Shiplap Wall Ideas

Top 50 Best Shiplap Wall Ideas – Wooden Board Interiors

In the modern designer’s quest to revive the rustic aesthetic, a number of hidden interior treasures are coming to light, among them the shiplap wall.

Shiplap paneling, named for its traditional usage on ships, is an overlapping of grooved wooden panels. Shiplapping lends texture and antiquation to any space, and can be easily installed with a basic assortment of tools.

Ideal for the desired accent wall or lending a bit of the nautical rustic to one’s surroundings, shiplap walls blend with any interior scheme without overwhelming the tone and décor. A shiplap wall behind the bathroom vanity suggests a luxe liner cabin, while a fireplace shiplap wall softens the space with forest-inspired harmony.

In the private cove of the bedroom or taking center stage in the living room, or simply breaking up the kitchen monotony, a shiplap wall blends elegant nuance with a bit of subtle duplicity–and isn’t that the hallmark of the multi-faceted gentleman?

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the boldest statements are just as understated. A shiplap wall is the perfect way to honor the unexpected, without forcing an impression. Just as the timeless sailing vessel makes little demands of the waters up on which it sails, your home needn’t be composed of competing parts.

This is your sanctuary and homage to the tastes you’ve curated throughout your life, and these top 50 best shiplap wall ideas are your chance to step outside the ordinary without testing your home’s natural fluidity.

Shiplap Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Wood Shiplap Stained Home Ideas For Living Room

Awesome White Painted Wood Shiplap Wall Ideas For Bathroom

Bright bronze fixtures and marble tile make this bathroom vanity stand out against the picture-perfect shiplap walls. As an accent, these walls help by lending a cozy feel to this bright white space. This fully shiplapped look is a good style plan for medium to large-sized bathrooms with high ceilings to avoid the cramped feeling.

Bedroom Impressive Shiplap Wall Ideas

If you like a bright room but need to tone down the washout caused by natural light, shiplap may be the answer. Used here as an accent wall, the horizontal reveals between boards do a great job of soaking up some of the sunlight from the large french door. This keeps the room bright without harsh glare.

Black Bathroom Luxury Shiplap Wall Ideas

Black Bathroom Remarkable Ideas For Shiplap Wall

Black Painted Shiplap Wall Bathroom Design Ideas

Fully wrapping a small room with shiplap will make it feel smaller and cramped. This is especially true in bathrooms, which tend to be small to begin with. Try accenting just one wall in your bathroom. You’ll still get to bring a new texture into the room without feeling like the walls are closing in on you.

Blue Painted Ideas For Shiplap Wall Interior In Half Bath

Entryway Bench With Storage Cabinets Designs Shiplap Wall

There’s a lot to like in this mudroom. Between the built-in cabinetry, beautiful hardware, and awesome bronze lights, the shiplap paneling almost goes unnoticed. This may be the ideal execution though. The shiplap only accents the room, adding an extra design flair without being too much to look at. Add in the fact that durable shiplap is great for hard-use areas like mudrooms, and this space borders on perfection.

Excellent Interior Ideas Shiplap Wall Dining Room

Exceptional Mudroom Shiplap Wall Ideas

Built-in mudroom spaces almost beg for shiplap. This bold shiplap wall creates the perfect alcove for a bench and shelving to hide behind. This dividing wall’s clean, crisp lines flow around the corner and back into the bench area, making the design feel cohesive and complete. You can use a similar design in any unused corner of your home to create a reading nook, mudroom, or study space.

Fireplace Ideas For Shiplap Wall

This shiplap accent wall and fireplace look great in the middle of this sitting area. The dark-stained shiplap wall offers a ton of contrast against the white walls and furnishings. It’s possible to replicate this look even if you don’t have a fireplace. You can purchase pre-stained shiplap or stain it yourself. Choose a wall that you’d like to use for an accent and start installing your shiplap one board at a time.

Foyer House Shiplap Wall Ideas

The dark-stained, wide-plank pine floors look right at home against the bright white walls and cabinetry in this entryway. The shiplap paneling frames the door on either side, making the entire space feel like one connected piece of fine furniture. While all the features in this room might be difficult to pull off, you can take a few cues from the paneling and simple mouldings for a project of your own. Painting an armoire to match the pallet will get you closer to this look.

Good Ideas For Shiplap Wall Hallway Staircase Foyer

Grey Bedroom Accent Wall Shiplap Ideas

Keep the country home aesthetic flowing in your bedroom with a shiplap paneled wall behind your headboard. You can achieve the desired look in a small area like this with a faux shiplap wall if you’re looking to keep your bedroom renovation under budget. To create this look in your space, purchase primed MDF 1×6-inch boards. Start on the floor, making sure your first board is level. As you make your way up the wall, keep the boards evenly spaced with ⅛-inch shims to create a consistent reveal.

Half Bath Shiplap Wall Design Inspiration

Half Bath Shiplap Wall Interior Ideas

Hallway Shiplap Wall Home Designs

Hallway White Wood Painted Shiplap Walls

Hidden Door Hallway Cool Shiplap Wall

Ideas Shiplap Wall White Dining Room

Sheet goods that mimick shiplap are another budget-friendly option for achieving the look while saving some cash. This dining room’s shiplap accent wall is a good example of how nice a 4×8 sheet of faux shiplap can make a room. These sheets can be used horizontally or vertically, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. They’re relatively inexpensive, easy to cut, and can be installed over larger areas at one time.

Interior Breakfast Nook Shiplap Wall Design

Interior Ideas Staircase Entryway Shiplap Wall

Kitchen Pantry Luxury Shiplap Wall

Kitchen Shiplap Wall Design Ideas

Living Room Ceiling And Walls Design Ideas Shiplap

Living Room Fireplace Interior Designs Shiplap Wall

Living Rooms Shiplap Wall Interior Design

Living Room Tv Wall Shiplap Ideas

Magnificent Staircase Shiplap Wall Design Ideas

Master Bathroom Home Interior Shiplap Wall

Master Bathroom Interior Ideas For Shiplap Wall

Navy Blue Shiplap Wall Home Ideas

Nice Navy Painted Shiplap Wall Bathroom Interior Ideas

Shiplap Living Room Black Wall Ideas Inspiration

Shiplap Staircase Wall Ideas

Shiplap Wall Black Bathroom Cool Interior Ideas

Shiplap Wall Hallway Home Ideas

Shiplap Wall White Bathroom Design Idea Inspiration

Sleek Shiplap Wall Ideas For Master Bathroom

Staircase Design Ideas For Shiplap Wall

Staircase Foyer Shiplap Wall Spectacular Ideas

Staircase Home Design Ideas Shiplap Wall

Staircase Home Interior Designs Shiplap Wall

Stairs Ideas For Home Shiplap Wall

Unique Shiplap Mudroom Wood White Painted Walls

White Mudroom Shiplap Wall

Shiplap Wall FAQs

How much does it cost to shiplap a wall?

While there are many variables to consider when answering this question accurately, we can provide you a range. Shiplap walls should cost between $1 and $4 a square foot, depending on the chosen material and whether you’re installing it yourself or hiring out the work.

Are shiplap walls going out of style?

This depends. In many cottages and farmhouses, shiplap is not a trend but rather a style that goes hand in hand with the aesthetic. Shiplap in modern homes may be losing ground, however, so keep that in mind before you start your shiplap project.

What kind of wood is used for shiplap walls?

Shiplap can come in any number of materials. Pine, primed pine, cedar, and even MDF can be used for shiplap, depending on your budget, the project, and where you’re using it. A wide variety of materials were used for shiplap in older homes, so there is no hard and fast rule on this.

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