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15 Best Anime Hairstyles for Men

You may label them freaky or inane or whatever name you want to call them. But there are many reasons why we call anime haircuts cool and stylish. These odd hairstyles are the main aspects that enhance the uniqueness of anime characters. So if you have been wondering what makes these characters look incredibly crisp, now you know the secret; their hairstyle.

And when it comes to anime hairstyles, don’t assume that it is all about their color (we all know that anime hair hues are freaking Rainbowland); their way of styling hair is astonishing even to the most talented barbers and fashionistas.

Today we want to dive into the world of anime hairstyles and show you some of the coolest anime haircuts that make anime characters appear so cool. Besides being statement hairstyles for these anime characters, anime hairstyles also tell us more about their personalities. That is the reason why we can know one or more things about a certain character beforehand by merely looking at the hair. Amazing!

Ready? Let’s plunge in and see some of the best anime hairstyles for men we have for you this year.

1. Mohawks

Anime Mohawk with long hair on top starting at the forehead and ending at the nape of the neck

Mohawks have existed since the medieval times, and if you thought they have vanished, you are mistaken. These punk hairstyles still exist and are pretty cool, and I am sure that also applies to anime Mohawks. Though characters outside the Dragon Ball franchise rarely rock this odd anime hairstyle, it is still embraced by characters in DBZ. I know you didn’t expect that!

Still not convinced? Well, this odd hairstyle is sported by characters such as Tapion, Android 16, East Supreme Kai, Uub, and Gou Koga. See? The first four characters are all from DBZ apart from Gou Koga, who is from Bleach.

There is one personality trait that is shared by all these characters; though they are thought to be very strong and scary, they are all kind-hearted.

2. Blinding Bangs

Hot anime blinding bangs featuring trimmed bangs on the sides and in the front. The bangs frame the facial features perfectly

This is my favorite anime hairstyle. Well, that doesn’t come to you as a surprise since the blinding bangs are regarded as some of the coolest anime male hairstyles. This hairstyle just gives anime guys an appealing look that is chic and sophisticated. The hairstyle also makes them appear a bit metrosexual; apparently, that is quite expected. Anyway, what do you expect when you look so charming?

Some of the anime characters who rock blinding bangs are Sanji from One Piece, Freed Justine from Fairy Tail, Deidera from Naruto, Ginko from Mushishi, and Decim from Death Parade.

These anime guys clearly show the correlation between their hairdos and their personality traits. This is because they look quite handsome rather than mysterious. Specifically, Decim fits pretty well in all these descriptions, and that is why he is incredibly charming.

Want to rock Decim’s look? Well, you would want to tell your barber to style blinding bangs for you. Tell him to trim the hair to frame your face and allow some hair to fall below the ears.

3. Extremely Long and Loose Locks

Anime long hairstyle with hair falling on the back

Anime characters with long locks are not as common as most of us would expect. However, that is not because they don’t look cool with long hair. In fact, they are the coolest guys among the anime characters. That is why we get surprised when not so many of them rock long locks. Take, for instance, anime characters such as Ushio and Inuyasha from Tora and Kotarou Katsura from Gintama, all these anime characters look great.

Generally, long hair is used here as a simple of raw power and authority, which is the main characteristic of the mentioned characters here. Extremely long hair is also regarded as a symbol of wild and primeval, and that is what is portrayed by these characters. For instance, Ushio and Inuyasha have very long hair, and we would be wrong if we say that these characters with long locks can hardly be civilized.

4. Ponytails

Long anime hair styled into a long ponytail falling on the back

There are many differences between the anime characters with ponytails and those with long locks. Let’s consider the following characters; Koga from Inuyasha, Kenshin Himura from Rurouni, and Yu Kanda from D-Gray-man. These characters are known to be very powerful and also have the finest instincts. Besides, they are also very civilized. All these qualities are revealed in how they act in different situations, specifically in the case of Kenshin.

Murasakibara perfectly exemplifies this idea of civilization and power. He goes through a drastic transformation during his contest with Seirin in Kuroko no Basket. In the last minutes of the game, Murasakibara styles his long locks into a ponytail, and his attitude changes drastically from a player who is bored and hungry to a player who is determined to win the match.

5. Side-Parted Medium Length Hair

Sebastian Michaelis wearing medium length black hair side-parted in the middle

Sebastian Michaelis, a slick and charming demon from Kuroshitsuji, rocks this hairstyle. In the anime movie, he is presented as a charming, tall and suave guy with black hair and red eyes. He wears black hair side-parted in the middle and reaching to its shoulders. There is a voluminous bang added in the center of his forehead.

6. Anti-Gravity Hair

An anime hairstyle with straight locks styled straight-up to defy gravity

Ponytails and blinding bangs can be chic and sophisticated at the same time. However, when it comes to rocking an anime hairstyle that is cool and sexy as it can possibly get, nothing beats a huge and shouting hairdo that defies that laws of gravity. Anime guys who rock anti-gravity hairstyles tend to exude some form of mysticism or celestial beings. They can sometimes convince us to believe in the existence of greater force or gods that are holding their locks from drooping. Without a doubt, that makes many of us think!

Some of the most popular anime characters who rock anti-gravity hair are Kakashi Hatake from Naruto, Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, Ryuk from Death Note, Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kenpachi Zarakin from Bleach, and Gon Freecss from Hunter. If you look at their hairstyle closely, you will never ask why they look so cool on the screen. Besides, their hairstyle makes them so adored and beloved.

7. Silver White Hair

Keneki wearing silver-white manes

This hairstyle is worn by Keneki I. However, I should make this clear that I am talking about Kaneki with silver-white locks since there is one with black hair. Ironically, Keneki got his new look after being tortured by Jason. Undoubtedly, he looks great!

He matches his silver-white hair with a mask on his large eyes. This combination gives him an irresistible appearance.

8. Top Knots

An anime warrior wearing hair buns with a top knot styled on the top of his head

If you thought top knot or hair buns are reserved explicitly for ladies, this hairstyle would prove you wrong. A classic example is Samurai, who used to rock this hairstyle by tying some portion of hair at the top, and we know he was incredibly cool and sexy, so that should make you change your thinking.

It is not only Samurai who rocked this iconic anime hairstyle. Other famous anime characters who look sexy with top knot include; Asahi Azumane from Haikyuu, Haku from Naruto, and Bacchus Groh from Fairy Tail.

When it comes to the anime world, top knots are closely linked to the ancient Japanese warriors who rocked it. Generally, characters who rock this look are considered fighters in all the fields and are always determined to win regardless of the challenges. They are very competitive and go-getters, and you don’t want to mess up with them.

Want to rock this anime warrior style? Grow out your locks to mid-length or long length and tie a sizeable portion of hair on the top.

9. Mohawk and Thick Beards

Anime Mohawk style paired with beard

Beards go perfectly well with almost all hairstyles, and that is well illustrated in anime hairstyles. For instance, Gou Koga from Bleach pairs his thick beards with a long Mohawk, and the appearance is ridiculously cool. Without a doubt, his angry look adds to the elegance of this style.

10. Baldies

An anime character with a bald head. In anime, the bald is a sign of conviction and strength

Now think about the famous anime characters without any hair on their head-baldies are always great, though not as the rest of the characters with hair. Generally, these characters, in most cases, are ignored or regarded as minor characters who perform secondary roles. Though sometimes they are given active roles, they are not as appealing as the key characters. However, some baldies look entirely cool and classic.

I know what’s running in your mind right now-you are probably thinking about Saitama from One punch Man. However, though he’s a very common bald guy who cannot be left out, there are other bald characters worth mentioning. These characters include Dot Pyxis from Attack on Titan, Krillin from the Dragon Ball Series, and Alex Louis from Fullmetal Alchemist. (However, he has a hair antenna on the top of his head). All these characters exude great personalities and are regarded as people’s helpers due to their significant contribution to helping people.

Generally, the anime characters such as the ones we have listed here show a great character and unwavering will (also shows experience and wisdom especially, in older people). However, the symbol of their hair is contrary to the biblical story of Samson, who lost his power when his hair was shaven.

Abscessed with your favorite anime character? Go to your stylist and tell him to shave all your hair.

11. Dreadlocks with a Knot, Bleach

Kaname Tosen wearing dreadlocks tied at the back to form a ponytail

The ‘Bleach’ characters are known for their creativity when it came to hairstyling. For instance, Kaname Tosen, the ring-leader of the ninth squad of Gotei 13, has taken the typical dreadlocks to another level by tying them at the back. I think he rocks one of the coolest anime hairstyles, which perfectly highlights his looks.

His hairstyle is styled into thick dreadlocks and tied back to create a ponytail. In most cases, he wears sunglasses. Well, Kaname Tosen has beautiful lavender eyes and has been blind from his childhood. However, his general outfit makes him look harmless and cool.

12. Afros

An anime character wearing an afro hairstyle. It features huge hair with great volume

If you thought the afro hairstyle was gone, you are mistaken as this iconic hairstyle will never go anywhere, especially in anime. When you think the afro is fading off, it becomes the hip, and that is very true, especially among the anime guys. Afro hairstyles tell us more about the characters who wear them.

Some of the coolest anime guys who rock afro include; Satan from the Dragon Ball series and Brook and Afro Samurai from One Piece. We all love to see these guys wearing an afro, and the reason is apparent; undoubtedly, afros make these guys look ridiculously badass as they can get.

The hairstyle defines their personality. It is a statement hairstyle that makes these characters appear unique and stand out from the rest. Anime characters who rock afros have more swag than the others, and you can tell that whenever you spot one. Besides their swag, these characters tend to be very funny and are always successful in winning our hearts.

13. Dreadlocks

An anime character wearing long and thick dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have also existed for quite a long time. However, contrary to what most people think, dreadlocks are among the commonly rocked men’s hairstyles, especially when it comes to anime world. You may be familiar with anime characters such as Yuuto Kidou from Inazuma Eleven, Kanonji from Bleach, Kyosuke Takakura from Nana, and Jerso from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

The dreadlocks are normally a symbol of calm and careless personality. This is because these characters are okay to keep their hair untidy and not wash them in order to rock their dreads. However, apart from that aspect of cleanliness, these anime characters appear incredibly cool and their dreadlocks make them appear unique from the rest.

Want to try anime dreadlocks in real life? You can achieve dreadlocks intentionally or unintentionally. To style them intentionally, grow out your hair to long length and tell your barber to braid them permanently. To style them unintentionally, just let your long hair be, and it will style itself into dreads. However, after creating them, you will need to maximize on maintenance.

14. Short, Blonde and Spiky

Naruto’s short hair with spikes dyed in blonde shade

Well, this hairstyle doesn’t need a lot of introduction as its name tells us everything about it. It is a statement hairstyle for the naughty child ninja, Naruto. His spiked and short hair dyed in blonde gives him a standout look from the other anime guys. Basically, Naruto is a trouble maker and likes being on the wrong side always. He troubles people around him, breaks walls, and messes statutes.

His ultimate aim is to become the Hokage of his location, incomparable to those who came before him. As such, he gets into rigorous training to be stronger than them. Does Naruto mischievous character inspire you? Well, you can be like him by rocking his short, blonde, and spiked hair.

15. Scruffy

Anime character rocking a scruffy hairstyle featuring messy hair. Main characters mostly wear scruffy hair

Finally, the scruffy hairstyle for anime characters concludes our list of the best male anime hairstyles this year. This hairstyle is all about bringing together a cool, careless vibe with sexy style. It is also called messy or shaggy hair due to its minimal styling and maintenance.

Anime characters who rock messy hairstyle look as if they just got out of their bed. However, the best part of this hairstyle is that they don’t care about it since they know they look wonderful.

That is what sexy and messy styles can give you, that ‘a don’t care attitude’. Some of the most common anime guys who rock scruffy hairstyle include; Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu, L.Lawliet from Death Note and Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. Generally, the key anime characters are the ones that rock messy hair because such a sexy and cool style is, undoubtedly, supposed to make them the center of attention and command respect from their subjects.

That’s our list of the best anime hairstyles for men. I think it is amazing how much you can tell about a particular anime character by just looking at his hairstyle. Without a doubt, this gives us an idea of how much thoughts the manga artists employ in creating the characters. As such, we can justify why the anime industry is so amazing, vibrant, and rich.

It is my hope you have learned a lot about male anime hairstyles. Which is your favorite anime character, and which hairstyle does he wear? You can rock it today and embrace your anime character. Just make sure you get it from a seasoned barber.

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