1920s Hairstyles For Men

1920s Hairstyles For Men – Classy Cuts Topped With A Hat

Take a trip back in time to the roaring twenties, aka the Jazz Age. While the automobile, telephone and industrial growth booming it resulted in significant lifestyle changes, though, one thing preserved: The hat.

A stroll down any streets and you’d see the majority, if not all men wearing the classic top, homburg or fedora on their heads.

It’s an interesting comparison when you consider the fashion changes men were going through at the times. Things like short suit jackets were taking over the spotlight while longer jackets were kept tucked in the closet for more formal affairs. Additionally, the trendy and casual look of sportswear started to emerge among males.

Yet, aside from technology and the economy, you have to remember that during the time period prosperity came about after World War One. Not to mention, it wouldn’t be until 1929 till the stock market would crash on Black Tuesday eventually turning that optimism and high moral upside down.

With that said, I’d like to tell you about how the timeless fashion of the hat affected the hairstyles of men in the 20s so greatly. First off, consider what happens when you wear a hat for a long period of time, you get hat hair. Back then, males did too only they called it things like helmet head and patent leather hair.

It’s a good reason why a great deal of hairstyles back then were shiny, flat and low in terms of volume. Yet, aside from the short and medium length haircuts, there’s one more important characteristic of the times. Most males had very shiny, slicked and oily hair back then.

Grooming product was more than often used to part the hair in generally three different ways. A center part, a side part or one of the more popular choices, a simple, straight back style that was combed over the sides and crown down the head. If you’ve ever wondered where the comb over stems from, there’s the answer.


Explore the classic cuts

To get a better idea of the historical fashion at the time, I’ve put together a really sharp collection of 1920s hairstyles for men below. Consider it your time machine the past’ there’s plenty of classy cut inspiration to explore!


1920s Mens Haircut Charlie Chaplin

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John Gilbert With Slicked Short Length Mens 1920s Hair

Man With 1920s Haircut Traditional

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Mens 1920s Hairstyle Short Length

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