90s Fashion For Men

90s Fashion for Men – The Ultimate Male Guide on 90s Outfits

Men fashion from the 90s’ was frivolous and casual.

“Come as you are…” from the Kurt’s Cobain song “The Teen Spirit” became an anthem of the era and so it reflected on the daily fashion. The 90s did escape from the 80s marginalization, but still remained grungy.

90s outfits and accessories

It was the time where streetwear became inevitable representation of the big city rhythm. The edgy span where we all remember the birth of a “new” man with baggy silhouettes and all so athletic figures underneath it.

In this article we’re going to show you how to make a slow transition into the “young and careless” times by exposing the necessities and inevitable trends.

In order for you to rock this day with this 90s vibe, scroll down to see the full and explicit guide to the 90s fashion for men.

What did men wear in the 90s?

1. Basic white t-shirts

basic white t-shirt in the 90s

A white cotton T-shirt is where all the fashion realm actually begins. The epitome of comfort became the “brick and stone” of the previous decade.

The only thing that was so important about the basic T-shirt was that is had to be made of a premium quality cotton and it was supposed to be loose in style.

It was often paired and mixed up with a grungy biker jacket and baggy or ripped blue jeans.

90s white t-shirt fashion inspiration

basic white t-shirt with vest
basic white t-shirt

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basic white t-shirt in the 90s, fashion statement

COLLUSION white t-shirt on ASOS.com

basic white t-shirt in the 90s, fashion statement

ASOS white loose fit heavyweight t-shirt on ASOS.com

basic white t-shirt in the 90s, fashion statement


At that time time jeans were the whole “religion”. If you didn’t own a pair of blue baggy jeans – you weren’t in the trend. Those were often matched with a bright color sweatshirts and white sneakers.

The baggy jeans became the real quintessence of the streetwear and were worn on a lower hip.

90s jeans fashion inspiration:

grey baggy jean

Shop the look:

denim in the 90s with bright tshirt
washed jeans, light blue jeans, denim in the 90s
denim in the 90s with bright tshirt

3. Waistcoats

90s fashion style, denim jeans

One thing, that nobody is taking into consideration, is actually going to change the way you look at fashion in general.

A waistcoat is a piece that was popular back in the 90s and you should include it into your wardrobe as well.

Bring that vibe and become more fashion educated than you were before!

90s waistcoats fashion inspiration:

eather vest men business casual
double breasted griffith park tweed waistcoat
eather vest men business casual

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reyuy mens sleeveless motorcycle jacket vest faux leather waistcoat
ljyh faux leather motorcycle dress casual boys joker vest black
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 men's full-zip polar fleece vest

4. Leather biker jackets

leather jacket mens leather jacket outfits style

A real leather jacket was a big deal if you wanted to impress and be around the “cool” blocks. Even those who had never rode a motorbike took up this style.

The real leather jacket meant something and it was speaking to others as it reflected the “Bad Boy” attitude.

Today you do not need to wear a real leather jacket, a faux leather or eco materials will do to help you feel the “real deal” of the time.

mens motorcycle biker jacket in black

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vintage supply leather jacket in black with belt
river island faux leather biker jacket with hood in black

5. Ripped jeans

ripped jeans

The perfect time when jeans were a necessity and ripped jeans were often matched with a biker jacket in order to maintain the 90s fashion vibe.

The time was rebellious and so were the jeans. It wasn’t just for the style itself, it was for the emphasize of the subtle edge of the time.

90s ripped jeans fashion inspiration:

bdg destroyed chalk wash slim jean
Men Slim Fit Simply Ripped Jeans - Blue

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drop crotch jeans in vintage light wash blue with heavy rips
super skinny jeans with knee rips
drop crotch jeans in mid wash blue with cargo pockets and rips
skinny jeans with rips in black wash

5. Combat boots

At first, the combat boots were the predominant belonging of a rock and punk subculture, however in time it became a very comfortable piece of a garment for every man out there.

Usually, those were worn with cargo pants, ripped jeans accompanied by a flannel shirt or a biker jacket.

90s combat boots fashion inspiration:

men street style
denim on denim
men street style, combat boots with ripped jeans and biker jacket

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dr martens combs tech boots in black
bruno marc men's military motorcycle combat boots
tactical military combat ankle boots
dr. martens mens combs nylon combat boot

6. Windbreakers

Today is is the one piece of garment that has made a huge return back form the 90s.

Do you remember your dad striking a pose in the color-block windbreaker? I do, and this is why it is so important to revise this 90’s style epitome.

Those were usually worn with blue banana jeans and white sneakers or in full sport casual chic projection of the retro intro of today.

90s windbreakers fashion inspiration:

colorful vintage tracksuit men
vintage tracksuit men
blue vintage tracksuit men

Shop the look:

retro neon windbreaker
retro neon windbreaker
classic track jacket
retro neon windbreaker

7. Flannel shirts

A shirt that had a casual edgy aura within the 90s. Often it was worn in a mixture with a printed loose T-shirt or just tied up down the waist.

It clearly had a rock-n-roll energy especially for those that had a free teen spirit.

This kind of an outfit was often matched with white or black Converse shoes or combat boots as well.

90s flannel shirts fashion inspiration:

plaid flannel
vintage flannel
skater grunge bleached flannel

Shop the look:

long sleeve check shirt in red
shirt in bright yellow check

8. Loose sweatshirts printed with USA or city names

A streetwear essence was a loose city name printed sweatshirt. It was often worn in a total sports style matching with blue jeans and sneakers.

This was the vogue time in which everybody wanted to be in the “melting pot” of America. It, of course, reflected on casual daily fashion.

90s USA t-shirt fashion inspiration:

uo usa cream sweatshirt
3d usa flag patriotic retro hoodie sweatshirt
nike usa swoosh striped flag navy blue crew

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sweatshirt with Los Angeles text print
new look u.s.a print sweat in grey
asos design sweatshirt with city print

9. Sports brand socks

Were you wondering where this sock fashion came from? Yes, you’re right! It’s the 90s fashion for men! The socks had to be visible and most of the times the brand has to be shown.

Usually men matched those with blue jeans and either print or color-block oversized sweatshirt creating an urban look.

90s sports socks fashion inspiration:

aesthetic clothes, 90s fashion outfits, fashion, outfits, aesthetic fashion
aesthetic clothes, 90s fashion outfits, fashion, outfits, aesthetic fashion
aesthetic clothes, 90s fashion outfits, fashion, outfits, aesthetic fashion

Shop the look:

nike training 3 pack crew socks in white
nike evry essential 3 pack socks in white
nike evry essential 3 pack socks in black
jordan 3 pack socks in black

10. White sneakers

You are not able to imagine this beautiful generation without white Converse and Nikes. Everyone was indulging in these running shoes.

White shoes were something special and seemingly casual and careless. The laidback atmosphere continued and all the subcultures gave up for a pair of those sneakers.

90s white sneakers fashion inspiration:

streetwear, white shoes
streetwear, white shoes
streetwear, white shoes

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asos wide fit lace up plimsolls in white
asos design lace up plimsolls in white
asos design trainers in white canvas
asos design trainers in white with gum sole

11. Yin yang and peace signs

Those signs were all around the world which actually created a reflection backward to the past years of the 80s.

You could see these signs everywhere from the baggy jeans back pocket print or a patch on the textile backpack or even a necklace.

90s yin yang and peace sign fashion inspiration:

90s drippy alien yin yang unisex t shirt
tiny round peace sign necklace in 14k gold
yin yang black t-shirt

Shop the look:

hnr ldn ying yang back print sleeveless t-shirt vest
classics 77 yin and yang pendant neck chain in black

12. Sunglasses

Accessories took a very dominant place in the fashion of the 90s. Just the glasses could tell whether you were in the trend or not.

We had a great range of colorful frames and shapes. Those were predominantly round and wide, old Celine-like shades.

All celebrities and famous persons were strolling in those showing off with the “hard to get” attitude. Just look at Justin Timberlake and his complimenting hairstyles!

90s sunglasses fashion inspiration:

sunglasses,, fashion. 90s
sunglasses, fashion. 90s
ash stainless steel designed by freyrs eyewear

Shop the look:

jeepers peepers round sunglasses in black
nieepa john lennon vintage round polarized hippie sunglasses small circle sun glasses
armear small metal frame square sunglasses non polarized lens
mens hippie pimp color lens narrow rectangular black frame sunglasses

A tip from a stylist

Stop wasting your time looking for the most appropriate 90s styling! Take those easy to follow steps to get that grunge outfit for yourself.

You don’t have to spend a lot to be in the trend. Start from incorporating small or basic things first. We have mentioned that basics was a fundamental thing for the 90s style and so it is right now.

Get that white T-shirt and those white socks from our shopping guide. We know you might already have the blue jeans in your wardrobe, so just try to roll those up to show off the brand new training socks.

You could also try this outfit with a loose print sweatshirt with your favorite US State naming (P.S. Mine is Chicago). Pair it all up with your comfortable Converse shoes and “Voila”!

You are ready to rock this world with the 90s trends!

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