American Flag Tattoos For Men

Top 53 American Flag Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Ever since the Flag Resolution was passed by The Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777, the American flag has been a symbol known all around the world. For more than two-hundred years and counting, it has stood for more than freedom and liberty, but also the unity and might of our nation.

With thirteen white and red strips, and thirteen stars to match across a blue field, the Flag Act literally came to life in vivid color. It is hard not to be drawn into the commanding Betsy Ross design, which by the way is credited to Francis Hopkinson.

Yet, even though today’s flag looks a little different with fifty stars for states and thirteen white stripes for the colonies, what it represents hasn’t changed at all. It’s been said the color of red is a showcase of not only valor but hardness. White is purity, while blue is the notion of freedom and justice for all.

However, you might be surprised to know the flag you see today has gone through more than just two changes over the years. The truth is, a forty-eight star flag reigned over the nation for close to fifty years before the new version with one additional star took over on July 4, 1959. A few months later on August 21st, President Eisenhower would order the flag you see today, with all of its fifty stars.

If you have a strong sense of patriotism for the USA, you’re really going to enjoy these top 60 best American flag tattoos for men. For some men they are a reminder of grandfathers or even brothers who have served in the military. Others admire the symbol as simply a tribute of their homeland and country. Regardless of your connection to these designs, you’re sure to be inspired with countless creative and masculine ideas.

American Flag Tattoo Ideas

American Flag Arm Tattoos For Males In Black Ink

This is a well-drawn American Flag tattoo etched in black and gray. The shading is precise, exceptionally crafted, with beautiful technique in the gray of the stars and striped. Not, the new wave ripple symbolizing resiliency, and the rent border but not flag.

American Flag Eagle Tattoo Sleeves For Men

Nothing can be considered more Patriotic for an American then intertwining the US flag with its bird emblem the Bald Eagle. This flag is great – the detail of stars and stripes makes it looked stitched – and the Eagle is beautifully executed with smart gray shading to contrast the flag’s color.

American Flag Tattoo Ideas For Men On Bicep

A beautiful new wave realist tattoo easily identified by the rippling of the flag on skin. Smart use of white ink – rather than negative space – gives the flag the creamy color in the alternate stripes, while it’s smudged to along the outside to give it a border.

Arm Black Mexican And American Flag Tattoos For Guys

This flag tattoo is exceptional. The detail is such that you aren’t sure whether the colors have been muted on purpose or if it’s drawn on staggering black and gray.

Arm Mens Black And White American Flag Tattoo

Back Of Forearm Guy With Eagle Tattoos With American Flag

This is a cool military style US Flag tattoo. It’s done with emphasis on thick gauge black shading instead of the use of color. The subject’s rank, nickname, and DOB are etched along the bars of the flag.

Bald Eagle American Flag Tattoo For Males On Forearm

Animal realism meets patriotism in a brilliantly worked black and gray. The Eagle is striking in its photo image quality and balanced well by the execution of deft shadow in the rippling flag.

Bicep American Flag Tattoos For Men

Black And White American Flag Tattoo Designs On Mens Chest With Skull

Black And White American Flag Tattoos For Males Sleeves

Black Sleeve Man With American Flags Tattoos

Chest Torn Skin Mens American Flag Tattoos

Compass Tattoo Of American Flag For Gentlemen

Cool American Flag Tattoos For Men With Eagle

Cover Up American Flag And Eagle Tattoo For Men

Dog Tag Tattered American Flag Tattoo For Men

Eagle American Flag Tattoo For Men Half Sleeve

Fighter Jet And American Flag Eagle Tattoo For Men

Forearm American Flag Tattoo On Man

Forearm Tattoos American Flag For Men

Guys American Eagle Flag Tattoo On Legs

Guys Tattoo American Flag On Shoulder

Guy With Italian American Flag Tattoo Folded

Half Sleeve American Flag Tattoos For Men For Men

Half Sleeve Black American Flag And Skull Tattoos For Males

Male American Flag Bald Eagle Tattoos

Male American Flag Tattoos Designs

Man With American Flag Tattoo On Leg Calf

Man With American Flag Tribal Tattoos

Masculine Military American Flag Tattoos On Bicep

Mens American Flag Chest Tattoo

Mens American Flag Eagle Tattoos On Forearm

Mens American Flag Sleeve Tattoos

Mens American Flag Tattoo Designs On Bicep

Mens American Flag Tattoo Of Solider On Chest

Mens Black American Flag Tattoo On Arm

Mens Tattoos Of The American Flag In Color On Arm

Mexican American Flag Tattoo For Guys On Forearm

Outer Bicep Manly American Flag And Eagle Tattoos

Red White And Blue American Flag Eagle Tattoos For Men

Ripped American Flag Tattoo For Males Half Sleeve

Ripped Skin Guys Bald Eagle And American Flag Tattoos On Chest

Sailing Ship And American Flag Tattoo For Guys

Skull Male American Flag Tattoos Military

Sleeve Man With American Flag Tattoo

Smal Subdued American Flag Tattoo On Man

Tribal American Flag Tattoo For Males

Upper Arm American Flag And Eagle Tattoo On Male

Upper Arm American Flag Tattoo Design On Men

Wrist And American Flag Tattoos For Men

Wrist Male Mexican American Flag Tattoos

American Flag Tattoo FAQs

How much does an American flag tattoo cost?

It’s important to get a firm idea of the way in which your chosen artist does their pricing for American Flag tattoos.

Experienced tattooists will have a good grasp of how long an artwork takes so will be able to accurately give you a per piece price, while others will stick to an hourly rate. It’s recommended you communicate effectively to avoid miscommunication.

The most in demand artists can charge as much as $500 per average, while gifted apprentices and the less experienced may charge only $75. The average per hour price is from $150-$200 per hour

A small American Flag tattoo could cost around $250- $300 before tips. More complex work in conjunction with other images can cost upwards of $1500 for top quality artists and take up to 5 hours+ in the chair.

Is a tattered flag tattoo disrespectful?

American flag etiquette is important – those adjudged to have mishandled, besmirched, or willingly damaged the American flag are subject to Federal law. Those flags tattered or shredded by natural attrition must be disposed of in an appropriately dignified manner and replaced.

Flag etiquette also extends to American Flag tattoos. It is considered disrespectful by many to have a torn or tattered flag inked on your skin. You’ll find that in most cases where American flags are displayed differently, the image, framing, or border around the flag is manipulated and the flag itself stays true.

A popular form of new wave tattoo patriotism utilizes a ripple or windswept affect in the flag, which signifies American resilience.

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