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Top 43 Quote Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

A passage from a book, a beautiful song lyric, words of wisdom and motivation and definitions of faith are all part of timeless quotes tattoo ideas. There are limitless inspirational tattoos possibilities with all sorts of inspiring authors and topics to read up on and then apply to tattoo art.

Determining the best words for your ink to live by is entirely up to you. It can be a challenge to figure out the perfect placement on your body, whether it should be a small tattoo, a long or short quote, and in which font or language to get it etched.

Take a glance below and use this collection of meaningful tattoo art to answer font, style, and placement questions. There are also some handy tips at the end to help when you get to the tattoo parlor to make your next appointment.

1. Simple Quote Tattoo Design

Some quote tattoos work best as part of a much larger image but that doesn’t always have to be the case. A simple quote tattoo featuring little more than text can be a powerful image on its own. Short and sweet and to the point gives the message of the quote a more profound meaning when it’s uncluttered.

That said, you want an artist with a steady hand to pull the cleanest lines imaginable for this to work. There is no room to hide here so the lettering must be pristine. Classic application is just black ink in these examples but color can work if it’s a rich and deep tone and its well saturated.

2. Short Tattoo Quotes and Lettering

A powerful inspirational quote tattoo doesn’t need to be a long quote. Sometimes just a word or a few words can encapsulate your whole outlook on life and love, a profound philosophy, recognize a loved one, or reference a funny joke that you want to be a part of you forever. The key to a short quote tattoo is making the style and design work together.

The message of your quote can change based on the tattoo placement and how it’s applied. Massive lettering can draw the eye while an ornate script can make it harder to read if it becomes too complex. A simple block text will increase readability while a handwritten style of text can be more informal or even funny just by virtue of the letter shapes. Try to match your style to your content to increase the impact of the quote.

3. Fun Quote Tattoo Inspiration

Many quote tattoos are weighty and serious in nature, with a profound and deep meaning for the person who wears them. But not every quote needs to be a philosophical treatise, a moving song lyric, or something pulled from literature that speaks to the nature of the universe and the complex relationship between man and woman. Fun and silly quotes make for an exceptional short tattoo, using the simplicity of just a few words or a clever turn of phrase to convey a sense of quirkiness.

If your personality leans towards the funny and weird, a matching quote tattoo is more than appropriate. Often this style is best applied i n a very simplistic and clean font style rather than more flowery scripts . If it’s easy to read and if the lettering has a comic book or whimsical style, it adds a second layer of dimension to the overall piece. As an added bonus, cleaner and goofier scripts are not used that often so your quote tattoo will be more unique.

4. Epic Quote Tattoos

To some a quote is just words on paper or, in this case, skin. But a truly epic quote tattoo incorporates graphic elements and a grand scale to make a next level design. These tattoos cover a large swathe of skin and can include background designs or accents to make the central quote really stand out.

An epic quote tattoo is the kind you want as a full or half sleeve design, a back piece, or even something that covers the torso and ribs. You need to keep in mind that the fine line work that can be involved in a tattoo of this scale can be an endurance test, especially with low pain threshold tattoo placement. If you’re getting your ribs tattooed, for instance, you’re going to need to have a decent pain tolerance and ability to sit still. One slip and your text will suffer for it.

5. Bible Quote Tattoos

Many quotes are chosen for tattoos explicitly because of their meaningful or inspirational nature. For that reason, Bible quotes are often used. Whether single lines or whole passages, these Bible quote tattoos can keep someone’s faith close at hand while also serving as unique pieces of art relevant to the person’s life.

These types of quotes are easily integrated into larger images that fit the theme and can be applied with a variety of script font types from simple, thin black ink to more elaborate calligraphy-inspired text. Background work is often shaded to appear like parchment or scrolls and there is an opportunity to include iconography like wings, crosses, or even human figures. Because of the serious nature of each tattoo saying, you want to make sure your tattoo artist is up to the task, able to apply clean and readable lines, and not prone to spelling errors.

7. Clever Quote and Word Tattoos

While the content of a quote is usually the most important part of any quote tattoo, it’s worth remembering that the way that quote is tattooed on you is also an integral part of the whole design.

A good tattoo featuring script and letters plays with expectations and presents the quote as its own piece of art, even aside from the words. Whether it’s a simple tattoo applied in unique shapes or as part of a larger image that incorporates the script in an unusual way, these clever quote tattoos work because they treat the quote body art as what it is, part of a visual art form.

Quote Tattoo FAQs

What quote tattoo should I get?

When it comes to inspirational quote tattoo ideas, you can go broad with meaning or look for something specific. A quote can quite literally be about anything: Love, combat and war, a song lyric, motivation and benedictions, life philosophy, religious beliefs, and even nature too.

One piece of advice: when getting a quote or lettering tattoo, think of its potential for enjoyment down the line. It doesn’t need to have deep meaning but may need more than that YOLO ink you nearly got on your neck last Friday.

Where do quote tattoos work best?

Quote tattoos can work when placed anywhere, however some positions are certainly more prevalent (and more useful) than others.

Forearm tattoo, the upper arm tattoo, and wrist are great areas for a lengthier quote tattoo. They provide a place where your eyes can be drawn to the tattoo art and to the message. This works extremely well for ink designs requiring a lot of horizontal space, or those sayings or signs that help with motivation and inspiration.

For those tattoo enthusiasts looking to get a bible verse or tattoo saying central to religion, the chest is a popular placement. With the heart (and soul theoretically) being linked closely to religion, this placement is popular for people of faith. Parents too, like to get their new tattoo – often linked to their kids – above their hearts.

Another increasingly popular position for a quotes tattoo is along the side and ribs. It’s a visually arresting area for both men and women that have the capacity to take on both shorter quote tattoos along with longer, more condensed text.

What are some tips for getting a quote or script tattoo?

  1. Make sure the script font is legible. It can be fancy or plain, but it needs to be clear enough to read

2. Make sure you’ve had the spelling, and any possible translation, checked independently before you even get to the tattoo artist for inking. I always try to get it confirmed three ways before getting a quote tattoo punched in at the tattoo shop

3. Never get a cultural, racially, or sexually insensitive tattoo idea

4. Pick the placement right for you, not someone reading the script tattoo

5. Will the tattoo quote still be relevant in twenty years?

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