1940s Hairstyles For Men

1940s Hairstyles For Men – 25 Historic Manly Cuts

In reality, the 1940’s marked a key turning point for one of the most popular decades of men’s hairstyles, the 1950s. Though, the change was truly subtle during the period with slightly longer lengths and added volume.

While it’s true the Forties didn’t have as big of a push as the Fifties, the change was still considerable even without the rock and roll.

In comparison to the years prior, the 30s, most gentlemen sported shorter cuts with a serious sense of professionalism. When you look back at the two time periods you’ll get a better idea of the differences. Factor in the state of World War II and you’ll also be able to discover where the conservative style stems from.

Of course, while the cuts may have grown in length they still featured quite similar sides and backs. One of the most popular choices was the slicked back hairstyle, only it wasn’t simply slicked all the way back. Instead, during the Forties a great deal of gentlemen were adding lots and lots of waviness with product.

In return, when you look at these wavy cuts you’ll notice how each has a unique sense of character. It’s as if each man was truly creating his own sense of perfection in the morning by setting the direction for his hair and day.

Go ahead and explore the collection below, there are 30 really sharp 1940’s hairstyles for men to admire.


Bing Crosby With Short Length Hairstyle From The 1940s

Classy Retro 1940s Hair For Men

Curly Wavy 1940s Hairstyles For Gentlemen

Frank Sinatra With Popular Trendy Hairstyle From 1940s

Gary Cooper With Wavy Thick Hairstyle 1940s

Guys Traditional 1940s Hairstyles

Historical Browne Lewis 1940 Hairstyle

Humphrey Bogart Short Length 1940s Professional Mens Haircuts

Joe Dimaggio Cool Polished Guys 1940 Hairstyle

John Wayne Timeless 1940s Hair For Guys

Leonard Bernstein Curly Medium Length Male Haircuts

Modern 1940s Hairstyle On Man

Popular Classic Mens 1940s Haircut

Popular Short Length Mens Hairstyles Of The 1940s

Professional Man With 1940s Hairstyle

Short Balding 1940s Hairstyles For Men

Slicked Back 1940s Vintage Mens Hairstyle Inspiration

Thick Hair Slicked Back Mens Traditional 1940s Hairstyles

Walter Pidgeon With Short Length Classy 1940s Mens Hairstyle

Wavy Slicked Robert Taylor 1940s Hairstyles For Males

William Saroyan With Popular 1940s Time Period Guys Haircut

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