100 Things To Do Before You Die

100 Things To Do Before You Die: The Definitive Life Guide For Men

Life is what you make of it, right?

Leave behind a legacy, take a journey into the unknown, and embark on a path of turning all of your dreams into a reality starting today.

They say you live once, but does it really mater when you can accomplish so many things in a single lifetime…

Gentlemen, this is your life, make it memorable, make things happen…

100 Things To Do Before You Die 

1. Drive an exotic car.

Drive An Exotic Car

Exotic Racing

Hit the track and let the rush take over your body as you peak speeds that would make any highway cop grasp his doughnut just a little bit tighter. With an arsenal of mankind’s finest machines at your fingertips the real challenge isn’t driving: It’s figuring out which one to drive…

The Nissan GT-R, Lamborgini Aventador, McLaren MP4-12C, Audi R8, and Aston Martin Vantage S, among others; need I mention more luxury cars gentlemen?

You can spend the day racing one of these cars at various locations around the US with Adrenaline driving experiences.

You’ll also want to cruise along the:



Great Ocean Road


2. Skydive.


Everest Skydive

Free falling with nothing surrounding you but gravity’s’ pull will make you feel like you’re on top the world; and the reality is… you will be. Breathtaking views encompassing your entire vision will literally change the way you see things.

Because it’s one thing to look out the airplane window, and another to be jumping out of the plane itself.

When you’re ready to take the leap and of course, have mustered up your courage, check out Cloud 9 Living’s skydiving experiences.


3. Go hiking and explore the wilderness.


There’s nothing more manly than venturing out into the woods and hitting the trails. Put down the cell phone, the laptop, and every other piece of technology connecting to you indoors. They can’t replicate the real beauty of nature: the lakes, forests, canyons, waterfalls, and mountains. Once you really explore deep into mother nature you’ll witness more than what just meets the eye from the window of your car.

The giant redwoods, granite mountain faces and spectacular views are all hidden just waiting for you to discover them at places like:

Glacier National Park

Mount Whitney

Pacific Coast Trail

Arches National Park

Yosemite National Park

Appalachian Trail

John Muir Trail

Redwood National Park

Dolomite Mountains, Italy

Even Henry David Thoreau himself ventured into the woods because the truth is gentlemen, it can have a powerful experience on your life. Read this quote from Thoreau’s book Walden:

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms.”


4. Fire A Gun.

Fire A Gun

You’ve seen the war action movies and you’ve played the video games, but now it’s time to turn it a real experience. The same guns you’ve played with in games like Call of Duty, Metal of Honor and Battlefield, are all available for you to shoot with. Yes, I’m talking about the M4, MP5, AK-47, and Glock 17 among others.

And even if those don’t tempt you enough, then just consider this guys.. How about firing a minigun that pumps out an insane 250 rounds, or a wide arsenal of automatic machine guns? The smell of gunpowder has never smelled so good. You can make this adventure happen in Las Vegas at MGV.


5. Witness An Active Volcano Up Close


At temperatures of 1,292 to 2,192 °F this liquid lava will burn your skin merely from the radiant heat if you’re close enough to it. But don’t let that deter you from sightseeing incredible eruptions and remarkable lava cascades down the slopes.

Protective gear will let you get a first hand view of volcanoes like the Mount Mayon in the Philippines. In the past 400 years this wonder of nature has erupted an impressive 40 times, leaving nothing behind but only rock and ash in its fierce path.

Make sure you visit:

Mount Pelee in Martinique

Mount Bromo in Indonesia

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Popocateptel in Mexico

Kilauea in Hawaii

Mount Etna in Italy

Shishaldin in Alaska

Taal in the Philippines

Pacaya in Guatemala


6. See The Colosseum In Rome, Italy

Colosseum In Rome

Colosseum Italy

Witness the most remarkable form of roman architecture and engineering ever in existence; plus the largest amphitheater in the world to date. Built in 80 AD, the Colosseum has stood the test of time against earthquakes, leaving behind most of the most iconic symbols of Imperial Rome for the future world to marvel upon.

Believed to have held between 50 and 80 thousand spectators at a time, it showcased executions, battle re-enactments, animal hunts, dramas, and other public spectacles.


7. Shark cage diving.

Shark Diving

You might be at the top of food chain on land, but go ahead and take a dive deep into the treacherous waters of darkness. It will be a legendary experience you’ll never forget as natures ultimate predator surrounds you with a thirst for blood. Massive great white sharks will eerily lurk within inches of a protective cage, giving you that up close, face to face experience.

When you’re ready to drop the anchor and exchange your floaties at the community pool for swimming with the sharks, you’ll want to take a trip to South Africa or Hawaii. Check out these close-up shark cage experiences from Adrelanine.com.

Sharks not your thing? Swim with manta rays instead.


8. Brew your own beer

Beer Brewing

Anyone can pick up a six pack of beer from the store and call it a day, the real reward comes from sipping your very own, hand-crafted brew. And while it may seem complicated at first glance, the process is quite easy; there’s a ton of pre-made kits for beginners out there – Northern Brewer’s HomeBrewing Starter Set is a good choice.

Select from the best malts, yeasts and mixes to create your very own version of heavenly perfection. Bottle it up, share it with family and friends and savor every sip of success.

Once you become a true beer connoisseur, visit Oktoberfest: A 16-day long, polka-music inspired, beer festival based in Munch, Germany. Also check out Argentina’s National Beer Festival, and the smaller ones in places like the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and Ireland among others.

Another thing to do before you die: Create your own drink, and get it on the menu at a bar or restaurant.


9. Grow A Beard

Grow A Beard

And leave it for a month straight. Groom it accordingly and embrace your manliness. There is one thing in this world women cannot do, and what is that you ask? Grow a beard; men are entitled to this traditional right at birth. To refuse to accept it would be a shame gentlemen. Your body does this naturally, it makes you look handsome, and it distinguishes you with more character.

But don’t just base it all on how it looks, for there is much more at hand here: During this month take note of how it feels, the newly found attention you command from others, and the encouragement you share with other men to fulfill their own wish to grow a beard. How can you get started on this passage? It’s simple, grow your beard, now!


10. Be The Boss

Start A Business

I don’t mean switch places with your boss at work and ask for his office desk and chair.. I mean start a real business! Take action and go after that idea you’ve had locked away in your mind for years now. Between your ears there’s a goldmine of ideas, don’t let them go to waste; most men do.

Become the confident leader you’ve dreamed of and inspire other men in the process; leave behind a legacy. Build the best products in the world, build an iconic brand, and share it with the next generation. Hand down the family business to your son, teach him the business world, inspire him to walk in your footsteps to accomplish even greater things in his lifetime.

More things to do before you die:

Have coffee with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
Pitch your product or business idea on Shark Tank.


11. Go Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

And eat your catch. Cast your line into the darkness of the sea waters and bring to light big game fish. Imagine wrestling with a shark, and having the pleasure of sharing the grueling, but oh so rewarding, experience with others who ask about your legendary sea stories.

Don’t have your own boat? No problem! You can book a full-day fishing experience with Adrenaline.com.

When deep sea fishing you’ll catch monster-sized tuna, marlin, and swordfish among others; gentlemen these aren’t your shallow water fish!

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this video:

1,000 Pound Hammerhead Shark Giant Fish Caught


12. Catch a Ball In The Stands

Catch A Baseball

Young or old, I can’t think of anyone who would have a bad day catching a baseball at a major league stadium. Foul ball or grand slam, the feeling of catching a ball is definitely one to remember. It is American’s favorite pastime after all…

The best baseball stadiums to tour and do this at:

AT&T Park: San Francisco Giants

Wrigley Field: Chicago Cubs

Oriole Park at Camden Yards: Baltimore Orioles

Busch Stadium: St. Louis Cardinals

Target Field: Minnesota Twins

Fenway Park: Boston Red Sox

Coors Field: Colorado Rockies

Kauffman Stadium: Kansas City Royals

Dodger Stadium: Los Angeles Dodgers

PNC Park: Pittsburgh Pirates

Great American Ball Park: Cincinnati Reds


13. Run a Marathon or Triathlon

Run A Marathon

Get your heart set on finishing a marathon or competing in a triathlon. Start devoting your time to training, nutrition and endurance, and you’ll discover the prestige and honor waiting for you at the finish line. You’ll be beaten and out of breath, but your mind will come alive, and you’ll feel like Julius Caesar.

And what did he do gentlemen? Conquer!

Win the battle over your body, and put your mind to the ultimate test when you feel as if you can no longer keep going. At the end of the day you will feel nothing short of being a champion.

Even if you’re not interested in marathons or triathlons, keep these goals in mind: Master a run of 10 consecutive miles and run a mile in under 5 minutes.


14. Experience Weightlessness

No Gravity Space

Ever wanted to soar across the sky like your favorite childhood superhero, but gravity kept you down? Have you thought about becoming an astronaut, but realized the training and rigorous stress tests were just way too demanding? Here’s your chance to effortlessly make it happen, and leave that weight holding your dream down behind.

With zero gravity space flights you’ll experience the same weightlessness as you would on Mars and the Moon. That’s one-third and one-sixth of your actual weight if you’re curious. But the real deal happens when you’re in zero gravity…

You’ll float freely, allowing you do to things like somersaults and Pac-man style M&M eating challenges on board. Call yourself Superman if you please, because for a few moments there, you really will be.


15. Be Someone’s Mentor

Be A Mentor

Make an impact on someone’s life, be the reason for their positive change. Teach someone something they’ve always want to know, but were too afraid to seek out the answers for. Yes gentlemen, anyone can be a mentor, no matter the subject or experience; all that is required is a willingness to be there for them.

Volunteer, coach a youth sports team, become a business coach; the opportunities are endless and so are the true rewards you’ll gain. Take the time to be a leader, showcase your courage to rest of the world, and inspire others to follow in your footsteps.


16. See The Sphinx And Pyramids

Sphinx and Pyramids

Guardian of the Khafra pyramid, this half lion half human has puzzled specters with its mysterious Greek mythology, legends and stories. Some wish to discover lost secrets, others hope to find hidden passages underneath this massive natural stone monument. One thing scientist can agree on though, is that it was carved from a one gigantic limestone mass; at a world record of 66 feet tall and 240 feet long.

This Egyptian colossus will humble and profound you due to its massive, sheer size. It’s a sight you cannot simply prepare yourself or your mind for in advanced; the same goes for the Pyramids. With 138 of them dating all the way back to 2630 BCE, (the third dynasty), there’s certainly a lot to take in.

You’ll want to visit the Giza, located on the outskirts of Cairo; specifically The Pyramid of Khufu, which is the largest of its kind. Known as being one of the only Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing today, there’s a reason it’s so remarkably famous.

See these affordable Egypt tours at Tourradar.com


17. Ride A Camel

Ride A Camel

Adventure on a desert safari riding one of nature’s most laid back and relaxed animals through the sunset. It’s a surreal feeling, even though… At first glance, camels might intimidate you with their size, plus riding them might seem like a challenge, but it’s actually a very enjoyable process. The hardest part to riding a camel is simply getting on and off, and I can assure you they don’t fuss or get spooked like a horse would. In fact, they don’t even seem to mind having you on their back at all.

Just remember to keep calm and you can’t go wrong. Even when you’re stopping and it seems like the camel’s head is going to dive right into the sand, it won’t. Their back legs will fold down slowly, and you’ll be absolutely fine!

Intrigued.. What’s the best place to ride a camel?

Desert of the Sinai: Egypt

Sahara Desert: Morocco

The Silk Road: China

Thar Desert: Jaisalmer, India

The Gobi Desert: Mongolia

Damaraland: Namibia


18. Fly A Plane Or Helicopter

Fly A Plane

Ever wanted to feel like a Top Gun? Instead of watching the video action, you’ll be in the actual cockpit flying a real fighter jet. The first-person experience is a thousand times more gratifying as you perform maneuvers including flips, turns and drops in the sky. And if you think that sounds like quite the thrill ride, just consider that your average rollercoaster ride experience is 1.5-2 G positive and 0.5G negative for a few seconds at a time.. (That’s upwards at 2 times your body weight, and downwards at one a half times it.)

Now imagine fighter jets like the F 14, 15, 16 and up which do 8 to 9 G’s positive sustained. Yeah, you just lost your lunch.

If that sounds too intense, consider learning how to flying a helicopter or perhaps riding along inside of one. Their loud and the ride can often be quite choppy at times, but the views looking downwards are absolutely breathtaking. Looking down at mother earth from the top of the sky will be unlike any other experience you’ve had in a lifetime.

Just imagine flying over Las Vegas at night and taking in all the city of lights, or perhaps getting a bird’s eye view of the grand canyon.

There are loads of places where you can learn to fly a plane or helicopter – see these experiences from Cloud 9 Living.


19. Ride A Gondola In Venice

Ride A Gondola In Venice

Glide along the beautiful canals of Venice rowing an iconic Gandola, voga alla veneta rowing style. Just make sure you aren’t caught in the tourist trap where loud Italian exchanges of words, and bumper to bumper Gandolas ruin the experience. Truth is, you can learn how to row yourself, and venture down the back canals to avoid the packed main areas. Perfect for getting away alone or with a beautiful woman.


20. Admire The Castles


These awe inspiring structures will fill your mind with imagination as you gaze upon their size and surroundings. From the snow covered castles built upon the rocky mountaintops to castles encompassed by water on fortified islands.

No matter what castle you set your eyes on, one thing is for certain is, they are breathtaking. And I’m not just talking about the medieval castles you’ve seen in storybooks… I’m talking about these:

Mehrangarh Fort: India

Mont Saint Michel: France

Rocca Guaita Fortress: San Marino

Eltz Castle: Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle: Germany

Jal Mahal: India

Bodiam Castle: England

Matsumoto Castle: Japan

Potala Palace: China

Lichtenstein Castle: Germany


20. Go Rafting In The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Rafting

Been cannoning? How about cabrewing? Let’s step it up a notch gentlemen.. Go whitewater rafting with a group of friends and experience a rush like no other. Mother nature will push you through rapid rapids with sheer force making your heart race, and your body fighting to get a grip on the paddle. The only thing that will keep your cool is that massive surges of water splashing their way on board.

No matter if you choose a difficulty rating of 1 to 10 or (1-VI), drifting through the Grand Canyon will be one experience you’ll forever remember. Nothing beats the scenic great outdoors.

Also consider: Whitewater rafting at Cherry Creek, California


21. Full Moon Party In Thailand

Full Moon Party Thailand

Drawing crowds in excess of five to thirty thousand people, Thailand full moon parties appropriately deserve being called “one of the world’s best rave spots”. Celebrated every night of, before or after a full moon, these intense parties carry on throughout the night until sunrise the next morning.

Music is diverse with everything from R&B to trance, house and reggae among others, while alcohol is plentiful and always in hand. There is a dancing frenzy, fire shows, and nothing short of all out craziness and insanity. Colorful lanterns light up the surroundings and artwork is present everywhere you look.

It literally is the party of the world, with people from all walks of life and corners of the globe.


21. Scuba Dive The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Diving

Prized for its incredible scuba diving, the Great Barrier Reef features a diverse variety of some of the best ocean life in the world. The underwater Australia expedition will expose you to nature at one of its most beautiful forms. Fish swim will all around you, while the sunlight will light up the colorful coral teeming with life.

See these Australia tours at Tourradar that include a visit to the Great Barrier Reef.


22. Ski or Snowboard The Mountains

Mountain Skiing Trip

Skiing Mountain

Hop onboard your helicopter, aka the world’s best chairlift, and climb upwards to worlds most preimer remote elevations. Glide down the snow topped mountains while taking in the peaceful, pristine wilderness. Let the fresh powder rip into the air as you cut and carve your way into the snow.

Ski or snowboard your way down the five best resorts:

Chamonix: France

Park City and Deer Valley: Utah

Whistler: British Columbia

Vail: Colorado

Zermatt: Switzerland


23. See A Tiger Up Close

Tiger Up Close

Weighing in at an impressive 400 to 675 pounds, the Siberian tiger will give you a new perspective on nature’s wildlife once you see it in person. And perhaps another once you consider the population of tigers around the world is dropping at a rapid rate. Currently it’s estimated there are only 3,500 to 4,000 tigers left in the world; a massive drop from the 100,000 counted in the early 1900s.

The more you know: Tigers can eat up to 88 pounds of meat in one sitting. They hunt alone stalking their prey, and consume everything from sloth bears, crocodiles, pythons, ambar deer, water buffalo, and wild pigs. Quite the menu…

Another life experience to do: See a giraffe in the wild.


24. Build A Showcar

Build A Showcar

With the internet you have almost every part imaginable available for restoring a car. That is, if your wallet can afford the expensive project to begin with. But can you really put a price tag on an old car you have an attachment with? Most don’t, in fact we’ve all seen countless vintage and restored cars selling for millions of dollars to the highest bidder.

There’s something about classic cars that draws us in; the horsepower, the styling, the driving experience. Whatever it may be, turning the key and hitting the gas pedal just feels right.. And even better in car you personally restored. The time, craftsmanship, and willpower to bring the forgotten back to life, all makes the process worth with.

Some cars to consider restoring:

1964 – 1968 Ford Mustang

1967 – 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

1972 – 1973 Dodge Challenger

1972 – 1974 Plymouth Barracuda

1968 – 1970 Dodge Charger


25. Surf In Hawaii

Surf In Hawaii

Ride the world while ripping along the beautiful ocean waves crashing down all around you. Surfing is all about taming the perfect storm right after you build up your hopes with every paddle. The moment you catch a wave you get an instant sense of achievement. You’re starting to turn, you stand up with confidence, and glide forward in absolute disbelief.

How can such an incredible feeling exist you might ask… You’ll feel as if you’re a part of the ocean itself while harnessing natures power to push your board. The cool breeze and sea mist will brush your face, and the sound of the wave breaking will remind you, that yes, this is all very real.

The best places to surf in the world:

Fuerteventura: Spain

Gold Coast: Australia

Costa Rica

California and Hawaii (The North Shore): North America

Jeffreys Bay: South Africa

Bali: Indonesia

Mentawai Islands: Indonesia

Santa Catarina: Brazil


26. Sit Atop The Trolltunga Cliff


Just the thought of walking out to the tip of this shocking 2,300 foot cliff is enough to make those fearful of heights feel ill. Forget about the four-hour mountain trek just to get there, or the fact that it’s nearly thousand years old…

The legendary Trolltunga in Norway is the leftover result of a precambrian bedrock formed from frozen glacier water during the ice age. Men with enough courage, or should we say men who can muster up enough courage, can put their mind to the test by sitting at the edge of this wonder of nature. Breathtaking views of scenic untouched nature, high up in the snow and moss covered mountains, will make you contemplate on the true beauty of the world.


27. Go Sailing


Fill the sails with the breeze and the let the wind skim your boat across the vast blue sea. It’s just you and the ocean; there’s no noise, no smell from the engine sipping down fuel, just peace and the majestic nature sound. Watch as the sun sets and strikes down on the ocean leaving behind magnificent colors in its path. Wake up in the morning to hot coffee and an splash in the cool, invigorating sea water.

Spend enough time sailing and you’ll come to understand your passion for adventure, your need for wisdom, and develop a sense of responsibility and respect in the process.

If you’re curious, take a look at Alex and Taru’s story of sailing; I really enjoy reading about their voyages!

Things to do: Sail from one county to another.


28. View The Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Witness bright lights dancing majestically around in the sky in shades of red, yellow, violet, green and blue. These incredible Auroral displays are the result of electrically charged particles from the sun colliding as they enter into the earth’s atmosphere. For the science curious, the colors produced depend on oxygen and nitrogen: Green color occurs when oxygen is 60 miles above the earth, red for 200 miles, and blue for nitrogen.

The best places to watch them:

Northwestern North America: Yukon, Nunavut, Alaska and Northwest Territories

Southern Tip: Greenland and Iceland


29. Travel to the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

Unbelievable scenery makes the 2 hour flight from mainland Europe absolutely worth it. Located in the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands feature lush landscapes and peacefulness you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Majestic mountains soar throughout the island in eighteen different locations, while the ocean is never out of sight.

No matter where you venture off to, you’re always within 3 miles of the coastline.


30. Bungee Jump

Bungee Jump

Take a leap and let yourself go as you free-fall downwards with nothing holding you back except for bungee cord. For the adventure seeker it’s a rush unlike no other. And if you’ve ever gone skydiving you’re in for a surprise, because the sensation is all too real when you’re this close to the ground.

Other men see it as a terrifying experience just thinking about it; after all, it is comparable to falling out of a building which would frighten almost anyone. But if you can get over your fear of heights and the mental challenge of things, then there’s little to worry about. The bounce backwards may appear violent at first glance, but the actual experience itself causes no discomfort at all. Yes, you may scream like a little girl in the process, but you’ll love every moment of doing so.

Where: Bungee Jump from Royal Gorge Bridge (The world’s highest suspension bridge)


31. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

Just eight miles from the Keflavik International Airport, this geothermal spa is worth is definitely trek. It’s situated on a lava field in Grindavik, Iceland, and offers warm, steamy blue waters rich in skin healing minerals.

White silica mud covers the floor which makes for the perfect exfoliating and deep cleaning mud mask. Relax in peace, float around without a care in the world, because the Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to do so.

See Iceland travel deals at Orbitz.com.


32. Become A Bodybuilder


Zyzz, Nick Scott, and Arnold all did it, what more inspiration could you ask for? There’s are no excuses left to hold you back gentlemen, only goals to accomplish. You know the real reward and if you don’t by now, you will discover it all in due time.

Stop envisioning training as a way to get healthy just because your doctor said to do so. Forget about thinking what type of body women want the most. Do it for yourself, do it because: you want to be in charge of your life, you want to accomplish something, you want to feel that pride every morning you wake up. Transform your body, master your mind, and go the hardest you can during each and every workout at the gym. Get shredded.


33. Attend Burning Man

Burning Man

What is Burning Man? What isn’t Burning Man… That’s the real question. Self-expression, art, and self-reliance are all a part of this week long annual event of freedom. Explore sculptures, dance, watch as temples and the man burn down, and gain a new outlook on life.

You’ll come to better understand the human experience as you connect with other people who encourage the virtue of acceptance and community. It’s a place without advertising or commercial involvement, and instead bases itself upon the act of giving gifts to share with others.


34. Risk It At The Casino


Ever wanted to just bet it on all black and see what happens? I’m pretty sure all of us have. In fact, it’s something every man should do in his lifetime.. Why? Because you never know the odds until you give it a try. Take the risk, one you can afford to lose of course, and try your luck.

You don’t have to be a serious gambler at all, I’m not myself. Nor do you have to bet your entire life savings all in one spin, just have fun and experience it responsibility. Sometimes it’s weird how our luck works out; it’s a mystery that no man has ever been able to solve.

The best place to do this at: Aria Las Vegas


35. Donate Blood

Donate Blood

If I told you that you could save someone’s life this very moment would you do it? What if it was just as simple as a small prick in the arm.. Even if you absolutely hate needles, that second or two or fear surely wouldn’t stop you right?

Donating blood might end up saving your family or friends some day, and if it doesn’t consider it’s simply the right thing to do. You’ll feel good about doing it plus a sense of accomplishment knowing that you gave someone else a second chance to live. That in it itself is pretty remarkable thing to think about gentlemen.


36. Hunt A Wild Boar

Hunt A Wild Boar

Venture out into the woods and feel the pulse of nature while hunting wild boar; or pursue deer, moose, bear, and wild duck if those should suit you better. There’s nothing wrong with hunting if you’re respecting the principals of wildlife conservation. Ancient times participated and the inherited instinct is among all men today, embrace it.

The stimulating feeling is one to definitely share with friends and family, and the reward of fresh, healthy meat and jerky afterwards is something to savor. Take along your son as he enters into manhood, and teach him the real beauty and power of nature. Hunt in a way that isn’t based on ego or dominance, but instead focus on a journey that helps you find inner peace, and a better understanding of nature and your connection to it.


37. Learn How To Be A Bartender

Learn How To Bartend

“A dry martini,” he said. “One. In a deep champagne goblet.”

“Oui, monsieur.”

“Just a moment. Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel. Got it?”

– James Bond: Casino Royale (1953)

I wouldn’t advise you to become a full-time bartender, it’s certainly not for everyone, but every man should at least have the basics down. It’s one thing to pour a simple glass of beer, another to know to the difference between ale and lager, and how to make a proper Martini.

Learn how it’s done and you’ll have a little more appreciation for the care bartenders put in their craft. And that final product they hand you across the bar just might seem a bit better than you had once thought before.


38. Swim In The Marina Bay Sands Pool

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Pool

With a price tag of $5.7 billion dollars, yes billion with the letter B, the five star Marina Bay Sands hotel definitely delivers on the luxury experience. Their Skypark Infinity Pool will blow away your wildest expectations as you grin as wide as the architect who got his building plans approved. Who could have ever imagined an infinity pool located 57 stories above the ground, let alone actually agree to build it?

Whatever the reason, the surreal and stunning views of the Singapore financial distract and Marina Bay deem this project absolutely worth it. A swim in the world’s largest elevated pool will give you a one of a kind experience you’ll never encounter elsewhere.


39. NYC Times Square For New Years Eve

New York Times Square New Years Eve

NYC New Years Eve

If there’s one place you want to be before the clock reaches midnight on December 31st, it’s Times Square. Surrounded by millions of specters bustling with cheer, astounding lights and the modern world’s skyscrapers in sight, it doesn’t get any better than this.

It’s more than a celebration, it’s where the world holds their breath in anticipation for the ball to drop in those last few seconds of the year. Balloons and confetti fly everywhere, while everyone in the crowd collectively welcomes you into the new year with overwhelming and unprecedented joy.

Things you might have wondered: At 11,875 pounds there’s a good reason the ball is the center showcase. Covered in 2,688 Waterford Crystals with over 30 thousand LEDs, it’s able to display more than 16 million colors and over a billion different patterns.


40. Explore The Sua Ocean Trench

Sua Ocean Trench

In order to reach this remote lava field hole, you’ll need to step down the ladder close to a hundred feet below ground level. It’s quite a terrifying climb (Wear flip flops and go slow, the platform can be slippery), but well worth it once your swimming in the crystal clear sea water. You can see the brightly colored fish swimming around your feet and the crabs clinging nearby onto the lava rock.

Lush vegetation hangs over the edges and drips water on downwards for an amazingly light splashing sound. The entire area is well cared for, plus the walk to the Sua Ocean Trench itself is takes you on a stunning garden path.


41. Adopt A Dog

Adopt A Dog

Man’s true best friend. A dog’s loyalty holds no bounds, they will stick with you forever. To put that in perspective, a German shepherd named Captain sat in grievance by his owner’s grave for six years. These courageous canines have saved lives throughout history, and with the wag of a tail, warmed the hearts of all men around the world.

Perhaps it’s time to adopt a dog and save a life yourself… Imagine coming home to an animal that will always give you unconditional love. Sure, they might chew up the rug a bit or get into a war with the toilet paper roll once in awhile, but dogs always seem to mysteriously put a smile on our faces every time we walk through the door.

And if you’re not already aware, adopting from the shelter is an excellent choice! While rescue dogs may be associated with a lot of myths and rumors, I can assure you it’s safe to ignore them. After all, they are just “myths”. As someone who’s adopted an older shelter dog in the past, there is nothing to worry about gentlemen.

Great dogs to adopt:

Lagotto Romagnolo

Tibetan Terrier

German Sheperd


Doberman Pinscher

Jack Russell Terrier



Black Labrador

Border Collie


42. Smoke A Cuban Cigar



Dating back to King Phillip II of Spain (1527-1598), there’s a good reason Cubans are world famous and have reputation as being the finest on the market. With over one hundred steps involved these rituals have stood the test of time, never ceasing to abandon the passionate care and stunning attention to detail. Unlike others they aren’t composed of various blends, which gives them that strong aroma and authentic taste aficionados desire.

Even though they were popular to begin with, things really took a turn when John F. Kennedy enforced the economic embargo against Cuba in the 60’s. For enthusiasts, it made them harder to acquire outside of the U.S., but that hasn’t stopped millions of Americans from vacationing in Cuba to enjoy them.


43. Get A Tattoo

Get A Tattoo

Tattoos are like Pringles, once you pop… you really can’t stop. When you get your first one done, chances are you’ll want another. They are mildly painful for the most part, cost a sizable chunk of change, and keep you glued to the chair for hours.. So why do one in five US adults even get them in the first place?

Because it’s a rite of passage, a form self-expression, and ultimately your own choice. Tattoos can be for remembrance, an enjoyed passion, or something meaningful in your life. It’s not about manliness, society’s influence or acceptance, it’s all about you.

Awhile ago I wrote a men’s tattoo guide so you know what to expect when getting your first one. There’s also a top 50 best men’s tattoos photo collection I put together to help you come up with some creative ideas.


44. Serve Your Country or Pay Respect

Military Service

Veterans Memorial

Some men do it for the education, career and travel, others simply for the honor and camaraderie. No matter how you look at it, serving the country is entitled to the brave and proud patriotic. It’s one commitment that brings courage, responsibility, and the feeling of self-accomplishment all together in unison. Those in the military fearlessly defend our freedom, often giving the ultimate sacrifice: their life in the lines of battle.

Aside from thanking a veteran in person and expressing your gratitude, consider also paying your respect here:

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

USS Arizona Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall


45.Bull Riding

Ride A Bull

Just imagine riding on top of a 1,500 to 2,000 pound animal doing everything in its power to pound you into the hard packed dirt. You’re tense, your heart is pounding, and no matter how hard you clutch onto the bull rope you will get slammed off. Most can’t last through the 4 seconds of pain after the steel gate opens, let alone 8 professional bull riders somehow mysteriously pull off…

The moment you make an impact on the ground things start becoming very real. It’s no surprise they call it the world’s most dangerous sport. One step in the gut means a trip to the hospital for a month long visit. Vests don’t stop from breaking bones, only the horns from going through you. Fractured necks and ribs, while torn tendons and ligaments are all too common.

Not ready to do it alone just yet? Try Running of the Bulls, (Pamplona Bull Run), the most popular event in Spain that’s been shown live to spectators worldwide for over thirty years now and counting.


46. Take An ATV Into The Desert

Ride An ATV In The Desert

Head out into the middle of nowhere and tear up your own trails in the hot desert sand. Let the engine roar as you hold down the throttle and really push the limits. Nothing beats the thrill of climbing steep terrain, nor the adventure of exploring the scenic Grand Canyon first hand.


47. Walk Across Hot Coals

Walking On Hot Coals

Can you handle the heat, or perhaps come to terms accepting the weird physics? For thousands of years now people have been walking on hot beds of embers exceeding well into 1000°F. And to put that into perspective, the melting point of Aluminum is 1,221°F, while the world’s hottest fire walk peaked over 1750°F.


48. Hang From The Toronto CN Tower

Toronto CN Tower Edgewalk

At an astonishing 1,168 feet above the earth you’ll find the world’s highest hands-free walk, the CN Tower EdgeWalk. It’s a five foot wide ledge built to make six brave men each feel like Superman at a time. You’ll slowly shuffle inches over to the edge of the platform as most do, lean back praying you don’t die, and let the harness release from your trembling hands.

The moment you boldly do, it becomes a feeling like no other. Your surrounded by gushing winds from the altitude, not to mention a momentous panorama view of everything in the city.


49. Climb The World’s Seven Summits

Mount Koscuiszko Summit

Grab your boots and gear up for a expedition climbing the highest peaks of the seven continents. You’ll challenge yourself to keep going as steep obstacles and the frigid cold weather pull you right back down. It’s the pinnacle test of a man’s strength and perseverance with a tremendously scenic reward waiting at the finish line. Every single step you take and every breath you exhale, will only bring you closer and closer to breathtaking views.

The Seven Summits:

Mount Kilimanjaro: Africa: Highest peak reaches over 5,800m high (That’s over 19,000ft)

Mount Vinson Massif: Antarctica: (4,892m/16,050ft)

Mount Kosciuszko Australia: (2,228m/7,310ft)

Carstensz Pyramid Australia: (4,800m/16,000ft)

Mount Everest: Asia: (8,800m/29,000ft)

Mount Elbrus: Europe: (5,600m/18, 500ft)

Denali peak: North America: 6,194m/20,320ft)

Mount Aconcagua: South America: (6,962m/22,841ft)


50. Vacation in Igloo Village

Igloo Village

Igloo Village Inside

The Kakslauttanen Hotel, otherwise known as Igloo Village, will turn you into a believer that luxury and the great outdoors can coexist. This world famous resort is unlike any other of its kind, offering memorable nights spent sleeping under the stars. Cozy indoor fireplaces will keep you warm through the night, while snowmobiling will keep your blood pumping throughout during the day.

After some fun in the snow you’ll of course want to head to the ice restaurant to pick up your favorite drink. You’ll feel like the real James Bond in the movie Die Another Day. And if you think that sounds slick, wait till you see the Northern Lights just before heading to bed.


51. Stargaze In Atacama Desert in Chile

Atacama Desert Stars

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”

― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

We may never know the answer to the age old question as to what’s really all out there, but at least we can marvel upwards into the sky and wonder. And what better what to do so than while in the remote Atacama Desert in Chile… High in altitude with low clouds, light pollution and radio interference, this dry desert is a star gazing paradise for astronomers and those fascinated by the faraway galaxies.

You’ll want to journey to the Cerro Paranal to gain access to some of the world’s best high-powered telescopes. Operated by the European Southern Observatory, they’ll take you on a tour of the same areas the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace was filmed.

Advice before going: Keep an eye on the lunar calendar so you can plan in advanced. Avoid venturing out on nights where there is a full moon for the best visibility.

The best places to stargaze in the world:

Yangtze River Valley: China

La Fortuna: Costa Rica

Hawaii: USA

Kiruna: Sweden

New Mexico: USA

Tuscany: Italy

Kruger National Park: South Africa


52. Zip Line in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Zip Line Monteverde Costa Rica

Zip across 2,500 plus feet of incredible forest views in absolute awe as nature humbles your mind. From tree top to tree top there is not a second of this experience you won’t remember forever. Monteverde, Costa Rica is also home to phenomenal suspension bridges, Tarzan swings, strangler fig tree climbing, and so much more. No matter what you choose, there’s always an astonishing adventure awaiting.

Even better: The Zip-Flyer Trolley in Pokhara, Nepal.


53. Eat at The World’s Best Restaurants

World's Best Restaurants

It might take you a year on the waiting list to eat at a place like El Celler De Can Roca, but the food is to die for. Even if you’re not a master chef or foodie by heart, there’s no reason not to sample gourmet food at any of the world’s best restaurants. Simply indulge in new culinary creations, and savor their exotic flavors and wild textures that puzzle your taste buds.

Add these restaurants to your top ten list:

The Fat Duck: Modern British

Alinea: Contemporary American

Noma: Nordic

The Ledbury: Modern French

Robuchon Au Dome: French

Pierre Gagnaire: Modern Fusion

Daniel: Contemporary French

Aqua: Modern European


54. See Stonehenge


There is one mystery that no one in Salisbury, England or the rest of the world can seem to solve: The Stonehenge purpose. Dating back well over five thousand years, these gigantic stones weight in at a massive 25 tons and peak thirty feet into the sky.

Scientists believe they were sourced from the Perseli Hills in western Wales, which would mean they traveled an impressive 156 miles to reach their final destination. Recently newly found evidence has uncovered human bone deposits dating back to 3000 BC, suggesting that it may have been a burial ground.


55. Golf At Old Course In St. Andrews

Old Course Golf St. Andrews

St. Andrews Golf Course

Legendary royalty: that’s what it feels like when you first tee off on the prestigious St. Andrews Old Course greens. With a long standing tradition for bringing back sentimental moments, it’s been played by golfing greats such as Tom Morris, Seve Ballesteros and Jack Nicklaus. You’ll golf following in the footsteps of these legends all while being surrounded by the beautiful Scotland scenery.

The best places to golf at:

Jasper Park Golf Club: Alberta, Canada

Old Head: Ireland

Dog Runs: Pebble Beach, California

Bandon Trails: Bandon, Oregon

Augusta National Golf Club: Augusta, Georgia (Go to the US Masters Golf Tournament)

El Camaleon at Mayakoba: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club: Lijiang City, China


56. Ride the Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

Reaching a shocking height of 541 feet up, the Singapore Flyer delivers quite the sight to see in the sky. It’s the world’s tallest operational Ferris wheel, beating the previous record holder, the Star of Nachang in Jiangxi, China. Views of the Marina bay are spectacular and even better when shared with a group of friends. Each capsule carries 28 passengers at a time up into the air.

However, while it may have distinctive views that are truly one of kind, Las Vegas has once again raised the bar to break this standing record. Expected to be completed in Feb 2014, the High Roller will be an additional 9 feet taller.


57. Watch The Space Shuttle Launch

Space Shuttle Launch

As kids we all dreamed about being an astronaut, watching with our eyes glued to the television as the shuttle blasted off into the sky. Knowing it would reach the moon marveled us, while the science behind it seemed like an absolute mystery. We bought moon shoes hoping to bounce around the Earth astronaut style. For the most part it just resulted in diminished dreams and a lot of broken ankles. But still, we never lost sight of what that amazing adventure just might entail

No matter how you look at it, there’s one always thing that you can do, and that’s watch the shuttle launch in person for the first time. It’s a totally different perspective, a surreal feeling, and a burst of excitement as you cheer on mankind’s victory and innovation.


58. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer Train

Hop on board this first-class journey and you’ll embark on a train ride of a lifetime. Panoramic views of glacier-fed lakes, mountains and canyons will keep you in awe at all times. The sky dome roof will take your breath away as bald eagles soar over the incredible scenery and landscapes. It’s an adventure showcasing nature at its finest and most beautiful form. Who knew an outdoor expedition could be such a luxury experience?

When you travel Gold Leaf, which by the way is the best way to go, you’ll dine on amazing gourmet food including my favorite, the Salmon. You’ll hear detailed commentary from the train staff exposing you to all the mind-provoking facts you’ve always wanted the answers to. Plus with photo opportunities around every corner, you’ll come to love every moment of being on board. And when you’re ready for some fresh air, there’s an observation platform giving you absolute freedom to do so.

For the best trip possible, stay a night in Whistler Village at the Nita Lake Lodge. Or spend some time in Kamloops and Quesnel and have your luggage delivered right to your favorite hotel.


59. Take The Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge

Take a dip into the icey cold waters and get freezin’ for a good reason. You’ll dash, splash, and of course leave shaking, but if you’re as brave as a polar bear, you’ll love the swim! These Polar Bear Plunges are held all over the world and help support thousands of charities, organizations, and causes. Dating back to the 20’s, Canada’s Polar Bear Swim Club has been attracting crowds of one to two-thousand swimmers every year. In 2000 they set a world-record with an impressive 2,128 participants taking the frozen plunge.

Recently Maryland held a Plungapalooza which drew in a chart topping 7,400 people, and raised a massive $2.2 million dollars in the process. The event has been growing every year since; in fact, over 12,00 people attended in 2008.


60. Tour Petra In Ma’an, Jordan

Petra Ma' An Jordan

Petra In Jordan

Explore the lost treasures of Petra and discover the secrets to its rock-cut, architectural wonders of the world. Located on the slope of Jabel Al-Madhbah in the mountains, this city has earned the nickname “Rose-Red City” for it’s incredible red sandstone.

You’ll discover remnants from the past including magnificent templates, tombs, the Umm al Amad copper mines, and innovative irrigation systems. There’s also a wondrous amphitheater sculpted right into the hills with ornate columns and details. All of this is visible above for a birds eye view at the High Place of Sacrifice.


61. Attend the Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix

Watch as brilliant engineering assists remarkable race cars through narrow roads peaking speeds at 160mph; leaving nothing behind but tire shreds in their path, and a fading engine roar in the distance. Hills and tight corners will raise the air on your arms as drivers dangerously navigate effortlessly right trough them. It’s the prized specter sport that’s been bringing legendary drivers and automotive enthusiasts together since 1929.

Held every year on the Circuit de Monaco, this Formula One race is regarded as being one of the most prestigious and important races ever in existence. Beyond the luxury yachts and La Rascasse, the desire to win is in view of every racer’s mind while blazing through the unforgiving streets of the alluring Mediterranean principality.

Be A Part of The Triple Crown:

Indianapolis 500

24 Hours of Le Mans


62. Explore Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

In the middle of a tropical mountain forest you’ll find the mysterious Machu Picchu ruins. Naturally cut rock embedded in the landscapes delivers unforgettable views and an amazing aurora all around. With over two-hundred hand-forged structures carved deep into the steep ridge you’ll witness surreal architecture. All of which is surrounded by a dawn mist floating above in the atmosphere.

It’s believed to have been the home estate for the Inca emperor Pachacuti dating all the way back to 1428. Although the Lost City of the Incas wasn’t truly formed until around the year 1450. Within the next century it was abandoned as the Spanish Conquest began to take place in the course of history.


63. Visit the Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Inside

Louvre Museum

With over a million pieces of artwork on display for your viewing pleasure, this collection has been growing every since it first started in the 16th century. Originally founded by King Francis I, the Louvre Museum has expanded into one of the largest museums in the world. It’s located right in the heart of Paris in the 1st arrondissement, and is easily spotted thanks to the massive glass pyramid on the outside.

Upon walking inside you’ll find different wings such as the Sully Wing, Richelieu Wing, and Denon Wing each showcasing their own distinctive masterpieces. Perhaps the most common of them all and crowded is the Denon Wing which contains the Mona Lisa portrait by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci himself.


64. Throw Tomatoes at La Tomatina

La Tomatina

If you’ve ever wanted to start a food fight or perhaps throw a tomato on stage at a bad actor, here’s your chance to do it without any consequences. The La Tomatina festival takes place in the Valencian town of Bunol, which is just a short trip away from the Mediterranean.

Some believe this fun tomato throwing event started back in 1945 when people threw tomatoes at animals eating nearby fruit. By mistake, one of those tomatoes struck a police officer which brought about a storm of tomato flying in every direction.

True or not, no one can argue with the fact that La Tomatina is growing each and every year in popularity. In 2013 the Town Hall of Bunol was so overwhelmed with participants they were forced to limit the number of tomato throwing patrons to a respectable 20,000.


65. Go to Kiyomizu-dera In Kyoto, Japan

Kiyomizu Dera

This famous temple in Kyoto dates all the way back to 780 and is otherwise known as the “Pure Water Temple”. The name comes from the fall’s pure waters, which you can see in the Otowa Waterfall at the base of the main hall. But to get there, you’ll have to first venture through the Higashiyama District and climb up steep and crowded roads.

Once you arrive you’ll find a large wooden stage with views of cherry and maple trees with beautifully assorted colors depending on the season. There’s also the Jishu Shrine which is believed to bring about love and matchmaking when you visit.


66. Tour Ferrari World

Inside Ferrari World

Ferrari World

Finally there’s a theme park for automotive enthusiasts.. Built by Jack Rouse Associates, from my hometown in Cincinnati, this 2 million square foot amusement park is the largest of its kind. Even the 213 feet long Ferrari logo located on the top of the roof is the largest Ferrari logo ever created to date.

To get there it’s about a hour and a half drive from Dubai. Upon arriving make sure you take a ride on the Formula Rossa which is touted as being the world’s fastest roller coaster with speeds reaching 149 mph. You’ll also have a chance to watch films and walk your way through the historical Ferrari story.


67. Walk Across The Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

See extraordinary engineering and take in amazing views at the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Built on the three mile long channel between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, it’s an iconic American structure. The bridge at one point was the world record holder for the longest suspension bridge in existence when it opened in 1937. It lost the title in 1964, and as of today the current champion is the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge with a total length of 12,831 feet. To put that in comparison the Golden Gate Bridge is 4,200 feet long.

It’s about an hour long walk across assuming you don’t ride a bike or jog. But along the way you’ll get a sense for the incredible height, witness a gleaming waterfront, and of course, experience the wind, sun and thick fog.


68. Fly First Class

Fly First Class

Flying first class is expensive there’s no doubt about that, but the amenities it offers are something every man should experience at least once in a lifetime. Check-in is effortless, you’re treated like royalty, and at times you’ll might feel like the plane is all yours. Which seems odd once you think about how many times airlines have proposed new ideas for adding 10 more seats.. In the same planes where there is already a painfully cramped 3″ of leg room to begin with. (Thanks!)

Relax in seats that were designed to rotate 180 degrees; not the ones in Economy where it’s basically the result of people wearing the seat out by force. Consider flying first class for your next business trip or vacation, and forget about recovering from painful flights of the past.


69. Attend A Chicago Blues House

Chicago Blues

Nothing soothes the soul quite like the classic blues. Immerse yourself in the calming sounds and escape the hustle of a fast paced and busy life for a moment. Chicago is home to some of the coziest venues featuring a diverse mix of performers who will keep you entertained all night long. Grab some drinks with a group of friends and a bite to eat while the stage lights up with life.

Many lounges even have prayer rooms where you’ll find Hindu and Buddhist items, funky decor, and amazing artwork. Just make sure you find a seat early, because even though it may be a laid back atmosphere, finding a seat at times can be quite chaotic.


70. Play at the Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud Festival Event

Boryeong Mud Festival

Get down and dirty with over two million people from around the world at the Boryeong Mud Festival. This good, clean fun all started back in 1998 and has been growing in popularity ever since its inception. The original idea behind it resolves around the cosmetic business which sold products containing mud sourced at the nearby local flats.

The mud itself is known to be rich in minerals, germaniums and bentonities, all of which are believed to be good for the skin. However, there have been some controversies about children getting rashes in 2007. As a result it led to officials to better inspect for any contamination, in addition to ensuring cleaner water sources are available. And as of seven years later with no reported problems, I’d like to believe it’s a thing of the past.

Presently, the festival features mud pools, slides, prisons, and skiing competitions. Some people even add coloring dye to the mud for body painting purposes. There’s also a massive center stage with live music and a spectacular fireworks show to finish off the festival.


71. Shop A Local Barbershop Or Butcher

Barbershop For Men

It isn’t easy running a local business serving your neighbors; it’s even harder when you’re competing against corporate giants. But there is one thing that gives local home town businesses the upper hand.. And if you haven’t experienced yet, well then it’s about time. I’m talking about that personal level of customer service, where service is done with passion and pride in mind, not profit.

Spend some time shopping your local barbershop, butcher or shoe repair, etc. A lot of these local places are the real supporters of your community; some even sponsoring things like your youth baseball team when you played as a child. But for most men, they’ve forgotten about those things as price and convenience takes the forefront of answering the question: “Where should I shop at?”


72. Bulldoze Something


I’d like to believe that demolition is a sincere form of artwork. Who’s the say you can’t have fun sculpting a masterpiece working with a wrecking ball or bulldozer? Some people fall in love with art that has one painted brush stroke, in fact they’ll pay millions for it. You know what’s really worth millions? The experience you’ll have smashing tangled metal, concrete and dirt all-together in a destructive furry. The aftermath is oddly enough… Stunningly beautiful.

There’s the thrill, power, and rush you get when you’re behind the wheel of these massive toys. And if you think you have to become a construction worker to do this, you might want to think again. To my surprise there’s a heavy equipment playground in Vegas where you can rent them out yourself.

Another thing to do before you die: Participate in a demolition derby race


73. Mine for Gold And Strike It Rich

Gold Panning

You don’t have to buy millions of dollars worth of machinery, nor you need to have your own TV show like Gold Rush in order to strike it rich. In fact, you can discover gold and other precious stones all across the world without a big investment. Chances are you won’t become the next famous gold digger, but with gold prices as high as they are right now, you might just walk away with a size-able chunk of cash. No matter what the outcome, the 7,000 year old tradition of gold mining is always an enjoyable time well spent.

To get started all you’ll need is a wide, shallow pan to shift through the sand and gravel; in addition to finding the right place to mine at of course. It’s the fastest and least-complex to discover gold, simply involving water and plenty of patience.

Where to mine at:

Alabama: Alabama Gold Camp

Alaska: Akau Alaska Gold and Resort, Clark-Wiltz Mining, Gold Fever Prospecting and Alaska Expedition

Arizona: Arizona Gold Adventures

California: 49er Mining, American Prospector Treasure Seeker, Gold Prospecting Adventures, GPAA Membership Outings, Jamestown Gold Panning, Roaring Camp Mining Co. and Salmon Falls Gold Prospecting

Georgia: Gold ’N Gem Grubbin, Crisson Gold Mine and Consolidated Gold Mine

Montana: Libby Creek

North Carolina: Cotton Patch Gold Mine and Thermal City Gold Mine

Oregon: Oregon Gold Trips

Australia: Gold Prospecting Australia and Golden Triangle Tours

Canada: Goldbottom Mine


74. Tour The Louisville Slugger Museum

Louisville Slugger Museum

Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

Louisville Slugger Factory

Famous for making prized baseball bats used by countless legendary greats, Louisville Slugger sets the signature bat standard. Even their Louisville, Kentucky museum is quite the grand slam experience. On the outside you’ll find a massive baseball bat, and I when I say massive, I mean 68,000 pounds massive..

Its technically the world’s largest baseball bat, although it’s constructed with steel and has a hollow inside. Speaking of what’s inside, the museum itself is home to an endless amount of iconic baseball history and memorabilia.

You’ll catch a glimpse of how each bat is carefully crafted by hand, plus explore the different types of woods used in production. Afterwards there’s a realistic virtual tour of how it feels to be hitting a baseball at 95mph. It definitely will give you a new perceptive on things.. So will the batting cages when you swing around heavy historical bats.


75. Operate The Jaws Of Life

Operate The Jaws Of Life

The Jaws of life are literally just that.. Made by the Hurts Jaws of Life Co. these hydraulic tools cut, spread and ram with absolute sheer brute force. In desperate situations where fire fighters are forced to extricate accident victims they are invaluable tools to have on hand. Just imagine holding a tool that has a spreading force of 121,400 pounds, or perhaps one that can cut with a remarkable 152,870 pounds of force.


76. Build An Outdoor Pizza Stove

Outdoor Pizza Stove

Pizza Stove

If you love pizza as most men do, then it doesn’t get any better than cooking up a fresh pie in a wood fired pizza oven; especially one you built yourself in the backyard. Build it once and it and the investment will pay off for a lifetime. Any DIY weekender can put one together thanks to the easiness of acquiring all the materials at the local store. Their affordable too. If you can find solid red clay bricks you’re in luck, but if you want to build one the proper way, the total cost will run you around $700 dollars.

Too get an idea of what’s involved watch this construction video.


77. Race In The Red Bull Soapbox

Red Bull Soapbox Derby

Red Bull Derby Race

Forget the engine, there’s one way to satisfy your need for speed without it. What’s that you ask? Only the most glorious race of them all: The Red Bull Soapbox Race. You’ll fly down the pavement taking along crazy challenges and leave your competition chasing behind. That place at the podium is calling your name, and so are the tons of spectators cheering you on to reach it.

It’s fast, human-powered racing for the amateurs but nothing short of absolutely outrageous. Most race cars are creatively mind-provoking or just downright hilarious to watch. No matter how you build out your race car one thing is guaranteed: It’s awesome to be a part of it.


78. Attend Coachella Or a Music Festival

Trance Festival

They say concert sales have been steadily dropping over the years, even though it’s still a respectable one billion dollar business. But aside from the solo big-name acts there’s always one festival that seems to sell out early: Coachella. Take for example their 2014 festival which sold out in just under 3 hours and for a good reason.

With diverse music genres including rock, hip hop, electronic music and others, it’s the most profitable and popular music festival in the US. The three-day event is intense to say the least. 150 acts performing on stage, a swarm of people surrounding you, and visuals arts all around makes the experience truly unforgettable. Even if you can’t get tickets there’s still plenty of EDM festivals attracting some major crowds all around the world like: A State of Trance.


79. Inspire Others With A TED Talks Speech

Give a TED Talks Speech

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

– Aristotle

Public speaking scares some men to death, for others it comes quite naturally. You might feel nervous lecturing a group of say two hundred or more, but like at all great things it just takes practice. Once you’ve mastered the art of speaking with confidence and engaging your audience the reward can be life changing. Imagine being able to share your perspective on things to inspire and educate others in the process. Ideas are the most powerful tools people have; learning how to communicate yours effectively will be a lifelong investment that pays substantial dividends.

To become a master watch the structure of great talks video.


80. Be A part Of The Gumball 3000

Gumball Rally

Gumball Rally Race

If there’s one thing I want to do before I die myself, it’s without a doubt race in the Gumball 3000. This 3,000 mile journey started by Maximillion Copper and wife in 1999 is renowned for its over the top experience. Aside from simply being surrounded on the road by breathtaking machines like the Ferrari FF, F12, 458, Nissan GT-R, Maclaren, Rebellion R2K and others, there’s so much more to discover…

To find out first hand, you’ll need to pull together a sizeable $46,000 entry fee, which of course isn’t so bad once you consider it’s helping to support charities around the world. Plus you’ll be venturing off to world-class hotels, and attending some of the wildest parties along the way. You could spend the same amount of cash at a Vegas nightclub and still miss out on so much, making the Gumball 3000 absolutely worth it.

It’s filmed live across the world and draws in crowds in excess of over a million people cheering you. The prestige, powerful automobiles, and experience all backed by a good cause will make you feel like a true winner.


81. Walk The Bamboo Forest In Japan

Japan Bamboo Forest

This exotic grass soars high into the sky creating the ultimate grove of peacefulness and tranquility. The Arashiyama bamboo forest has been inspiring artists for centuries, plus been an integral part of iconic Japanese workshop products. It’s been used in everything from teahouses to baskets, and chopsticks among a hundred other things for a good reason.

Bamboo itself has been reported to have a stronger tensile strength than steel alloys, not to mention a better compression strength than concrete. To put that in perspective, homes built from bamboo have lasted through 9.0 magnitude earthquakes without suffering any damage.

Another interesting note about Bamboo is that it can grow four feet within just under 24 hours. In comparison, the average tree will take around 30-50 years to re-grow fully after being cut.


82. Adventure The Mendenhall Ice Caves

Mendenhall Ice Caves

When I say once in a lifetime I really mean it.. The Mendenhall Ice Caves are the result of glaciers melting and leaving behind hollow caves with stunning blue ceilings. However they won’t last forever, which makes seeing them now an idea worth considering. To get there you’ll need to trek by foot or travel by kayak. Once you arrive in Mendenhall Valley you’ll find over 12 majestic miles of glacier to explore.


83. Explore The Naica Mine In Mexico

Naica Mine In Mexico

Naica Mine Mexico

Amazing selenite crystals encompass the entire Naica Mine once you venture down 1,000 feet below the earth. At the surface you’ll see crystals as large as four feet long but the real treasure can be found in the Cave of Crystals. This cavern is home to some of the largest natural crystals ever discovered in the world, with the largest reaching 39 feet in length. If you were to weigh it, it would be an astonishing 55 tons.

Although seeing them can be quite difficult considering there is a magma chamber located below the cave. Temperatures inside reach a hot 136 °F while the humidity is 90 to 99 percent. At most you’ll can only be exposed at around ten minutes at a time without protective gear.


84. See The Salar De Uyuni Salt Flat

Salar De Uyuni

Salar De Uyuni Salt Lake

It might be the world’s largest salt flat at 4,000+ square miles but the real magic happens when it rains. During the rainy season of January to April this desert turns into a massive reflective mirror-like surface. The sky and clouds display across the thin sheet of water making it feel like a surreal heavenly environment. You can walk across them by foot or travel by any 4×4 vehicle thanks to the supportive floor of the salt plains. No matter which method you go with the feeling of touching the clouds seems all too real..

After all, it is located 3,600 miles above the sea level in the Andres. To get there you’ll want to take a trip to South West Bolivia, but just make sure you spend at least a few days there. During the night time these dried up salt plains turn a phenomenal blue color.


85. Finish The Toughman Or Spartan Race

Spartan Race

Prove you have the fight inside of you by finishing the grueling Spartan Race or competing in the Toughman. You’ll fiercely push yourself to the limits and challenge yourself to master mind over body. To succeed in the Spartan race you’ll hurdle through blazing fire, crawl through the sharp barbwire covered mud fields, and drag massive tires that pull you down. But that’s only the start of things… If you really want to reach the finish line there’s even more exhausting obstacles you’ll encounter with every painful step forward.

Even the original Toughman itself is just as labor-intensive, putting amateur fighters to the ultimate test in the ring. You’ll box three one minute rounds battling your way on through the two day eliminations. And if you can endure the harsh punches, you might just walk away as the world champion.


86. Observe The Zhangye Danxia Landform

Zyhagye Danxia Landform China

Witness the remarkable colors and the result of 24 million years of red sandstone and mineral deposits. These rock formations at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park almost look like layers of cake when to stand back to admire them. Seeing them in first person up-close almost feels like you’re walking on an alien planet, it’s surreal.

The colors aren’t nearly as bright or vibrant as the photo above; most of the mountains are a more realistic red tone in appearance. Nonetheless, they are still quite enjoyable to explore if your expectations aren’t over the top.


87. Take The Virgin Galactic To Space

Virgin Galactic

It might cost a whopping $250,000 a ticket, but at least their refundable right? If you’re lucky enough to make it on board you’ll fly deep into outer space at a remarkable 2,500 mph. That’s over three times the speed of sound, making the trip quite fast all things considered..

But once you do arrive at nearly 50,000 feet above the Earth you’ll see why the The Virgin Galactic is an aspiring astronauts dream voyage. The cabins feature plenty of room to enjoy zero gravity while spacious windows let you glance down out at the beautiful world down below.


88. Be A Husband And Father

Meet Your Wife

Be A Father

Dating for some men can but this huge challenge, sure there’s a lot of crazy women out there, but the finish line does offer quite the nice reward: The woman of your dreams. Finally, you’ll have a life partner that you can enjoy every incredible moment with, including traveling together to some of the world’s best places I’ve mentioned in this guide so far. But ultimately you don’t need to hear me fire off a list of reasons as to why you should listen, love should be enough..

But what I do want to talk about gentlemen is what happen afterwards: Raising your son or daughter as a father. Make it your life goal to teach them everything you know, and be there for them no matter what the situation at hand. Show them how the world works so that they may walk in your footsteps and grow into a adult of courage, honor and responsibility. Be the rock for all their troubles, and the leader who shows them how to overcome them. You are their role model and more importantly, their hero..


89. Bet On The Kentucky Derby Race

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Race

Crazy hats, crazy hats everywhere! You’ll see them at the annual Kentucky Derby Race in Louisville. The real prize of attending this legendary race is what most call the most exciting two minutes in sports. Jockeys push their horses to the limits while trainers and fans stand nearby in anticipation, eager for their pick to reach the finish line. For most spectators it also means clinging a mint julep in their hand just a bit tighter as the race draws near the end. It’s the traditional iced drink with mint, sugar syrup and bourbon, and yes, it’s tastes just as sweet as seeing your horse win.

Things to know: The fastest ever time recorded was 1 min 59 2/5 seconds by Secretariat in 1964. But that’s not Secretariats only impressive feat.. Aside from simply holding an impressive 40 year record, he’s also the only horse to have ever gone faster in each Triple Crown race performed.


90. Handcraft Your Own Timepiece

Build Your Own Watch

To think, the Patek Caliber 89 features 1,728 parts, some smaller than a human’s hair.. It totals to 2.5lbs and has a grand total of 33 complications; that’s a lot in such a small package. The watch took around nine years to complete, but some watches often take a lifetime or two. Often men will start crafting them only to leave them behind for the next generation to finish; all due in part to the sheer complexity and time involved.

Now you don’t have to dedicated a lifetime yourself to hand-crafting your own watch, but what you can do is make one on a smaller scale. There are so many different possibilities when it comes to the world of watch making, all it requires is a willingness to learn the intricate process.


91. Go Flyboarding


What happens when combine a jet pack and a jet ski? You get the Flyboard. It’s the new extreme sport where you can rocket an impressive 45 feet up straight out of the water. You’ll surf the sky like Iornman and fly anywhere with total freedom, including under the water. It’s all due in part thanks to the 100 horsepower motor which pumps out thousands of gallons of water per second.

The Flyboard is capable of delivering over 400 pounds of lift power, however controlling that power is the real issue at hand. Most places rent them for around $150 for 30 minutes plus have courses to teach you the ropes. And if you’re interested in owning one yourself, they retail for around $5,800 and up. Not bad once you consider that new jet skis themselves can often cost a lot more..


92. Walk Across The Skywalks

Glacier Skywalk Jasper National Park Canadian Rockies

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Skywalks are weird things.. It’s almost as if you’re walking off the edge of a cliff, and mysteriously keep walking right on the clouds in front of you. Sure there’s the metal structure keeping you up in the sky, but with glass floors and railing it feels all too realistic. If I had to imagine it’s the closest thing to a bird’s eye view you’re going to get; other than hanging down from a helicopter of course…

But the views are nothing short of breathtaking. The Grand Canyon Skywalk takes you an impressive 720 feet above the canyon floor, while the Glacier Skywalk in the Canadian Rockies is a mind-blowing 918 feet up.


93. Glowing Beach At Vaadhoo Maldives

Glowing Blue Beach Tide Vaadhoo Maldives

What happens when micro-organisms in the sea water are exposed to oxygen and create a chemical reaction? A beautiful natural phenomenon occurs. The shores of Vaddhoo, Maldvies beach light up teeming in blue waves that brush into sand. It’s as if the stars themselves are being brilliantly showcased within these mesmerizing waters.

These tiny phytoplankton create a bioluminescence glow thanks to luciferein being catalyzed into luciferease. It’s a reaction you’d similarly witness among fireflies in the nighttime trying to attract prey.


94. Glowworm Caves In Waitomo

Glowworm Caves Waitomo New Zealand

Speaking of things that glow, there’s also the Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand. For over 120 years now they’ve been attracting crowds thanks to their stunning luminescent light. They were first discovered back in 1887 by Maori Chief Tane Tinorau and Fred Mace. However you can discover them first hand yourself by embarking on a small boat ride inside the caves.


95. Tour The War Museums

Imperial War Museum London

National WWII Museum

For some reason I have always found war relics to be remarkably fascinating. The story they tell paints a picture in your mind of the historical issues and emotions those before us endured through. It gives us all an opportunity to reflect on things, gain a new perspective, and pay our respects to the courageous and fearless men of the past.

When you visit a war museum you’ll be exposed to a vast wealth of knowledge, but you’ll also get a firsthand look at historical jeeps, trucks, tanks, planes, and much more. Some are even home to the latest military toys like the F-117 and B-2 stealth bombers, which are just jaw dropping to see up close.

Where you should visit:

General George Patton Museum

Imperial War Museum

Les Invalides

The National Museum of the Air Force

Bundeswehr Military History Museum


96. Go Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Mountains

When I say rock climbing I don’t mean rock climbing indoors at your local gym… I’m talking about the real deal: Carving your way into the steep mountain edge out in the great outdoors. It’s an intimidating, extreme sport that will push your endurance to the limits as you fight to keep your grip steadily. Along the way you’ll feel better connected to nature and come to realize your own struggles within. It’s a form of self development and a challenge that teaches us to trust and believe in ourselves.


97. Taste A Scotch Older Than Your Age

Taste Old Scotch

When you compare scotch and bourbon you’ll notice one major difference right off the bat. With Scotch age is a bragging right and rightfully so, as the grain flavor and color transitions while in the wood barrels. But on the other hand with bourbon, many people claim that the hot Kentucky climate speeds up the process by three to four fold. Not to mention, many bourbons are made from blended batches which in return, can make the true age quite unclear.. So why am I telling you this?

Because when you go up to the bar, don’t ask about the age like it’s a deciding factor. (Many men do this all the time, read this bourbon guide first.) It’s one thing to taste and sample finer whiskeys, and another to believe that older is always better. You’ll ruin the experience if you’re doing that, plus put a drain on your wallet in the process.


98. Toss A Coin Into The Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain Italy Coin Toss

This iconic Baroque fountain is the largest of its kind in Rome. Designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Pietro Bracci it stands 86 feet tall as an extraordinary masterpiece of artwork. At the center the most prominent carving is Neptun, God of the sea, with two Trithons on each side. Of the two, one struggles to control a sea horse, while the other appears to effortlessly tame his animal. It’s an interesting showcase of the contrasting moods of the mysterious sea.

It’s believed that upon throwing a coin into the water your return to Rome will be guaranteed in the future.


99. Ride A Motorcycle On The Open Road


“You’re completely in contact with it all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.”

– Robert Pirsig

There is more to riding a motorcycle than just the camaraderie and subtle wave of respect as you pass another rider on by. It allows you to take back your freedom and lets your adventurous side embrace the risk for what it is. It’s an escape from the office where mindfulness and living in the moment take the uppermost presence in your life.

You’re in total control with nothing at your side except for the symphony of the engines roar around you. With some savvy finesse and steady balance you can master the intimacy with your machine.


100. Find A Hobby You’re Passionate About

Things To Do Hobbies For Men

Don’t just find a hobby, find something you are passionate about, proud of, and love every moment being a part of. Discover new ways to educate yourself all while being entertained in the process. I promise there will never be another dull moment in your life again gentlemen.

Hobbies can take a lifetime to master and like anything they involve plenty of practice and persistence. However to help you make this easier for you, I’ve put together a massive list of the top 75 best hobbies for men. Find one that suits you the best and become a gentleman of greatness!

Be A Gentleman
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