Victorians covered the floorboards with sumptuous carpeting.

But what of the painted floor?

Just as ancient in adornment and favor, the painted floor has taken on a whole new identity to fit the modern realm of domestic design.

From geometric stenciling to lush hand-painted frescos, the painted floor is an eclectic alternative to the standard generic.

Painstaking patterns, both detailed or grand in scale, as well as brushed hardwood–your home can achieve an instant upgrade with a painted do-over. Guests will no doubt pause in their tracks and gasp at what sprawls before them, just as you yourself will likely never stop marveling at the masterpiece you’ve achieved underfoot.

These top 60 best painted floor ideas echo the decadence of bygone palaces and estates, where no detail went unnoticed in the pursuit of splendor. Many of these sensibilities may have been lost in time, but the modern Renaissance man remembers and revives.

Regardless of the era you reside in, your home is absolutely your palace, and the floor you tread upon should be fit for a king. Whether your prefer a sweeping scene or more subtle patterning, a cacophony of color or more muted scheme, your painted floor will turn your abode into a dwelling that will not soon be forgotten.


Awesome Painted Floor Ideas Chevron White And Grey

Bathroom Interior Ideas Painted Floor

Bathroom Pattern Cool Painted Floor

Bathrooms Home Interior Painted Floor

Bathroom White And Grey Impressive Painted Floor Ideas

Black And White Bathroom Design Ideas Painted Floor

Black And White Chevron Home Interior Designs Painted Floor

Black And White Entryway House Painted Floor Ideas

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Black Ideas For Painted Floor

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Black Vintage Luxury Painted Floor

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Dark And Light Hardwood Interior Painted Floor Design

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Fancy Painted Floor Idea Inspiration

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Painted Floor For Foyer

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Sleek Painted Floor Ideas

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Staircase Painted Blue Floor Ideas

Stunning Interior Painted Floor Designs

Superb Painted Floor Ideas

Unique Painted Floor

Unique Painted Floor Designs

Unique Painted Floor Home Ideas

White And Black Living Room Painted Floor Interior Design

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White Over Hardwood Ornate Pattern Floor Painting Ideas

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