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The Art Of Male Friendships And How To Be A Good Friend

Stop for a moment and think of all the people in your life and then compare them to all the close friends in your life. We all have hundreds, if not thousands of fake friends on Facebook, and Twitter among many other sites but what really defines a real male friendship? Start by counting the true number of friends you relax in front of, ones that you act yourself around, and mostly importantly ones that will be there no matter the occasion. — You might notice the number of fake friends you have over-weighs the time spent with your real ones.

Yet if you have ever wondered what life is all about, it’s about having real friendships. However, the only way to get those close friends is to open yourself up for every moment, and be an honest man, one that’s true and real to everyone you meet. At the inner core of you is an authentic person just waiting to share your own unique characteristics, yet the only way to move forward is to actually commit to sharing it. Every person you come across, meet, or simply run into at the store, office, etc must see the real you if you ever want them to understand and embrace you.

Being A Real Friend Means Going To War

Ask yourself if you would consider your real friends to be like family, if you value their gift of friendship, and what honestly does it mean exactly to be a good friend? Good friends pick you up late at night when you’re stranded without a ride home, and pick up the phone to drop everything when you need something done. Real friendship simply put means going above and beyond for your friends, making the phrase “going to war” a perfect example. However let’s define real friendship and examine what makes a true friend a real one:

When you’re in need there’s always a real friend standing next to you, willing to support you. Friends accept you for who you are, instead of judging you they work with you to help you grow into a better person over time. They know you inside and out; their advice comes at no cost, and comes straight from knowing who you are as a person. When it comes down to telling you how it is, real friends will, they won’t worry about hurting your feelings because they are honest and authentic. These are the people you need to spend your time with and share yourself with every single day.

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