Shiplap Bathroom Ideas

Top 50 Best Shiplap Bathroom Ideas – Nautical Inspired Wall Interiors

Shiplapping, named for its time-honored use in the quintessential sailing vessel, is more than just a bygone sailing implement, but an in-the-moment-of-the-moment motif that lends a bit of rustic charm to even the most discerning interior space.

And what room calls for a touch of the nautical more than the household bathroom itself?

Bathroom shiplapping can be as large in scale or subtle in rendering as you wish. Whether it’s an entire wall or vanity background, the beauty of shiplapping is that its effect is hardly diminished in accordance to its size. Stained and distressed or clean and bright, shiplapping can take even the most dismal, unappealing bathroom and transform it into a space worth taking your sweet time in.

If you’ve ever wished for a beachside retreat or stately New England manse, or maybe even a Captain’s cabin of your own, shiplapping makes a big impact in a surprisingly understated manner. And thanks to the ease with which it can be installed, you’ll find yourself freshening up in old world splendor in no time.

The bathroom often gets overlooked in favor of more scene-stealing rooms in the house, which is truly a pity. Here is where you cleanse and revitalize, and no doubt restore peace and calm after a hard day’s work. Such an enclave deserves a look and feel worth basking in, and certainly returning to day after day.

These top 50 best shiplap bathroom ideas may seem like small improvements, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly the bathroom becomes your welcoming harbor in the storm.


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