Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

Top 70 Best Vaulted Ceiling Ideas – High Vertical Space Designs

The vaulted ceiling is one of the most traditional methods for adding height and spatial property to a limited vertical space, with the added capacity inviting personal design touches and otherwise unimaginable implements.

We seldom look to our ceilings for such possibilities; and what a pity indeed, for the vaulted ceiling is truly an interior renaissance man’s dream.

These vaulted ceiling ideas are punctuated by their ability to open up rooms and lend the impression of infinite floor and wall space, as well as permitting more natural light to permeate. Many rooms with vaulted ceilings feature a skylight, an added luxury due to minimal roof inhibition.

For those who wish to forgo the skylight, there are still a wealth of materials to choose from, each designed to brighten and warm up the quarters.

Maple or pine are particularly cozy, cabin-inspired choices, blending golden-hued, woodsy familiarity and posing a minimal risk of clashing with surrounding colors and textures. For the bolder at heart, darker shades enrich the dramatic effect, creating a more intimate environment, while rustic woods of the more traditional barn style keep things relaxed and chic.

Although vaulted ceilings are typically found in older homes, newer models are popularly embracing this space-altering transition with nouveau zeal. Whether you wish to open up your home’s interior or add a more nuanced variation to the layout, the vaulted ceiling combines time-honored architectural perfection with an ever-evolving modern feel. Now more than ever it’s time to look up for new ideas and transformative ways to create–and improve upon–the home you deserve.


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