Japanese Tiger Tattoo Designs For Men

70 Japanese Tiger Tattoo Designs For Men – Masculine Ideas

In Japan, the tiger represents courage, longevity and strength. While they may appear ferocious, the animals are thought to ward off bad luck, evil and illness.

They might also symbolize the North and their colors depict autumn. Japanese tigers commonly flow naturally and possess bright colors.

Tiger tattoos might feature the head alone, elongated full bodies or multiple animals. Full-bodied images represent the animal lying, standing, walking, prowling or pouncing. They may appear serene or snarling. While the image of a tiger remains impressive on its own, some tiger tattoos include water features or tropical foliage.

Realistic black work designs are often complimented with stunning brightly-colored eyes. The techniques used to create the image range from simple bold, black outlines or cartoon-like depictions to watercolor-like paintings or photograph quality portraits. Modern artistic versions are sometimes created using geometric patterns in greyscale or multi-colored displays.

1. Forearm Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Forearm Male Japanese Tattoo Of Tiger Design

Male Japanese Forearm Tiger Sleeve Tattoos

Green And Grey Shaded Japanese Forear Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Forearm Sleeve Male Japanese Tiger Tattoo Ideas


2. Arm Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Black Ink Flowers With Tiger Mens Japanese Arm Tattoo

Masculine Guys Japanese Tiger Shaded Half Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Half Sleeve Japanese Tiger Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Unique Half Sleeve Japanese Tiger Tattoos For Males

Classic Guys Japanese Half Sleeve Traditional Tattoo Ideas

Cool Japanese Mens Tattoo Of Tiger Half Sleeve

Half Sleeve Mens Japanese Tiger Tattoo Designs

Man With Japanese Half Sleeve Shaded Black And Grey Ink Tattoo Design

Tiger Mens Half Sleeve Dotwork Japanese Tattoo


2. Sleeve Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Amazing Full Sleeve Japanese Tattoo Fof Tiger On Male

Incredible Japanese Tiger Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Guys Forearm Sleeve Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Guys Female Portrait Japanese Tiger Full Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Tiger In Jungle Mens Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Colorful Japanese Tiger Mens Full Sleeve Tattoos

Floral Japanese Tiger With Ocean Waves Mens Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Guy With Full Sleeve Tattoo Of Japanese Tiger

Japanese Tiger Climbing Rock Mens Half Sleeve Tradtional Tattoo Ideas

Manly Japanese Mens Tiger Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Ocean Waves Japanese Tiger Guys Half Sleeve Tattoos

Rising Sun Mens Japanese Tiger Full Sleeve Tattoos

Shaded Back And Grey Ink Male Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Yellow Japanese Tiger Guys Half Sleeve Tattoo


3. Chest Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Awesome Japanese Tiger Full Chest Mens Tattoo Ideas

Mens Rib Cage Side And Chest Japanese Tiger Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder And Chest Japanese Tiger Splashing In Water Tattoo On Gentleman

Upper Chest And Half Sleeve Mens Japanese Tiger Tattoos


4. Back Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Agressive Japanese Tiger Back Tattoos For Guys

Shaded Japanese Mens Tiger Full Back Tattoo Ideas

Mens Back Tattoo Of Snake And Japanese Tiger Design

Blakc Ink Outline Japanese Tiger Mens Back Tattoo

Dragon Fighting Japanese Tiger Mens Full Back Tattoos

Floral Japanese Tiger Mens Back Tattoos

Gentleman With Japanese Tiger Standing On Rock Back Tattoo

Man With Back Tattoo Of Japanese Tiger

Mens Angry Tiger Japanese Full Back Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Splashing Water Japanese Tiger Back Tattoo

Orange Japanese Tiger Guys Full Back Tattoo Design Inspiration

Roaring Japanese Tiger Back Tattoo On Guy

Shaded Japanese Tiger Mens Full Back Tattoo

Warrior Japanese Tiger Mens Full Back Tattoos

Full Back Mens Japanese Tiger Tattoo Ideas


5. Side Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Gentleman With Japanese And Red Maple Leaves Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Japanese Tiger Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoo Designs

Rib Cage Side Of Body Japanese Tiger Guys Shaded Tattoo Inspiration


6. Leg Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Man With Japanese Tattoo Of Tiger Full Leg Sleeve

Orange And Grey Japanese Mens Tiger Leg Tattoos

Masculine Japanese Tiger Leg Sleeve Mens Tattoos


7. Thigh Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Clouds Japanese Tiger Mens Thigh Tattoos


8. Hand Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Cool Mens Japanese Tiger Hand Tattoos


9. Japanese Japanese Tiger Tattoos

Awesome Mens Japanese Tiger Upper Back Tattoos

Flaming Japanese Tiger Male Back Tattoo Ideas

Full Body Japanese Tiger Mens Tattoos

Half Sleeve Japanese Black Ink Outline Mens Tiger Tattoos

Manly Japanese Tiger Guys Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Roaring Japanese Tiger Full Back Tattoos For Men

Traditional Full Back Japanese Tiger Male Tattoo


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